Thursday, September 26, 2013


Your efforts made me proud to be a supporter of your challenge that came agonisingly close to success.

My information suggests that the remarkable improvement since James Spittall played his wild card was more about a quantum shift in technology from Boeing that was introduced with devastating outcomes for us.

Yes Sir Ben Ainsley and the flight of the boat builders contributed but it was more about the money they were able to throw at it.

I know all the 'armchair admirals will swill their half empty glasses, make unjustifiable personal attacks on Barker and his magnificent men, while New Zealand's world wide reputation for sailing, boat  building, equipmet advances and national support will be a wonderment to those who actually understand what actually happens at this level.

Thankyou Emirates, Toyota, and all the sponsers who made it possible.

Come home with your heads held high everyone, your "Scotland versus the All blacks" effort so very nearly succeeded.

Thankyou and well done.


The Veteran said...

Well said GD although I'm not sure there will be another Americas Cup, at least in the current format.

Anonymous said...

Well, Hitler was a socialist and Stalin a communist ...

The Veteran said...

Anon 11.29 ??????????????????????

James Stephenson said...

It does seem to me that computerised automatic whatsits aren't really in the spirit of what sailing should be - in much the same way as anti-lock braking systems aren't allowed in F1.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet, the poor boy is lost. Forgot his GPS.

gravedodger said...

James S plus 1 for me.

Makes me wonder why we have sailers, why not little bundles of technology run by computers, on a lake, say in Switzerland.

That said the F1 type racing was spectacular but mystifies me why they need the wind at acceptable strength and direction. that did not apply to the 'clippers', they coped with the cards they were dealt.

pdm said...

GD - Oracle can also thank an element of luck.

Okay you make your own luck in these events but 3 times Team NZ were in what appeared to be commanding positions and three times the races were abandoned for good reason within the rules of the contest.

On another day one of those may have stuck.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well done Team NZ .
On the brighter side no need now to increase my rates.