Friday, September 27, 2013


I see that Tim.Com, that paragon of virtue and all-round good guy, has pledged to give millions to help Team New Zealand mount another challenge in their bid to win the America's Cup.

His Press Release has the lie that John Key said "No more funding for Team NZL".   The reality is that that Prime Minister has said that the Government had not yet made a decision on the matter ... hardly surprising since it's only 48 hours since Oracle won the final race to retain the 'Auld Mug'.

But putting that aside, I can think of 500 million reasons why any corporate sponsor would shy away from being associated with Tim.Com.   That's the amount in USD he is accused of mass copyright infringement and money laundering by the United States Government.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a play by the Kraut to gain sympathy ahead of his extradition hearing? 


Shane Ponting said...

Yes, you are the only one.

The Veteran said...

Shane ... if is the 'real deal' then pigs fly and the Pope is a closet Baptist.

Paulus said...

Great cartoon in Herald today offering DotCon Alcatraz as his base.

Barry said...

Better for to fund it with his money than for taxpayers to be forced into it