Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Many buildings, that survived the destructive forces that leveled the CTV and PGC buildings on February 22nd 2011 with tragic loss of lives, are now being subjected to closure or threat of closure because they are insufficient in the compliance codes now in place, on a percentage basis.

The Masters Holywood Theatre in the seaside beach village of Sumner is one of hundreds.
Situated only a short distance from the epicenter of the Feb 22nd quake in the Heathcote Valley to the west,  this old darling is still standing unmarked.
Where many a romantic lethario took his ladylove for a backseat view of a movie, the content of which was of no importance, CERA is asking for additional DEE reports to allow the business to continue to operate.

The "Holly" is only one of hundreds of buildings closed or under threat,  here in Paradise, the Duvauchelle Hall, a single story structure relocated onto new foundations a few years back, apparently requires work that the Owner CHCH City wants done but it is well down on priority.
Similarly, the very grand old Gaeity Theatre in Akaroa stands apparently straight and true but is rated to low for compliance and again is over a year away from attention.
Both remain closed.

I know we all have serious regard for the total failures of compliance and inspection that saw the tragic outcomes in those two relatively modern buildings in the City but as a layman watching how Bureaucracy is performing now, so many years on,   it is difficult not to ask is the system relevant and working.

Hey chaps and chapesses, 30% compliant with standards that have little relevance to construction systems 100 years on for buildings that absorbed those forces and survived, might just be a crock, sadly nobody seems to care enough to do anything about it, it just seems easier to be too busy elsewhere.

Far simpler to wave the codes as threats without regard for relevance or consequences for owners or potential users.

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