Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Loser Len Lyen In The Gutter?

According to Whaleoil, the Labour Party is about to throw the despicable Mayor of Auckland under the bus.

I'm not surprised.

Lyen Brown has been seen by all and sundry as a Labour man and now the party sees him as more of a hindrance than a help.  To have  any chance next year, Labour needs to win seats in Auckland.  Brown has trashed their brand and the latest polls show it..

If he loses the party's support he is gone, dead, kaput.

Oh well, after his wife cleans him out n the divorce courts, the poor bastard will be left destitute.  No matter.  He's still be able to line up for a free feed at the City Mission on Christmas day.

I wonder whether Whaleoil had a bug planted in Len's confessional?

Anyway, the latest scuttlebutt has it that the Mayoral staff have been doing the rounds of Auckland's garden centres.  Buying up large supplies of:-

Apparently this stuff kills slaters.


Tinman said...

My understanding is that Brown can not be sacked nor driven from office unless he decides to go.

The non-white-gays-only party can cut up his membership ticket on prime time TV and it will make no difference.

What I can't figure is why a local NZ mayor engenders such hatred in an Ocker?

Jafaville is a city that not just voted this bastard in but gave significant numbers of votes to jokesters Penny Dim and Minto.

They deserve him!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Tinman, you are a dick. Firstly you throw around the word hatred as though it were a cricket ball ( the correct term is contempt) and then you fail to understand that I voted in the recent Auckland local body elections. I'm not actually ' an ocker.'

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Tinman, further to your last, I venture to suggest you try and venture outside the regulatory framework. If you try really hard, you might understand how Labour will go about getting rid of their Number One Embarrassment.

Tinman said...

Good old Adolf, loves his country so much he'll do everything for it - except live in it and pay it's taxes.

Personally I don't give a continental what goes on in Jafaville - petty local body politics mean nothing at all except to the ratepayers but you are wrong in one thing, "hatred" is the correct term, if it was "contempt" the post wouldn't have happened.

I stand by my last comment, Jafas deserve him!

Noel said...

"I voted in the recent Auckland local body elections"

Presumably because you are an absentee ratepayer?

But you cannot vote in the General Election under the new 3 year rule?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You can if you have traveled back to NZ even for just two days.

Paulus said...

No his Mayoral Election ticket was as an Independent, but his poster shows him in front of a Labour placard.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Paulus, they always lie, you know.

Anonymous said...

He's corrupt. He's Labour. He should go.

and no other Labour member should ever be elected to any position in NZ!

Watcher said...

Aint it wonderful.
Polls suggest that the majority of Aucklanders are prepared to forgive.

Only a minority both from Auckland and elsewhere in NZ said he should go.

Of course given this is all about politics and not ratepayer representation there is always the excuse that polls mean nothing.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"Polls suggest" tells me they are not very respectable polls.

Watcher said...

"Polls suggest" tells me they are not very respectable polls."

You bit like a grumpy old nag.

Admit it yours is a minority opinion.

Noel said...

"Nandan Modak, whose DigiPoll company conducted the survey, said the trend showed he would still be returned as Mayor of Auckland if a fresh election was held tomorrow.

Doesn't Digipoll have a good reputation with small margin of error?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Errrr actually no. It's past performance is anything but flash.

EG Cunliffe able to form a government?

Watcher said...

What about Colmar Brunton
"The latest ONE News poll shows 55% of Aucklanders want the mayor to stay on and 58% around the country agree.

But 37% of Aucklanders want him gone in the wake of the affair and so does 30% of the rest of the country.