Monday, September 30, 2013


Doesn't really matter if you're old and grey
Its alright I say, its OK
Listen to what I say.

Its alright, doing fine
Doesn't really matter if the sun dont shine
Its alright I say , its OK
We're getting to the end of the day.
(New Tricks themesong sung by Dennis Waterman)

Casino gambling:
Target Market; rich, highrollers, people who in the main can afford to lose money, attendees at conventions and major events in the city.
Supervision; monitoring, profiling all in place and very understood, operators highly skilled and trained.
Where; in highly exposed, well lit,  monitored and recorded environment.
Why because that is what the punters want, if not here then anywhere they can.

Target Market; every citizen who is too stupid to understand odds and value across the nation .
Supervision; almost non existent, an operator of a dispensing machine doubling as other duties may require.
Where,  in every retail center throughout the nation.
Why, so the state can collect the poorly odds based money much of it definitly not discretionary spend and then return as little as the market will require for idiot bait.

Target market; racing afficionados, those who assess their knowledge and understanding of odds higher due to someone in the know and idiots who are going to strike it rich next race.
Supervision; almost zero, much via robotic machines, very little assessment or analysis of problem gamblers, who or how much they spend.
Where; in poorly lit back rooms, off public bars, at race courses and on line.
Why; ostensibly but not entirely for partial funding of the racing industry with side opportunities on major sports events.

Last year the amount wagered on the TAB was almost NZ$ two billion.
Last week wagered in the hope of lifting the two lotto prizes up to be won, NZ $28 000 000.
Has anyone raised a word of protest, I dont think so, as it is the State, its "OK"

The Government wants to gain a debt free Convention Center in Auckland costing around half a billion for a modest increase in opportunity gambling in the highly monitored and supervised Casino environment and the socialists are still litigating that outcome.

Is it OK to suggest hypocrisy much when the profile of so many dropping money on the TAB and Lotto every week clearly cannot afford a single dollar let alone the fistfulls of big notes passed over for a dream that will not happen.

"Does it really matter if you are old and grey.
Its alright I say, its OK
Listen to what I say".

Then again it doesnt bother me I only bet on certainties with defined odds, like say, Oracle???

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