Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time To Chop The PPTA

Bloggers and some media have reported on the PPTA's call for state schools to ban sporting and cultural contact with charter schools.  The PPTA also is reported to have sent threatening letters to the organisations applying for charter school licences.

The PPTA website claims 18,000 members but Adolf is unsure whether membership of the PPTA is a pre-condition for registration.

This latest appalling example of bully-boy tactics over a minor issue, combined with its history of crying wolf (ably documented by Matthew Hooton) leads me to conclude NZ would be better off without the PPTA.  It's time to give it the arse.

The education minister should:-

  • immediately legislate to make membership of the PPTA voluntary.
  • write to all Boards of Trustees advising the 'instructions' from the PPTA to its members to boycott charter schools are illegal.
  • ask Boards of Trustees to write to all teaching staff advising that any attempt to 'boycott' charter schools will result in disciplinary action.
  • apply to the courts for the deregistration of the PPTA. 
Here's a little example of the edufacist mindset.  From the PPTA constitution:-

"(ii) If the Executive shall at an ordinary meeting thereof by a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote resolve that such member be expelled or excluded from membership by reason of:

(a) wilful disregard of any policy decided upon by the Annual Conference of the Association or decisions of the National Executive ...."

And here are some of the children these people turn out.


Matthew said...

- Membership of the PPTA is voluntary already
- The courts have no reason to deregister the PPTA for calling for a boycott of charter schools. Unions call its members to boycott things sometimes, & it is no business of the courts to interfere.
- the blurb you quoted about members being removed because they wilfully disregard PPTA policy is normal & nothing special. A Union is a private organisation & as such, is allowed to admit or refuse anyone it chooses.
- im horribly amused by your insistence that PPTA members are more responsible for making little Nazis than non-members. There is simply no evidence for such an allegation. You try bucking the system in a private school, see how far it gets you. Thats where the little fascists are, & its not because of who is in the union.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Matthew, thank you.

Can you confirm the actual membership numbers of members v the total number of secondary teachers?

Matthew said...

There are about 55,000 teachers in NZ, but obviously a good percentage of them are primary/intermediate, & therefore covered by the NZEI. The PPTA only covered secondary teachers & I dont have those numbers sorry.
In the school I work at, PPTA membership is about 90% of teachers.

Anonymous said...

Yep,no jobs,sell it all key will sack all the teachers and close theit union down,result country wide strike.Is 170k new jobs key more popular than the local teachers,I DONT THINK SO....

Edward the Confessor said...

Any group, organisation, company or agency that publicly disagrees with the government on any matter should be given the "arse". It would be fascist not to.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It might be normal in your world but in this case it renders a member who defies their illegal 'instructions' liable to expulsion.

Kinda fascist, don't you think?

Edufascists. like the Nazis at Auschwitz who were only 'obeying orders'

Edward the Confessor said...

Yes, Adolf, and as you suggest any group, organisation, company or agency that publicly disagrees with the government on any matter should be given the "arse". It would be fascist not to.

Judge Holden said...
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Psycho Milt said...

Judge Holden: if No Minister authors want their real names used instead of their pseudonyms, they'll let you know.

Paulus said...

I understand that the Payroll for Education is 95,000 per pay day.
If only 55,000 are teachers who are the others, and are they also Teachers Union members albeit many retired Teachers are auxiliaries e.g. payroll clerks and secretaries.

Matthew said...

Paulus, the rest are ECE & Tertiary teachers, as well as registered but not teaching at the moment teachers.
While this last group may be in the PPTA, the first two have their own unions.