Friday, October 25, 2013


Stuff features Greenpark farmer Peter Falloon  with his Laydown Sally answer to high staff turnover, from the arduous task of field picking asparagus.

Who recalls Trev the Mus heading op to Levin to investigate why growers in the Horowhenua needed to import Fijian labour to pick their crops and how the wee man was totaled after a few hours while failing miserably in maintaining quality.

Falloon has reduced his productive area from 20Ha to 12Ha, reduced staff by 80% almost eliminated the high turnover and increased production from 35 tonnes to 48 tonnes.

The market has increased desirable spear length and this is accommodated by having the team of 5, yes that pictured has one less, with four in relative comfort resulting in faster picking, improved quality, reduced plant damage.

Yet another example how innovation has the productive sector continuing to respond to world demands for quality food.

Well done that man.

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pdm said...

As an asparagus picker from the early 1970's (1970-1973) the following helps in making the job easier:

1. Being young and fit.
2. Start at daylight - in the days before daylight saving we used to start at 5am and finish at about 7.30/8am then off to work for our regular jobs by 8.30am.
3. Don't vary the times at weekends - it is bloody hot at 10am. and the job takes twice as long.