Saturday, October 26, 2013


Canterbury  Rugby  Team roll on to a sixth straight National Provincial title.

Heading to The Westpac Stadium to confront the front runners who had stumbled only the once in the round robin to fellow Hurricane franchise team, Hawkes Bay, it was a massive task.

According to Wikipedia it is a six-peat.

OK what about a single a double and a trifecta what is the result that has all four ITM titles in the Crusaders catchment.
Yesterday The Tasman Makos held on to win the Championship at Trafalgar Park over Hawkes Bay.
Mid Canterbury nailed the Meads Cup this afternoon over North Otago.
Tonight the Cantabs prevailed over Wellington.
Buller and South Canterbury do battle for the Lochore Cup and who ever wins it is still all four to the Crusaders Franchise.
I think that result is a tribute to the effort that the CRU has put into building the culture and the coaching resource out in the franchise contributors.

Great first up for Scott "Razor" Robertson who with his management team have had the normal injury problems that come with the condensed season but the added trials tossed up by the All Black callups that at times were more than a little disruptive.
Matt Todd, Tom Taylor, Joe Moodie, Luke Whitelock, Colin Slade and Ryan Crotty have all been lost during the season at  different times.
I am wondering why Wellington were deprived of Jeremy Thrush tonight when all those listed above except injured  MattTodd were able to turn out for the Red and Blacks.

One bizzare error by North Otago was when a kickoff into the wind just made the 10 meter mark in the air, was caught in a gust came back over the kickers head, landed around his 22 then bounced back over his own dead ball line for a midfield scrum. There was a slight breeze at Ashburton with a NW at around 60 kph.

Well done guys, I guess there will still be those who will for ever deny the deserved success you achieve but this old bastard is enjoying an extra snifter of the nectar of Scotland tonight.


Anonymous said...

Could be a Canterbury tri-fecta after today in Timaru.


Marc said...

That kickoff that curved back over the kickers head is surely one of the funniest rugby bloopers ever. Right up there with the covers taking off at the Basin Reserve a couple of seasons ago - complete with a groundsman (or two).