Saturday, October 5, 2013


A social media war has broken out after Sinead O'Connor offered Miley Cyrus some well intentioned advice about prostituting her image as above in the Wrecking Ball Music Video.

Hannah Montana has moved on and it is difficult not to see how it is nothing to do with the singer or any talent she has been endowed with but all about her handlers responding to commercial pressure to sell that talent.

As was pointed out on many News outlets, there are many more talented singers out there who do not get their kit off but the reality is, they remain largely un-noticed.
Sex sells, always has and always will.
The salient difference being that all Ms Cyrus's efforts are in the ether for ever and as things become more explicit and revealing, they will be there for all time at the press of a button or a touch screen.
Too bad if, for her next move at the behest of her parasitic handlers, is to convert to Islam to save her soul, wearing a burkah wont be a great help in the eyes of Allah.

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