Wednesday, October 30, 2013



If backers can be found, a group of business leaders in the Village of the dammed are hoping to put scenic trains on the coal tracks from Greymouth (that name may need a review) to Lyttleton Port (well we wont need to use it all, may stop at Tower Junction in the New City), to enable tourists to have a brief glance at some iconic country from the Canterbury Plains, into the Upper reaches of the Waimakariri braided river, past the majestic mountains, through the tunnel to Otira and on to the now Pristine, albeit once raped and pillaged West Coast.
The Journey will double the time by car and quadruple the flight time, for busy tourists with a spare day, facing the daunting prospect of another day looking at  sections now cleared of buildings, occupied by weeds, resplendent with Wilson Parking signs, and groups of refugees struggling to scrape a life in the now abandoned City.

Boris and Turd are appalled that  demented tourists will desecrate the iconic landscape that can be seen from the proposed train set on a good day, by travelling through, spewing diesel fumes, dropping lolly wrappers, bottle tops and cigarette buts, as they rumble through a landscape that sometimes resembles Siberia.

A young couple who had planned to establish a tearooms at Bealey in the upper Waimakariri are totally opposed to the idea as it would allow tourists to bypass their planned coffee stop on the existing road, as such haute cusine could be accessed on a train that will bypass their little bistro.

Another group who spend much of their time molesting the dotrells that nest in the braided stream are aghast at the additional numbers of perverts watching the birds more intimate moments as they bash a noisy intrusive path across the river.


Many of the people who are fit enough, lucky to have the opportunity, the time and are not just bored witless in Christchurch with a day to kill, are seeking to form a protest group to oppose this encroachment on another part of hidden New Zealand by grubby money hungry entrepreneurs seeking to rort money from the vulnerable.

It could well spell the end of our groups endeavour to allow such jewels to be viewed by well heeled tourists ready to drop another bunch of money in our wonderful country's tourist tills.
Had this proposal suceeded we had hoped to do a similar trip along the wild rocky seal infested Kaikoura Coast but it seems there are still people who would prevent such commercialisation of our scenic beauty.

Go for it Bob Robertson, its your groups money, its their risk and the whinging bastards in Te Anau can make their stopover competitive, appealing and  attract visitors instead of just clipping the ticket as they pass through on the only present option,  when the bus stops for a break in the five hour trip, Qtown to Milford Sound.
FFS what would the chances be if forward thinking group wanted to build a "road" to Milford Sound through a Tunnel in a known Seismic area and through a National Park.

Robertsons proposal is a second chance option, since the minority Eco Freaks have skittled the Greenstone route, now that would have baited many many tourists and their dollars.

As a footnote to Minister Smith, here is an opportunity to back something those who formed your party all those years ago would have applauded, especially since it will not need a bunch of taxpayers money to build it, and if it goes tits up the infrastructure will endure for the next punter.
Bit like The Kingston Flyer in a way



homepaddock said...

The Civilian had better look to his laurels, he has a rival.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!


Chris Bird said...

Great post and I totally agree.

ZenTiger said...

Quote: "dropping lolly wrappers, bottle tops and cigarette butts, as they rumble through a landscape that sometimes resembles Siberia."

I'm pretty sure it will be non-smoking in all areas between the Airport International Arrivals lounge and the Airport International Departures lounge by the time the tracks are down. So the pristine frozen water wont do quite as badly.