Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Interesting times ahead

After Key became leader of the National Party and it was clear he was going to mop the floor up with Labour in 2008, that party and its associated bloggers went nuts coming up with examples of Key's "lies" or "corruption," which mostly turned out to be rather pathetic attempts and probably helped Key rather than hindered him.

Interesting then to see National's supporters squawking "liar" about Cunliffe the last week.  It turns out that he isn't actually a current member of Forest and Bird (membership lapsed a while back), and that his volunteer work for Auckland City Mission was actually working for his church that was delivering food parcels on behalf of the mission.  Not exactly the stuff great propaganda coups are made of, is it?

Then Matthew Hooton has a bizarre turn on Radio NZ National, trying to shout down his host with his denunciation that Cunliffe lied about being involved in the formation of Fonterra.  The Standard's done some work on it and Hooton's responded in comments threads, and the upshot is that Cunliffe was actually only involved in the mergers that happened in preparation for the formation of Fonterra (its actual formation happened after he became an MP).

So this is desperate, desperate stuff.  In fact, it's rather reminiscent of events in my first paragraph.  Looks like the 2014 election should be fun for those of us who like to see people making fools of themselves. 


Anonymous said...

What's the point of this post?


Judge Holden said...

To point out firstly that the Nats are so afraid they've got their surrogates onto a smear campaign pronto, and to expose Hooten for the liar he is.

Head exploding Cad?

adamsmith1922 said...

I think this post is desperate as per an item in Stuff any connection between Cunliffe and Fonterra formation was remote, despite the attempt of Karol at The Standard to prove otherwise

Anonymous said...

These dyed in the wool commies are so funny. I guess there is no hope for them to ever take the blinkers off

Psycho Milt said...

What's the point of this post?

I didn't think it was that hard to understand. The points are:

1. It's nice to see the boot on the other foot for a change.

2. Obviously the Nats see Cunliffe as a lot more of a threat than they're making out.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, I'm no died in the wool commie but I think Milt is right.

People are not stupid and they won't fall for this puerile
veneer-thin stuff about Cunliffe's back story.

If the so-called issues cited are all there is, then he would be the most blameless upright politician in the western world.

I've said elsewhere, if you want to see real lies and outrageous bullshit, examine the backgrounds and statements of Obama and Rudd, both of whom are consummate bullshitters and incompetent administrators.

Exclamation Mark said...

This says more about Cunliffe than anything else I've heard about him so far:

If there was a vidoe out there of Key pulling this sort of nonsense he would have been fucking crucified long before he got to be PM.

Liberty said...

“What's the point of this post? “
That is very simple
Labours (our people) have elected a non entity with a fake cv.
It’s the same party that worshiped the ground a forger walked on.
so nothing has changed.