Wednesday, September 25, 2013


One of the early substantive actions of the Abbott government in Australia was to totally dismantle a parasite and his little echo chamber of doomsayers employed by Juliar Gillard in her massive flip flop on carbon tax, "there will be no carbon tax from any government I lead".

Professor Dr Tim "flimflam" Flannery, chaired the now defunct Climate Change Commission as a "PART TIME JOB", actually only a  justification prop for Gillard's Waterloo Carbon Tax, for the mere pittance of  A$180 000. Add in his five cohort commissioners plus an admin/support base and it is a saving over a million.
The whole exercise is accurately described as propaganda as their output was borrowed not developed.

Don't get me wrong Dr Flannery is a pretty impressively educated man with paleontology, mammalology and environment successes, many published, and his PhD on the evolution of Kangaroos.
The give away on his profile is the additional sobriquet "environmental activist"?
Not much reference to climatology, meteorology, oceanography or atmospherics, but I guess still eminently qualified to speak on the slowly disintegrating consensual  "science" behind taxing the minuscule effects of human development on the planet.

In the latter decade of last century the "inter governmental panel on climate change", IPCC set out to save the planet.
Socialists and melons quickly worked out, here was a golden goose. Failed national Presidential Candidate Al Gore among many to make himself a very rich man.
Following the Kyoto conference, politicians bargained rorts based on taxing the burning of carbon with justifying predictions of environmental disaster including Pacific nations submerged under the sea, Glaciers melting into history, the Antarctic Continent and Greenland losing vast amounts of ice,  the Arctic becoming an Ice free ocean, all down to catastrophic rises in the surface temperature of the planet

The only thing that has melted is the whole "House of Cards".

The dire predictions of disaster have not quite worked out, all the computer model graphs are so far ahead of the curve of reality, any commercial entity or individual with responsibility would be seeking bankruptcy protection, remember the "Hockey Stick", na didn't think so, too embarrassing I guess.

First, Global Warming, then it morphed into Climate Change, now the entirely discredited heap of horse shit is reduced to outbursts of redemption when some weather disaster strikes, called "adverse weather events."
Makes for headlines in what now passes for News but the facts are still not cooperating.
Areas that many humans avoided for reasons of historical disasters, including drought, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, swamps, snows have become more intensively settled for many reasons, placing more people in paths of danger, previously avoided.
Communication advances and ability to capture images of events that in ages past were never reported let alone instantly reproduced on media within minutes.
Intensification and development of monolithic production systems of agriculture are more prone to destruction from weather events.
 800 center pivot irrigators partially or totally destroyed in winds, the equal of which in the early 1970s just moved soil, vegetation and the odd structure.
Of course the perception is greater impacts, the reality is, it has been occurring for centuries.

We are under continual threats from weather and climate and the world is currently in a warming phase albeit somewhat stalled at present and nobody will know until time passes is it going to continue to rise or, as will probably happen, cool again.
Medieval warm period was followed by a pretty parky period when Londoners walked across the Thames.
Greenland was named for a very simple reason it was GREEN.
Opening the North West passage from the North Atlantic to the Northern Pacific has been a very challenging and expensive exercise for centuries.

This planet we call home is a very resilient beast and if there were no monetary rewards for politicians and thieving bastards like Gore the whole rort would never have gained traction, also surface temperature is a very convenient target for the  visceral hatred of business, particularly oil companies, by the melons as a means to an end.

Tony Abbott's Coalition move  is hopefully a small step back to sanity for a world on a train to nowhere.

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Noel said...

Ahh but will he support ETS?
If so the cost, like in NZ, will have shifted from the polluters to every one.