Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Very Promising Start

Mayor Dalziel made a move last week that had the cynic in me, well, querulous.
An instruction that councillors and I assume others at Community Board level were to arrange their own nose bags when attending meetings.
Either BYO or purchase what they felt was needed to sustain them.

In my brief foray into local body administration, it was a very indulgent aspect of the system and it was amazing how many "staff" and the 4th estate who just happened to be present at 10 30, and how hungry they were.

"Stuff", today reports via The Press pages, the lady has now announced an assault on "P" Cards.
These are cards issued and funded by ratepayers to 450 fortunates of the some 2800 employees of mine who work at council.
Ms Dalziel has declined to have one her self and runs a credit account at a close by coffee bar to thr Council offices, that she tops up from her own pocket.
These cards are used by the lucky 16% to pay for coffee, meals, gifts, plonk, flowers, you know the stuff you and I buy with our own money all the time.

These are great opening moves, Your Worship but they could be just sacrificial "Pawns" in your opening gambit.

I will await with renewed interest if you can impart similar cultural basics for the Councils approach to more spectacular and equally indulgent spends on non core Council initiatives, where millions will be at stake rather than the chump change so far.

That said, I applaud your moves enthusiastically.

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Paulus said...

I wish the Auckland Council would cut up Len's and the thousand other Corporate cards.
When I was a CEO I paid fees for personal cards and all Company spending was immediately reimbursed with the correct account.
Never had a problem over 14 years whilst I was there.