Wednesday, October 30, 2013



If backers can be found, a group of business leaders in the Village of the dammed are hoping to put scenic trains on the coal tracks from Greymouth (that name may need a review) to Lyttleton Port (well we wont need to use it all, may stop at Tower Junction in the New City), to enable tourists to have a brief glance at some iconic country from the Canterbury Plains, into the Upper reaches of the Waimakariri braided river, past the majestic mountains, through the tunnel to Otira and on to the now Pristine, albeit once raped and pillaged West Coast.
The Journey will double the time by car and quadruple the flight time, for busy tourists with a spare day, facing the daunting prospect of another day looking at  sections now cleared of buildings, occupied by weeds, resplendent with Wilson Parking signs, and groups of refugees struggling to scrape a life in the now abandoned City.

Boris and Turd are appalled that  demented tourists will desecrate the iconic landscape that can be seen from the proposed train set on a good day, by travelling through, spewing diesel fumes, dropping lolly wrappers, bottle tops and cigarette buts, as they rumble through a landscape that sometimes resembles Siberia.

A young couple who had planned to establish a tearooms at Bealey in the upper Waimakariri are totally opposed to the idea as it would allow tourists to bypass their planned coffee stop on the existing road, as such haute cusine could be accessed on a train that will bypass their little bistro.

Another group who spend much of their time molesting the dotrells that nest in the braided stream are aghast at the additional numbers of perverts watching the birds more intimate moments as they bash a noisy intrusive path across the river.


Many of the people who are fit enough, lucky to have the opportunity, the time and are not just bored witless in Christchurch with a day to kill, are seeking to form a protest group to oppose this encroachment on another part of hidden New Zealand by grubby money hungry entrepreneurs seeking to rort money from the vulnerable.

It could well spell the end of our groups endeavour to allow such jewels to be viewed by well heeled tourists ready to drop another bunch of money in our wonderful country's tourist tills.
Had this proposal suceeded we had hoped to do a similar trip along the wild rocky seal infested Kaikoura Coast but it seems there are still people who would prevent such commercialisation of our scenic beauty.

Go for it Bob Robertson, its your groups money, its their risk and the whinging bastards in Te Anau can make their stopover competitive, appealing and  attract visitors instead of just clipping the ticket as they pass through on the only present option,  when the bus stops for a break in the five hour trip, Qtown to Milford Sound.
FFS what would the chances be if forward thinking group wanted to build a "road" to Milford Sound through a Tunnel in a known Seismic area and through a National Park.

Robertsons proposal is a second chance option, since the minority Eco Freaks have skittled the Greenstone route, now that would have baited many many tourists and their dollars.

As a footnote to Minister Smith, here is an opportunity to back something those who formed your party all those years ago would have applauded, especially since it will not need a bunch of taxpayers money to build it, and if it goes tits up the infrastructure will endure for the next punter.
Bit like The Kingston Flyer in a way


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Loser Len Lyen In The Gutter?

According to Whaleoil, the Labour Party is about to throw the despicable Mayor of Auckland under the bus.

I'm not surprised.

Lyen Brown has been seen by all and sundry as a Labour man and now the party sees him as more of a hindrance than a help.  To have  any chance next year, Labour needs to win seats in Auckland.  Brown has trashed their brand and the latest polls show it..

If he loses the party's support he is gone, dead, kaput.

Oh well, after his wife cleans him out n the divorce courts, the poor bastard will be left destitute.  No matter.  He's still be able to line up for a free feed at the City Mission on Christmas day.

I wonder whether Whaleoil had a bug planted in Len's confessional?

Anyway, the latest scuttlebutt has it that the Mayoral staff have been doing the rounds of Auckland's garden centres.  Buying up large supplies of:-

Apparently this stuff kills slaters.

Monday, October 28, 2013

"I never said I was tasteful. I'm not tasteful"

It's a sad day, but still - 30 or 40 years ago, who'd have picked Lou Reed would live to 71? For a flavour of what a top bloke he was, here he is winding up some Aussie journalists back in 1974:

And to put the post title in context, one of my favourites, "I Wanna Be Black":


No, not the late great Bob, memorialised with a grandstand at The Basin Reserve, nor his son Robert, an opener for Wellington and New Zealand but  the one who opened recently, using her feminine charms only to have Dunny LBW over the GCSB Bill, one Andrea Vance.

An opinion piece on her view of John Key batting in the middle order, first Nick Smith and Bronwyn Pullar then Banksie and his messy Mayoral donations from 4 years ago and lastly her probably not best mate anymore, the very adaptable Peter Dunne, all  being insufficiently disciplined by Key and in her ever so humble opinion, stood down and dismissed from the tour, to destroy the governments ability to govern.

Nary a balancing comment on the preceding innings that saw a succession of very dubious umpiring decisions; the many bizarre decisions of the square leg umpire Wilson, Field able to continue at long on and in the gully, Benson Pope allowed to perform his legendry magic with the ball, Dalziel and her mate from Christchurch, Dyson, recalled to bat after  their no ball overstepping, ball tampering and off field alcohol problems or the magnificent 158 not out from the grumpy old keeper from the Muldoon years, now playing for, or was that in, St Marys Bay.

On a day David Cunliffe would prefer didn't happen, as he sits padded up waiting for a turn at bat, good old Andrea comes up with a forcast that she would like to think ends Nationals innings and gives the talentless unloved leader "silent T" a chance to shine in a second innings. He has a record for being run out without facing a ball on earlier occasions.

The forcast from the wet service, Fairfax media poll, says it may be a washout.
Will the the selectors choose a new Captain.
Meanwhile the red team is down to play a friendly in Christchurch next week but the buildup suffered a disruption a week out with most of his team suffering minor injuries to their pride and hopes that sees all but the very brittle and predictable Greens probably unable to bat  bowl or field.
Still a few well able to carry the drinks but they will be need to be watched closely, another duck in Hutt South not showing much form at present and a versitile, able to bat with either hand in Wellington Central, legendry rugby player and now fan, still has captaincy desires.
The best opener in his team who shares a name with the greatest "leggie" ever in the game,  is languishing in the  middle order and if he gets a start may run out of partners before he can make a difference.

Meanwhile the Key team is approaching 2000,  wickets in hand, with only Worth out LBW, Lockwood Smith retired unhurt, Wilkinson and Heatley back in club games.

Nice one Andrea but on a sticky wicket, Nats look solid at present and with a lead like that Key could still probably bat the labouring melon team out of the game.


Calling your Party 'Conservative' doesn't give you the automatic right to that mantle.   Evidence of that is your announcement yesterday that the Conservatives would move to compulsorily acquire private land under the Public Works Act in order to expedite the building of residential housing.    While such an initiative would sit well with the Greens and the left wing of the Labour Party it certainly doesn't reflect genuine conservative values or thought.

It reinforces the view that 'your' Party is just that.   A pretend right wing answer to Winston First where dog whistle politics rule ok and rhetoric takes precedence over substance.    You will have to do a lot better to convince the electorate that you are a genuine player on the political right.

And it appears the electorate are starting to figure that out.   The latest Fairfax poll released this morning has National back over 50% while the Conservative numbers halved to just 0.7%.

Taking a break for the remainder of the week as I am in Christchurch.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Canterbury  Rugby  Team roll on to a sixth straight National Provincial title.

Heading to The Westpac Stadium to confront the front runners who had stumbled only the once in the round robin to fellow Hurricane franchise team, Hawkes Bay, it was a massive task.

According to Wikipedia it is a six-peat.

OK what about a single a double and a trifecta what is the result that has all four ITM titles in the Crusaders catchment.
Yesterday The Tasman Makos held on to win the Championship at Trafalgar Park over Hawkes Bay.
Mid Canterbury nailed the Meads Cup this afternoon over North Otago.
Tonight the Cantabs prevailed over Wellington.
Buller and South Canterbury do battle for the Lochore Cup and who ever wins it is still all four to the Crusaders Franchise.
I think that result is a tribute to the effort that the CRU has put into building the culture and the coaching resource out in the franchise contributors.

Great first up for Scott "Razor" Robertson who with his management team have had the normal injury problems that come with the condensed season but the added trials tossed up by the All Black callups that at times were more than a little disruptive.
Matt Todd, Tom Taylor, Joe Moodie, Luke Whitelock, Colin Slade and Ryan Crotty have all been lost during the season at  different times.
I am wondering why Wellington were deprived of Jeremy Thrush tonight when all those listed above except injured  MattTodd were able to turn out for the Red and Blacks.

One bizzare error by North Otago was when a kickoff into the wind just made the 10 meter mark in the air, was caught in a gust came back over the kickers head, landed around his 22 then bounced back over his own dead ball line for a midfield scrum. There was a slight breeze at Ashburton with a NW at around 60 kph.

Well done guys, I guess there will still be those who will for ever deny the deserved success you achieve but this old bastard is enjoying an extra snifter of the nectar of Scotland tonight.

A Very Promising Start

Mayor Dalziel made a move last week that had the cynic in me, well, querulous.
An instruction that councillors and I assume others at Community Board level were to arrange their own nose bags when attending meetings.
Either BYO or purchase what they felt was needed to sustain them.

In my brief foray into local body administration, it was a very indulgent aspect of the system and it was amazing how many "staff" and the 4th estate who just happened to be present at 10 30, and how hungry they were.

"Stuff", today reports via The Press pages, the lady has now announced an assault on "P" Cards.
These are cards issued and funded by ratepayers to 450 fortunates of the some 2800 employees of mine who work at council.
Ms Dalziel has declined to have one her self and runs a credit account at a close by coffee bar to thr Council offices, that she tops up from her own pocket.
These cards are used by the lucky 16% to pay for coffee, meals, gifts, plonk, flowers, you know the stuff you and I buy with our own money all the time.

These are great opening moves, Your Worship but they could be just sacrificial "Pawns" in your opening gambit.

I will await with renewed interest if you can impart similar cultural basics for the Councils approach to more spectacular and equally indulgent spends on non core Council initiatives, where millions will be at stake rather than the chump change so far.

That said, I applaud your moves enthusiastically.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Stuff features Greenpark farmer Peter Falloon  with his Laydown Sally answer to high staff turnover, from the arduous task of field picking asparagus.

Who recalls Trev the Mus heading op to Levin to investigate why growers in the Horowhenua needed to import Fijian labour to pick their crops and how the wee man was totaled after a few hours while failing miserably in maintaining quality.

Falloon has reduced his productive area from 20Ha to 12Ha, reduced staff by 80% almost eliminated the high turnover and increased production from 35 tonnes to 48 tonnes.

The market has increased desirable spear length and this is accommodated by having the team of 5, yes that pictured has one less, with four in relative comfort resulting in faster picking, improved quality, reduced plant damage.

Yet another example how innovation has the productive sector continuing to respond to world demands for quality food.

Well done that man.


A very misleading image of the Rochfort Plateau where Bathurst Mining have been given approval for an opencast mine to extract some of the best coal in the world for export.

On far too many days for most, "the plateau" is "HELL ON EARTH"

In the foreground are  the remnants of Denniston, a settlement at the top of the world famous "Incline" where traditionally mined coal was accumulated from several mines across the plateau, to be exported over the infamous Buller River Bar or later by rail from Lyttleton, from the 1860s until the Inangahua Earthquake finally ended the economic life of the engineering icon that enabled economical transport of the coal down the 2000 feet almost vertical drop to the Railway.

You see Denniston is perched at the very edge of civilisation, 2000 feet or over 650 meters above the Tasman Sea, totally exposed to the prevailing westerly on shore winds that delivered rain on many days and at that altitude it was more than likely to be snow.
Many tonnes of hard black coal went down the "incline" for nearly a century.
Many lives were lost, illness was often a part of daily life, accidents occurred and serious medical resources were at Westport, miles and hours away.
Many, particularly women, once deposited on the Plateau never left until death claimed them, when due to the very inhospitible rock that predominated, traditional burial was impossible so the coffin went down the incline to be interred in "foreign soil".
 The West Coast has always been a proud, resourceful, independent minded, selfhelp, loyal bunch who find the interference from so many well provided for busybodies as quaint at first but such intrusions rapidly cause serious resentment.
Gold, Coal and Timber have sustained the semi isolated community for ever,( even the Tangata Whenua exploited the Ahaura river for Jade), and now we can add dairying, as wealth creating means to supporting that very proud community.

When Helen Clark referred to coasters as "feral" at the height of the debate that led to the destruction of the West Coast timber industry it was just another assault in along list, where ignorant people, many of whom had never ventured over the Southern Alps, armed with an infallible "I know best" attitude bludgeoned the coasters.

It has taken Bathurst years to get past endless objections, hearings, court actions, more hearings and finally a verdict in favour from the Environment Court to overcome a constant stream of moves by people using their compliant umbrella pressure groups, funded by the emotional ignorant living in comfort, sustained by their comfortable albeit non productive lifestyles in what is now a seemingly failed protest.
One minor matter highlighted by Buller District Mayor today is the serious financial  burden that falls on his quite numerically small ratable residents and small business  sectors who are compelled to answer the idle ignorant at each and every nefarious step to stop the lifeblood of the coast from flowing.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Veterans' Support Bill had its First Reading in the House on Tuesday night.    I can probably speak for many veterans when I thank the twelve speakers from all the major parties for their thoughtful and dignified contributions to the debate.

I would like to think that the veteran community has earned the right to have matters of concern to them considered in a bi-partisan manner always acknowledging that the Government of the day will have the final say.    One of the submissions to the Select Committee considering the Bill will discuss a mechanism to give effect to that.   

But the speech of the day would have to go to Melissa Lee.   You can view it here    I was powerful and received plaudits from across the chamber.   You can only imagine the effect on a young girl to know that her grandfather was shot by the North Koreans simply because he was 'educated'.    Just a pity that we have some motorbike riders from NZL with too much money and too much time on their hands prepared to don rose tinted spectacles and unable to recognise North Korea as a totalitarian state where dissent is ruthlessly suppressed.

But I repeat.   Thank you MPs for your cross-party support.   The veteran community expects that and deserves nothing less.


The announcement that postal deliveries in urban areas is to be cut back to thrice weekly starting in 2015 will hardly be a surprise to any-one.   It had been long foreshadowed and, just as the biro replaced the quill pen, so it is that e-mail is fast overtaking 'snail-mail' as the preferred medium.    NZ Post is structured to meet the demands of the 20th century rather than those of the 21st century.   Change was inevitable.

As a side bar to all of that I can report that two of the firms I do business with offered me a gift voucher to have my monthly statement e-mailed rather than snail-mailed.    Clearly e-mail is more efficient and effective for them.    

But Government is to be congratulated for retaining unchanged the rural-post delivery service.   It is far more than a letter service and the life blood of rural New Zealand.

Does any-one want to speculate how long it will be before cheques become a distant memory.  Just finished looking at my cheque book.   In the last twelve months I have written precisely two cheques.


Rough justice for rustlers!!

The greatest strength in that, was it prevented repeat offending.

A Taranaki Farmer who should be referred to as a Land Occupier as IMHO, as a farmer he aint, was convicted of cattle theft and fined $1250 for stealing $12500 of livestock in the form of  9 heifers.
The neighbour who suffered the loss was short 12 animals.

Animals are very hard to identify as the normal methods of Tagging in the ear and the now largely discredited Earmarks, where bits of the ear are removed in a symmetrical pattern that used to be "registered" with the State can become blurred and inadequate when the stock are merged in another herd except for those with a nouse for such visible traits.
The old saying that all niggers, spics,  whiteys and slants look the same is easily disproved, even socalled Identical Twins eventually become very distinguishable to those close to them.

Many of those charged with investigating such alleged thefts are almost totally ignorant of the nuances that a real farmer sees in any stock when viewed alongside those from a neighbours flock/herd.

We once lost around 50 rising one year sheep in earlier times and found around a dozen of them, resplendent in new eartags in a slag neighbour's paddock,  on our boundary.
Police were called and a substantial case was made in support of our claim to ownership, by swmbo and self:
They were a composite breed made up of 25% Romney, 25% Finn and 50% Polled Dorset, that emerged from a very large experimental move inspired by swmbo to significantly raise production stats, very successful if I say so my self.
The 50 retained for further experimenting to improve foot health and durability, were selected from the two thousand odd that were Terminal, ie destined for slaughter, not for breeding.
What we saw as the clincher in ownership, was a tiny v mark added at selection in the very tip of the right ear that was almost invisible but easily detected by feeling.

The disputed sheep had been "overmarked", an illegal procedure involving obliteration of an existing mark with a larger one and 'Tagged' the modern replacement 'id' system that has now been extended to include barcodes and chips to trace animals from birth to slaughter. An extension in technology that might have assisted us in our claim.

The open and shut case was taken nowhere by detectives who had absolutely no understanding of the presented evidence as to breed traits and obvious genetic markers, the minimark in the end of the ear, the clumsy move to obliterate our unique registered earmark and the clearly very recent addition of tags.
The main reason for not prosecuting was a failure to establish any "INTENT".
The adjoining owner and thief, was a well connected lady, of "independent means" and the person charged with shepherding her stock, a failed motor mechanic and as thick as a short length of 4 x 2, presented as sufficiently vague, sad and incompetent as to engender a sympathetic treatment from the detectives.
The fact that the remainder of the total number missing may have been elsewhere on her properties or more likely sold to slaughter was not even investigated.

The cunning fat slag got off scotfree and we were compelled to return OUR 12 sheep to her property.

Opposition to capital punishment is a central plank in my belief system but thoughts of her swinging at the end of a rope secured to the large bluegum in her sheep yards had a resonance for me.

The 10% penalty as a proportion of the value of the stolen stock in the Naki is somewhat pathetic as it will not be a one off, such scumbags are serial in these matters but naming and shaming will be an additional "ID"  that will follow James Graeme Langton for all time.

Despicable thieving c#*t.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

High Winds

We've just experienced wind gusts of 93kph.  

It's a  coolish (25) day with a couple of mls rain.  Can you even start to imagine what it was like in NSW the other day with 100 kph gusts and temperatures in the high thirties?


I see that Manila's Terminal 1 Airport has scooped the pool being rated the world's worst for the second year in succession.    Dilapidated facilities, dishonest airport workers - especially taxi drivers, long waiting times and rude officials apparently made the choice an easy one.

The terminal at the Italian airport of Bergamo was rated second-worst followed by Calcutta which edged out Islamabad.

The best rated airports were Singapore's Changi (the main runway was built over the top of our house) followed by Seoul Incheon and Amsterdam Schiphol.

In our part of the world Auckland Airport was rated top followed by Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide with Wellington rounding out the top five.

The survey didn't pick a wooden spooner ... Perth would have had to come close.

Don't Have Surgery In NSW

Interesting figures accompany an article in The Australian.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Where now for Brown

My guess is that on current form he's just waiting for the UN job offer letter to turn up in the mail.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Winston wants to steal your Kiwisaver money

Kiwisaver is a very good thing. The major problem with it however, is that it is open to political manipulation and abuse. 
Step up Winston Peters. 

He wants to steal your money and use it to buy back State "assets". And what happens when you retire and want your money? Oh, Winston says your money he has stolen has a government guarantee. In other words, taxpayers give you back your Kiwisaver funds stolen by Winston to buy back State "assets"!! I'm not making this up, read the article. 

But the best is yet to come - this idea of his to steal your money is a bottom line in next year's election!

Amazing stuff.

I look forward to support for this from the Greens and Labour.  After all, they support the buy-back of assets too.  And to do so they either had to fund it through cash or debt.  Until Winston came along; now they will just use your money.

I am heartily sick of politicians stuffing around with superannuation policy to suit their own agenda.  This one takes the cake.  Winston and his ilk will steal your money placed in fund managers by you, and put it in a fund managed by, effectively, politicians.

So if we elect a Green/Labour/NZ First government next year, we will have a return to an economic model that will make Muldoon look hands-off.  

Cunliffe and the other two parties will not only control monetary policy (all three of these parties agree to that mostly), but they will also control superannuation and retirement savings.  The Greens will support this communist mad plan of Winston's - just think of their referendum if you have any doubt.  And Labour has already announced NZ Power.

New Zealand will be a frightening place to live if private money is stolen by politicians in order for them to play around with and buy votes.  


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Left wing journalists running distractions for Mayor Brown

What is enlightening watching the Len Brown saga unfold is the sheer audacity of the left wing media and their ability to manipulate the story to suit their mate, Len Brown.

I'll say at the outset that I think Brown can ride this out, if there are no other mistresses with tawdry affidavits splattered across the internet.  He can take a couple of months off with his family and let Penny Hulse run things.  By that time its Christmas and then there's a further six weeks, or so, with no council business.  By February 2014 people will still remember, but it is less relevant.  I don't think it's an "offence" to resign over, but it comes pretty close.  If there is abuse of council funds, or other women, then he's toast.

He should also be congratulated for fronting up and admitting it at the first opportunity, and then going on TV exposing himself to ridicule.  That cannot have been easy, despite John Campbell's best efforts to go as easy as he could on him.

But Len Brown is about the only one who has taken some personal responsibility.  His left wing media mates have been nothing short of a disgrace.

When you consider Fran O'Sullivan's remarkably mature and sensible article on the matter, and when one also considers the legal plight of Jock Anderson (who was sacked from the NBR for writing a positive article on Brown and why he should stay in the job!) the drivel from Brian Rudman and Bernard Orsman is disgraceful.  And that's being polite.  O'Sullivan and Anderson can hardly be considered as being from the left, yet they showed their professionalism while Rudman and Orsman showed their partisan hackery substitited for journalism.

It simply isn't relevant whether Palino knew, or didn't know.  It isn't relevant he met her after the election.  It isn't relevant whether John Slater knew, or didn't know.  It isn't relevant whether Bevan Chuang was also having it off with the Italian Stallion, Luigi.  It isn't relevant whether it was a "honeytrap".  It isn't relevant whether the VRWC was involved.

It is relevant that the Mayor of our "Supercity" had a mistress that he helped get a council job for!  Who broke the story, or what others from the Right knew, and when they knew it, is completely irrelevant.   

The left wing media, via its lead advocates Rudman and Orsman, are showing themselves up for what they really are: People who simply cannot accept that people should be personally responsible for their actions, unless of course it's Richard Worth or John Banks.

With these two, if a leftie is getting stick it's always someone else's fault.

I'm surprised the government hasn't been blamed for Mayor Brown's plight.    


Hamilton City has joined the ranks of local authorities to introduce "water meters" and now the predictable whine commences.

One of the primary drivers of metering water supply, is to bring volume usage to the minds of consumers.

We have lived our entire married life on  rain water for domestic supply apart from the nearly three years we lived in the old Akaroa Borough area.  Storage has been variable but we have always been very conscious of the supply being finite particularly in summer when usage tends to rise and replenishment is limited.

This results in a mindset very different to many of our visitors particularly when they live in a place with abundant  supplies such as Christchurch.
We were often horrified when friends of our children came to stay.

A shower longer than ten minutes is indulgent.
Cleaning teeth does not require running water throughout, a splash at the start then run tap at rinsing.
Full loads for clothes and dish washing.
Insinkerators are very water intensive, a compost bin cheap and easy.
Vegetables can be prepared in a sink of water, under a running tap - unnecessary.
Half flush options on toilet cisterns.
Watering a concrete path is unproductive.
Washing cars and especially boats does not need to be done hourly.
Washing a weatherboard house programmed for a time when demand is low.
Watering lawns in summer is very water intensive.
Mulching gardens reduces watering with weed control as a bonus.

In essence whingers and moaners, instead of talking up potential costs to households, perhaps a bit of thought in ways to use the water resource efficiently might just be a best practice.
Of course that is boring, self reliant, sensible, practicable and cheaper, so no headlines then, Muppets.


between Len Brown and Commodore Kevin Keat, RNZN.      Yesterday Keat was found guilty at Courts Martial of five charges relating to an affair he had with a civilian employee.   You can read about it here

Keat will be sentenced shortly.   The maximum punishment he could face is two years in the slammer.   That won't happen.    My pick is that he will be demoted in rank to Navy Captain and given an administrative discharge from the service.

So, back to the title of this post .... I can't.

Friday, October 18, 2013


OK, I'll admit that the sex part is gilding the lily a bit so Len Brown, you can rest easy although I have to say your latest escapade gives new life to the socialist battle cry about the need to f**k the Tories at every opportunity.    

No, this story involves the Russell RSA.   A great little RSA only a hop, step and jump from the ferry wharf where hospitality is their creed along with great food provided by their gourmet chef.   A couple of years ago fellow Vietnam veteran Pedro was ferreting around in their storeroom and came across a set of medals comprising a Military Cross and two bars along with the British War Medal 1914-18 and the Victory Medal.     He recognised the Military Cross as unique but hit a brick wall when he found that the medals had the name of the recipient machined off them.

Pedro contacted the Imperial War Museum in London who confirmed there were only ever seven triple Military Crosses awarded to UK and allied service personnel in WW1 and none to New Zealanders.     Pedro didn't give up.  He had the medals forensically examined and they were able to ascertain they were awarded to a Captain AC Youdale of the Royal Flying Corps.

More checking.   Alfred Clarence Youdale was an Australian who served at Gallipoli.    He was invalided back to Australia (indications are that he contracted Yellow Fever) and discharged.   He then made his way to the UK and joined the RFC and trained as a pilot before being posted to the Western Front.  Youdale was awarded his first MC as a Second Lieutenant for an action that occurred on 14 August 1917; his second MC as a Captain for an action six weeks later and the third for an action on 23 December 1917 when he and his observer were killed.

He of course never received the medals.   It was presumed they were sent to his NOK in Australia (probably his mother).      More checking.   Pedro and his wife Barb went through every Australian telephone directory and made contact with all the Youdales listed.   They struck it lucky with a family in New South Wales who were able to identify AC Youdale as one of theirs.

It is a complete mystery how the medals ever got to NZL and to Russell.   The Youdale family has no connections with NZL.    The best guess is that the medals were stolen or pawned but how they ever ended up in the storeroom of the Russell RSA is a complete mystery.

The medals have been refurbished and are being gifted to a special Trust which will loan them back to the Russell RSA where they will be displayed under tight security.   This will occur at a special ceremony to take place on Armistice Day with six members of the Youdale family coming across from Australia for the occasion where they will be presented with a replica set.    Also in  attendance will be representatives of the NZL, Australian and British Governments and armed forces.

There was some debate as to who owns the medals.   As they were never reported stolen advice has it that it is the Russell RSA.   The medals have been valued and the figure reflects the fact they are unique.  The RAF Museum have offered to purchase them for megabucks but they are not for sale.   

Fascinating story.

Who sent the text?

Granny, the newspaper that makes up its own news, is asking who might have written *that* text.

I'm no phonetic or linguistic (or text substitute) expert, but I do know this.

The person who wrote this obviously knew that Chuang wanted a career in public office.  In other words, there is some probability that Chinese Whispers (pun intended) were spoken about that.

And, the last two words are interesting also.  To me, they portray an element of a personal touch.  If it was a Headhunter or other such scrote sending threatening texts, the words "human decency" wouldn't enter the vocabulary.  No, that is personal wording from someone who is appealing to her as a person, and so it is someone that knows her as a person, or thinks he/she does.

The suspect list is shortening, IMHO.



Whiney lefty and regular Friday guest on Hosking, Wendyl Nissen, is scheduled to attend a function in the Ngati Whatua room, not sure if food will be served, ugh.

"Partnership" schools in action

Here's one the British government prepared earlier.

What caused the problem?

...the Ofsted report ... shows that teachers were appointed without proper qualifications and that the school was not properly overseen.

What a clusterfuck.  Good job no New Zealand government would fund some oddball group to run a school with unqualified teachers and no oversight, eh?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Australian Fund Raiser........

....... for Al Qaeda, by the look of it.''

"Sam Cannavo resigned as principal late last month over the management of the 230-student school, making a formal complaint to police alleging that up to $2.1 million had gone missing from the school. Mr Cannavo has given police allegedly falsified building receipts with millions drawn on an account managed by a senior school official......

..... A builder hired by the school has also made a police complaint, alleging he was paid only half of the almost $5m the school had charged for projects at the school, alleging the school had charged millions in fake invoices."

So there you go.  A cool $3.6mil shoveled over to the head hacking Islamists.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I always had respect for my father's judgement, one occasion I seriously rejected his opinion was around 51 years ago when as an almost 20 year old, on announcing a desire to marry, the pithy response and as history reveals, a completely wrong prediction.
In around 30 minutes, the one true love of my life and I will pass the 50 years married milestone.

We started out with swmbo a little bit pregnant, I had to present a letter of consent from my parents to uplift a licence to marry, my future Father in law was somewhat exercised to ensure his daughter was not going to be an unmarried mother requiring support and shelter from them as parents.

How the world has changed.

I guess a marriage that has two old goats as much in love 50 years on, is somewhat archaic in 2013.
Lucky, I don't think so, difficult, yes at times, rewarding, hell yes.
We have now enjoyed more than a decade of contented retirement after a sometimes grueling life of creating, scrabbling, accumulating, building a relationship that seems unachievable by so many today.
50 years ago, no dole, no DPB, affordable housing an impossible dream, hire purchase not applicable, cash for everything and any job was the only option.
Out of work, unthinkable.

Tribulations many:
Herself afflicted by what turned out to be a benign tumor within the spinal column causing progressive paralysis. A post operative opinion had a Dad contemplating raising two preteen daughters sans a Mother. Oh the out of the blue revelation 5 days later, the presumed malignancy was benign.
Two children with acute inner ear infections requiring grommet inserts to relieve intolerable pain.
One child having a pre cancerous mole removal at around 8yo.
Technical insolvency when Roger Douglas reduced our net asset values below equity prompting a bit of initiative with off farm income to regain solvency before the bank reached our surname.
A total loss house fire in 1990.
Now a battle with a neurological degenerative affliction for one of us.

From Corinthians ll chapter 13:
Now abideth these three, faith, hope and love , the greatest of these is love.

Thankyou my darling for so much happiness, fulfillment and unconditional love.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

That is settled then.

Amongst the prominent socialists seeking electoral support at the recent Local Government Triennials and in the light of the woeful polling by Shearers leaderless morass, many NZLP stalwarts assumed an "independent" status.

One such was the Mayor of the Super City.
After the revellations on WhaleOil today he will be definitely a non person in the NZLP.

Both Stuff and Granny Herald are running the sordid details and unusually, are attributing the story to Cameron Slater and an ex HOS journo Stephen Cooke.

What a total clusterf*#k.
How sad for his wife and daughters

Those Nice Gentle People From Hamas

Hundreds of tonnes of cement allowed into Gaza by Israeli authorities for private contractors was used to build tunnels like this from which to launch attacks on Israeli civilians.

It is most interesting to observe how the loud mouth liars from the Muslim world and the western Lefteratti scream about Israel allegedly cutting off all supplies to the poor impoverished starving pricks in Gaza, when the place has an eighteen kilometer border with Egypt.

Funny that.  I didn't know the Yids could close down the Gypos' border with the bad bastards in Gaza.

But don't worry about it.  If Winston gets back in, he'll send Hamas another half million of your hard earned taxes.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hosking had a brief interview with three re-elected Mayors  and one newby.

None talked about core business of council:
Limiting rates increases or horror of horrors actually making savings and efficiencies and reducing the impost  on the property owning rich pricks
Improving roads and infrastructure.
Listening to citizens as to what they think needs doing by their elected representatives
Or getting their sticky fingers out of ratepayers hard earned money.

No it was all about spending on populist bollocks that they inherently knew the peasants needed:
Affordable Housing.
Affordable public transport,

Oh Hardaker, although admitting the fluoride vote had rubbished the Council view, only reluctantly claimed Council would address the "nonbinding referendum" result.

The evolutionary prescribed ratio of listening to preaching completely bypassed all four of them.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


On Friday I dropped into the Pier Restaurant at Paihia for a beer.   It's situated right at the end of the Ferry wharf out over the water.   Great location and great service (here endith the commercial) .... anyway, got taking to 'Mine Host' and she passed me the cruise liner schedule for the year.    The first ship of the season came in  on Thursday with another 95 to follow up from 76 last year.     Those 20 additional ships, averaging 2,000 passengers each, and if every person were to spend just say $50 at the Village Green Market and at our many bars and cafes that's an additional $2m into the Paihia/Russell economy already looking up.

BTW, Daryl (the owner) also has Daryl's Dinner Cruises at and owns the 'White Ferry' which competes with Fullers on the Paihia to Russell run.   He's looking to sell off these two enterprises to concentrate on the Pier.    If you're interested I'm sure I can get you a really good deal ... I digress.

Saturday afternoon/evening Pam and I were down at the home of 'Hone' and Leone Carter at the Waipapakauri Ramp (at 90 mile beach) helping them to celebrate his smashing victory over Wayne Brown (incumbent) in the race for the Far North mayoralty.  John employed all his skills fashioned over two decades in national politics to run an old style campaign which blew his opponents way.   He travelled 10,000k and shook 6,000 hands and helped little old ladies cross the road (whether they wanted to or not) and romped to victory scoring over a 1,000 votes more than the total number recorded for the other six mayoral candidates.   His victory over Brown (his closest challenger) was so complete that he (Brown) came within a handful of votes of losing his deposit. 

The Council got a shake-up too with four new councillors elected.     Of interest the new Council is now 50/50 male/female.    I wish them well.

But the icing on the cake for me was the news that Denise Krum defeated Richard Northey for a seat on the Auckland City Council.   Northey was a long serving Labour Councillor and ex MP.    His defeat will be felt by Len Brown.    I have known Denise for close on 30 years and have watched her mature into a formidable campaigner who walks the walk over taking the talk.   She will bring a strong voice coupled with her innate good sense to the Council table.

Last night was a brilliant time for The Veteran and Mrs Veteran.   Off to Wellington tomorrow to the RSA National Council meeting.    Could be an interesting few days.    


Congratulations Ms Dalziel.

Now can we see:

The Independent label remain as a truthful statement,  not a flag of convenience.

The claim to work for all citizens, move from campaign slogan to reality.

Honesty as best policy.

Christchurch being rebuilt by investors using their own money.

Your Council doing core business and leaving egocentric dreamers to find their funding from their supporters not from already overburdened ratepayers using the awesome powers under the rating legislation.

If legislation forces Council to continue with the charade of the "Town Clerk" being an overpaid circle jerk, move get that legislation changed as a first step.

My very best wishes to you in your challenge as Mayor of Christchurch.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The mind boggles

Should you be feeling some unwarranted confidence in the sensibility of your fellow humans, the Guardian is currently offering the opportunity to participate in a discussion about the merits or otherwise of the "penis beaker" - that should return your sense of perspective...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why Churches Should Stick To Saving Souls

Have you ever noticed how churchmen have a habit of ignoring their core business in order to dabble in socialist politics or playtime 'business ventures' with no personal 'hurt money' involved?

Here's an absolute ripper.  They didn't have enough brans to call a halt when they found their developer was dodgy so they lent him $8mil of church money.  That is, funds delivered to the central office by hard working parishioners through annual levies or 'assessments.'

Some stand out moments:

February 2007

– WRMC approached BOMAR with a revised cost projection. The capital cost estimate had tripled, from $9.6m to $30.7m, and this resulted in an increase in the anticipated peak loan required from $14m to $32.3m. BOMAR approved an increased loan with various conditions.
October 2008 – prior to the signing of the Agreement to Lease and Contract of Sale of the land, the Developer was granted access to the site to commence civil works.

Can't you just hear the train wreck coming?
This is what happens when churches are highjacked by socialist political activists masquerading as Christians.

By the way, the Uniting Church is an amalgam of the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist churches.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sensible Australians

Someone asked me today how the age pension works in NZ.   When I told him it was paid to one and all, irrespective of financial circumstances, he was flabbergasted.

Thus far, I have seen no evidence that means testing NZ Superannuation has been seriously considered in NZ.  All our tiny minded journalists seem to be able to understand is that PM Key said he would not agree to either an increase in the age of eligibility or a decrease in the amount of the pension, relative to average wages.

Adolf has roughly half his age pension paid from NZ and roughly half from Australia.

I happen to have a four day per week casual job which brings in about $20k per annum.  For every dollar I earn over $126 per week, my Australian pension abates by $0.25. ($0.50 if you are single or your wife receives the pension.) The NZ pension remains unchanged.  The long and the short of it is that a married Australian age pensioner ceases to be eligible once his income reaches about $60k.  Seems pretty sensible to me.

There is a concurrent asset test as well.  The family home is exempt from consideration and I think the level at which abatement occurs is something like $400k.

I appears nobody in NZ has done the homework to assess just how much would be saved if a similar means test were introduced in NZ.  Does anyone reading this know how to run the numbers?  It would be nice to see the following:-
  • total number of recipients whose private income currently exceeds $60k with the estimated reduction in expenditure
  • estimated number whose incomes exceeding $30k and the associated reduction in expenditure
  • Comparison of the above expenditure reductions with that derived from moving the age  of  entitlement up by two years.
I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the last comparison was pretty close.

Anyway, I'm blowed if I know why My Key and the Gnats don't go for a means test.  It should be hellishly easy to  sell.  After all, it is really taxing the 'rich pricks' and Cunliffe would have to support it or be seen to be a dork.

Such a move would preserve Mr Key's promise to not meddle with the age of eligibility or the amount paid.



A group of mature ladies got their kit off for a promotional callender photo shoot at a club near Nelson.

Obviously their bravado did not extend to their clubs still snuggled up in their wooly hats and sheltering in their bag.

Wonder where they stand on AGW,  I mean global warming, hang on it is now extreme weather events intit.


For a Welshman to march a Zuiu at Ellis Park with all those fanatics in the stands?

At 26.52 mark of the weekend test, Mtawhirira aka The Beast, continued a long tradition of Springbok thuggery, when he illegally attacked the AB captain's head with a shoulder charge while McCaw was sitting onside with his legs trapped in a ruck.

Nigel Owen made a great job of refereeing what was the biggest International this year but his unquestioning dishing out a yellow card to Franks for his brain fart while only penalising the saffa prop was a lack of consistincy at the minimum.

I guess it would have been a bit much to expect a card for the Bok in front of nearly 70 000 baying Boors but imho The Beast was a very lucky man, Liam Messam was unlucky and Ben Franks was just plain dumb.

An amazing game, a tremendous effort and a great result.


Fletcher's were given the task of being the lead contractor for the Canterbury rebuild.

Part of what is turning out to be a dubious response to the very unique events created by over 11000 seismic events is certifying all workers involved are suitably trained in worksafe practices.

Amongst many very strange acts within that management oversight that has experienced tradesmen being required to undertake training days where they are being taught to suck eggs with unpaid days, being schooled in skills totally superfluous to any need, the floundering muppets have included specific ways to deal with linings, particularly ceilings containing ASBESTOS.
Without these expensive and often duplication requirements, a tradie is precluded from participation.

Many structures both residential and commercial contain such potentially dangerous  materials and the methods to deal with them safely are quite involved and expensive.

With "stipple" ceilings in houses, I am led to understand the recommended procedure is to paint the surface of the contaminated linings, affix new battens and install new linings leaving the timebomb ticking until some unsuspecting bastard in subsequent attempted renovations, confronting the danger masked with the "out of sight out of mind solution", exposed.

Now  that seems a serious blunder.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


As the US Government shutdown enters its second week there appears to be no great sign of compromise by either Party with name-calling and blame being the order of the day.    I was in the United States in 1995 at the time of the last shut-down.   Then, as now, the Republicans forced the issue.  

History records that subsequently the electorate dealt a hit to the Republicans over the issue.  Less than twelve months later at the 1996 elections President Bill Clinton was re-elected with the Republicans losing a net eight seats to the Democrats in the House.

The jury is out as to whether history will repeat itself.   For myself I think the Republicans have made a tactical mistake in forcing the issue over 'Obamacare'.     That was a key battleground of the 2012 Presidential election which the Democrats won in spades (the same argument applies in NZL over the partial asset sales programme ... I digress).    So, just as Obama was reeling over being trumped by the Russians over his 'red line in the sand' and his decision to authorise air/missile strikes against the Syrian Government, there come the Republicans, galloping over the hill to his rescue, on an issue where Obama and the Democrats have the morale high ground.

I think a far greater matter at hand is the need for the US to raise it's debt ceiling in the next few days or risk default.    The consequences of that would be catastrophic and have an impact far outside the continental United States.

I have a certain sympathy with the Republicans over the need to address the issue.   While we in NZL are still borrowing at the rate of $110m per week (thereby increasing our debt ceiling) that is massively down on just a year ago and against a backdrop of the books being returned to surplus in 2014/15 allowing debt to be repaid, in the United States there is no mood by the Democrats to reign in spending/address the growth in spending in any meaningful way.     Nowhere have I seen any credible forecast that the US intends to return to budget surplus anytime soon and certainly not in the next two decades.   

For America to continue to mortgage itself to China should be a worry for the Government and especially if 'events' conspired for China to call in the debt.    That's the issue the Republicans should be attacking the Democrats on ... not battles already fought and lost.


The bigger Bain

Mark Lundy's lawyers have confirmed he's very pleased with the Privy Council's decision, and hopes that he will be acquitted in a retrial so that he can start the search for the real killer.

This is interesting.  The Privy Council had some criticisms of Lundy's trial lawyers:

At his 2002 trial in the High Court at Palmerston North, Lundy was represented by recently retired district court judge Mike Behrens, QC, and Steve Winter.

Behrens, the senior trial lawyer, decided not to question the 7pm time of death advanced by the Crown.

In a letter to the Privy Council, he says that might have caused the Crown to change its case, ''which might create new vulnerabilities for the defence''.

''I believed the Crown theory of the case, ie the around 7pm murders, was nonsense. I believed that a far more realistic theory was that the deaths had occurred after 11pm, perhaps in the early hours of the next day,'' Behrens wrote.

''I was aware that the Crown could be pushed into changing its theory''.

But the law lords said it should have been clear that changing the time of death was ''unfeasible''. 
Mike Behrens is a very clever and experienced defence lawyer.  In this instance, he had it absolutely right and the Privy Council's criticism doesn't stand up.  There are a couple of things that are relevant here that the Privy Council may not have taken into account:

1.  A jury in Palmerston North definitely does not need a lawyer to explain to them just how enormously unlikely it is that Lundy drove to PN, committed a murder, cleaned up and drove back again in less than three hours.

2.  As Behrens says, the Crown's scenario of a 7pm death was nonsense.*  Much more likely is that they were killed sometime during the night, when his client had no alibi.  His best chance of getting an acquittal was for the jury to dwell on the Crown scenario and how ridiculously unlikely it was.  What he would definitely not want to do is go down a line of questioning that would start the jury thinking "Hey, maybe they were actually killed later, during the night. Where was Lundy at the time?"  As he said, anything suggesting to the jury that the deaths occurred later would "create new vulnerabilities for the defence."

If there's a retrial, expect the Crown to find Pang's evidence re time of death wasn't all it could have been, and a completely new scenario offered.  The defence will be that it's all circumstantial evidence.

* For example, the idea that Christine Lundy might have been undressed in bed at 7pm because maybe Lundy told her he was driving back from Petone to fuck her.  Seriously?  Who's going to find that persuasive?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oh The Irony.

About the time my Dad Matriculated from Wainui School, the Bolsheviks took power from the Tsar and created the great Socialist/Communist experiment.

For around 50 years of my life where understanding was available, my aversion to how the state could manipulate its citizens lives, often without regard for any basic rights I thought a citizen deserved, was very clear and The USSR was a significant player

In 1990 the bastion of Communism was destroyed by an educated proletariat who gradually gained a small idea of how man should and could enjoy certain freedoms.

How ironic that a bunch of losers should fall foul of the subsequent government of the remnant of the USSR and find themselves now facing charges of Piracy as a result of their planned and deliberate act of idiocy.

Now our very own great satan led by John key is the subject of their stupid appeals for assistance as the realisation of their, and their equally stupid co-defendants, judicial reality, becomes apparent.

Boo hoo hoo, listen up and learn, many of the worlds jurisdictions are not so weak in dealing with saboteurs and wreckers.
Your mates at present in custody in Russia should feel very lucky they are not dealing with justice as dealt out by Stalin, Beria and Co.

Putin and his entourage are not pussies, it is possible your lawbreaking friends and families might just get home some day but the thought they might have learnt something is as remote as ever.

Once upon a time, opponents of capitalism might have gained succor from Communists and their governments, but on this occasion they might have miscalculated bigtime.

For me, my government should do what it would do for anyone who finds themselves in trouble with another jurisdiction, no more, no less.


Dane Coles spelt Kevin Mealamu was just a 'typing' error ... Yeah Right!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Martin van Beynen writes in The Press, "Tremors exposed Earth Quake Commission."

"The Earthquake Commission (EQC) planned poorly for a major catastrophe and therefor lacked the leadership and systems needed to cope with the Canterbury earthquakes."

No shit Sherlock but thankyou Martin for the first of many documented exposes as to how inadequate the EQC model as it existed on September the 4th 2010 was, in the harsh real world of insurance.

At present we here, are in the throws of finally getting the damage from over three years ago addressed in realtime.
No more inspections, assessments, scoping reports, bullshitting, buckpassing, except the ongoing need for "variations" (now is that a euphemism or what) as the restoration in progress, exposes further, previously obscured problems, a system that  is threatening the sanity of our 'preferred contractor' as he struggles to cope with the total bullshit systems that EQC and their agents at Fletchers hubs create endlessly.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, as we progress what I consider would have taken Lumley, our private insurer, who have been so professional, understanding, compassionate, prompt and fair, no more than a month at the outside, to reinstate our home, is anything other than a total mishmash of incompetence as EQC and their proxy Fletchers deal to the disaster aftermath.

Initial inspection by a retired Policeman (I understand as a filter for fraud) and a youth fresh out of Polytech,  two years after the Sept event that perpetrated all our damage.
Then after my getting a little exercised watching 2nd, 3rd and in one case a 4th home getting repaired while the patient pensioners, in the full knowledge that there were many worse off than us, were being ignored, as "the squeaky hinge syndrome made progress for some".

Finally after swmbo was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition that was markedly worsened by stress I/We ceased being Mr and Mrs Nice and commenced a SHS campaign on our own behalf, and snailpaced progress started.

We got "scoped" then our preferred party started pricing on the scope.
The scope was made on visible evidence but even then there was no recognition of certain outcomes that a tenyear old girl would work out.
(a) no allowance for replacing waterproofing for an existing wheelchair shower/toilet en suite following tile removal.
(b) no allowance for reinstatement of U/F heating nets under tiles in bathrooms that were destroyed when tiles were removed with electric impact hammers.
(c) no allowance for where a 7mm crack in the foundation headed for a second en suite, under the shower, past a toilet and on through a wardrobe and the bedroom floor to the outside wall.
(d) no acceptance or recognition that the Tiled wall in the Wet area of the wheelchair en suite would be damaged by the floortile removal, plus the need to take the waterproofing up the framing and exposure of the heating circuit controllers.
(e) the need for pricing for the disconnection of the U/F heating panels and reinstatement.
(f) the plumber to disconnect and seal water faucets on vanities, reinstatement, removal and reinstatement of Toilets on floors being retiled.
(g) removal of vinyl in kitchen(approved) revealed three cracks requiring epoxy filling. Three matching grooves in the damaged vinyl clearly obvious.
(h) lifting of carpets adjacent to kitchen cracks to assess further damage.

That list of "variations" all had to be scoped, priced and approved by the Fletchers/EQC Nabobs, not all completed at present,  while we have had repairs underway for over one month.
As my builder commented if he ran his business in that chaotic way he would be out of business in two months.

I know there are many out there who were in dire straits and have been sorted, they were often the simple claims often writeoffs, and many worse off for damage are waiting but three years on if EQC was subject to the constraints of the insurance council they would be in court everyday for poor response times and settlements.

I have posted before that the EQC model will never be equipped to deal with a disaster such as quake Sept 4th 2010, followed by February 22nd, June 13th and aftershocks centered on Christmas day, all in 2011, among the over ten thousand "events"
Even if it had been left to private insurers,  as I contend it should, they would have struggled admittedly, but they have systems, staff and assessment protocols in place, fraud filters and management in situ to quickly respond and in most cases a support base from outside the disaster area to call in.
EQC had office staff collecting and investing compulsory premium addons and should have been morphed into a reinsurance role within the 100k/20k parameters and waited for the processed claims from the private insurers to come to them for assessment and settlement.

The Quakes are for now reduced, nerves are still frayed, incompetence is still in play and Martin Van Beynen has only scratched the surface.
There will be many more stories to come, particularly around padding, false invoicing, conspiracy to defraud, backhanders and general incompetence. Then there will be substandard work disputes.

As yet I have seen precious little resolve from the Government and the bureaucracy to address Van Beynens highlighted revelations, but I venture to suggest "you aint seen nothing yet"


When you go to another country and infringe THEIR laws and end up in the Pokey it's not much use bleating about it.    Doesn't matter if it's urinating in lifts in Singapore, being caught with illicit drugs in Kuala Lumpur, consuming alcohol in the open in Jeddah or attempting to board a  a Russian oil rig ...  you do the crime, expect to do the time.

Greenpeace is happy to milk this latest escapade for all its worth in making their point.  I suspect, for the individuals involved, they will emerge a couple of years hence with a thorough understanding of the Russian penal system ... the good, the bad and the ugly (and not too much of the good either).

I just hope they went into this with their eyes open.   If not, they are in for an almighty shock because there is very little influence that New Zealand (or any Government) can expect to exert on the Russian judicial system which will take its course.

The reality is that Greenpeace is happy to use them as martyr pawns in trying to achieve their political goals.    'Green' activists (terrorists) yes, charity ... definitely not.


A social media war has broken out after Sinead O'Connor offered Miley Cyrus some well intentioned advice about prostituting her image as above in the Wrecking Ball Music Video.

Hannah Montana has moved on and it is difficult not to see how it is nothing to do with the singer or any talent she has been endowed with but all about her handlers responding to commercial pressure to sell that talent.

As was pointed out on many News outlets, there are many more talented singers out there who do not get their kit off but the reality is, they remain largely un-noticed.
Sex sells, always has and always will.
The salient difference being that all Ms Cyrus's efforts are in the ether for ever and as things become more explicit and revealing, they will be there for all time at the press of a button or a touch screen.
Too bad if, for her next move at the behest of her parasitic handlers, is to convert to Islam to save her soul, wearing a burkah wont be a great help in the eyes of Allah.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


If you want to contact me by phone feel free to do so with one proviso.

Please make sure there is a person on the end of the phone when I answer. I know you can do it because it has happened on various occasions in the past. Although the people who call are what I call `faceless' we can almost always get the business done in short order to everyones satisfaction.

Do not and I repeat do not use the following method which happened yesterday on my mobile.

1.   Phone rings so I answer.
2.   Canned message says - press any number.and please note this is not a marketing call.
3.   Having pressed a number canned voice says if you are pdm (obviously they had my name) press one - if you are not pdm press (I think) 5.
4.   I pressed one and got another canned message along the lines of - we now have to ask you a series of questions to establish your identity - at which stage I disconnected the call.

Westpac if a human being had called me we probably could have concluded whatever business by the time I disconnected my call and that included ensuring I was the correct person. I am not going to and never will, take the call to it's fruition if you do not have the courtesy to show me some respect by having a person phone me.

I mean if your staff consider it that important that we need to speak then lets do so - I do not have the time to shag around with your robots.

Am I being churlish or is this a problem that pisses others off as well?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way

from Socialism to Government by Adults.

Manufacturing (and jobs) took off for the first time in two years.

Kiwis take note - the opposite will occur if ever the mad melons and labour loons look like getting close next year.