Wednesday, October 9, 2013


For a Welshman to march a Zuiu at Ellis Park with all those fanatics in the stands?

At 26.52 mark of the weekend test, Mtawhirira aka The Beast, continued a long tradition of Springbok thuggery, when he illegally attacked the AB captain's head with a shoulder charge while McCaw was sitting onside with his legs trapped in a ruck.

Nigel Owen made a great job of refereeing what was the biggest International this year but his unquestioning dishing out a yellow card to Franks for his brain fart while only penalising the saffa prop was a lack of consistincy at the minimum.

I guess it would have been a bit much to expect a card for the Bok in front of nearly 70 000 baying Boors but imho The Beast was a very lucky man, Liam Messam was unlucky and Ben Franks was just plain dumb.

An amazing game, a tremendous effort and a great result.


Anonymous said...


What is it about Kiwi rugby fans?, would you guys prefer it if a new law was introduced to the game that made laying a hand on McCaw illegal?

McCaw spends all game breaking the law and getting away with it. If he was an Aussie you lot would be screaming about the way he plays the game.

JC said...

Owens did the ABs a tremendous favour by leaving the beast on and marching two of ours. That meant he removed all doubt as to which was the better team and took away all the excuses used by other teams to explain their losses to us over the past few years.


gravedodger said...

Anon @7 50, McCaw plays his game to the edge of the laws and anything less would be gifting the game to the opposition.
I have never known the current ABs skipper to play dirty and god knows if retalliation was in his game he would be card ed every freakin game.
Clearly what some call cheating because he is so good and the thuggery that Cooper, Du Plessis and in the latest game Mtawharira indulge in, is beyond your limited intellect.

Btw Micheal Hooper, the Wably no 7 is as efficient as McCaw was ten years ago but lacks the skill set to make it stick elswhere on the park, he also plays the breakdown to the limit of the laws.

Oh and to the commenter who can't get their head around an ID, my attitude would have been no different if the first incident had been an AB and the second by a saffa, idjit.

@JC well said.

Marc said...

Franks was retaliating to the same treatment dished out to him - an action conveniently left out on most of the replays. They both deserved yellows, but the ref went with the touchjudge and decided they wouldn't refer the incident to the video ref at the time, just issued the card.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Nonu cited for his particular piece of thuggery earlier on in the tournament? Seems that different rules apply (or maybe they don't anymore). Can you remember the particular piece of nastiness when McAwe and Nonu tip-tackled Brian O'Driscoll and left him with a broken collar bone? No citing! Nonu thrusts his elbow into tacklers, just as Bismark Du Plessis did, almost every fend off. Guess who gets a card? I could go on.

The point is that the AB's have got away with more thuggery than the Boks in the last 5 to 10 years, but then the South African cameras don't spend their time trying to "find" examples of AB thuggery like the New Zealand ones do and the press and Rugby authorities are not a bunch of baying hounds.


gravedodger said...

@Bokfan sorry I do not revisit old posts after a couple of days but if you read this could you reference the game where McCaw and Nonu tip tackled O'Driscoll.
The one I recall was Mealamu and Umanga in the first Lions test 2005 at Lancaster Park.