Sunday, September 29, 2013


The Australian federal green party is in a bit of bother.

After what could best be described as a recent set back, but many see as an electoral disaster, it is getting a bit messy in the West Island for the Melon party.

Federal GP Leader, Senator Christine Milne  claims she is not under challenge but last weeks caucus meeting was apparently not all beer and skittles, skittles made up some ground.

The only GP member of the Lower House, Adam Bant has considerable support for advancement after rising above the outgoing tide in his Melbourne district while  Senator Sarah Hansen Young who bizarrely gained the endorsement of now maverick former Liberal PM, Malcolm Frazer only just made it back to the Senate but her ambitions are undiminished.
She reportedly said  some unkind things about her leader when leaving the latest caucus meeting.
That leader Senator Christine Milne is said to be in denial after the GP suffered a drop in support across the nation from 11,76% to a depressing 8.6%  with Tasmania a bit of a fertile field for the Melons being severely hit.

Hard not to see things getting worse for the Melons with the significant publicity being afforded the two amigos, Shorten and Albanese in their national campaign among the left faithful  for KRudds job.

So maybe, in the interests of the "special; arrangement" between the Islands on either side of The Tasman Sea we could send the commie Ginga back to help them out with a oneway ticket.

Benefits all round and Australia regains a bit of their Toanga.

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Heisenbug said...

I think it's telling that in the middle of a large nationwide swing away from the progressive scum, Bandt held on to his seat. The voters of Melbourne are truly braindead.