Monday, August 12, 2013


As long as there have been elected politicians, the call to the voters to trust them has loomed large in candidates attempts to attract votes.

Last night another dead boring "debate" was presented  to the voters of the West Island  in the sombre hallowed hall of the Canberra Press Club.
Abbott and Costello it was not even close for entertainment as the most relevant Costello was on the same team as Tony Abbott.
The now retired 19 year veteran of Australian federal politics including 11 years as federal treasurer in the Howard government, Peter Costello who is the longest serving treasurer in history of Australian federal politics was widely regarded as somewhat above mere competent achieving the triple A Moodys' ranking that Rudd is so fond of trumpeting.

No, this event that an ever tiring electorate is continuing to ignore after virtually 8 months of  'a phony war' since Julia Gillard broke with tradition and announced the federal election in January 2013. Unfortunately for the first female to hold the top job, she didn't survive the intense and continued three year campaign of the man she replaced to undermine her, that culminated in K Rudd's re-elevation five weeks ago.

The disconnect of the electorate who are compulsorily obligated to cast a vote is so wide spread, most of the main TV Networks placed the charade on their back channels and continued with reality TV garbage that dominates viewing habits today on their main channels.

Who won, three supposedly non aligned "judges" unanimously awarded victory to the PM, K Rudd, as for other commenters involved, the consensus was that the incumbent might have scored a narrow victory but as the underdog, between 2 and 4 points behind in the polls, he needed a far more decisive victory.
Those three "judges" ignored one vital fact, under the published "rules of conduct", clause 12 (I think), the protagonists could only have pens and paper provided on the lecterns.
Of course silly rules do not apply to Socialists so the PM took briefing notes to the debate and read his opening and closing efforts and continually referred to them in answering questions with his eyes down.
Imho it was an admission of defeat and many commenters as well as labelling KRudd a "cheat", considered it detracted from the 'in charge, on top of his game' persona he so desperately needs to portray to be competitive.
Krudd's use of notes in defiance of rules would have resulted in disqualification in most debating forums, but as noted above such inconvenient truths do not apply to socialists.

Pretty much a flop, competently moderated by Skynews political editor David Speers, but almost totally falling short of any semblance of a main event.
The forum that does not suit Abbot,t is unlikely to be repeated in the remaining 4 weeks and having walked away without any serious blows landed The LNP leader can be satisfied to continue to let time and recovered memory of what the Vegemite man really is, to continue to do its work.

For the electorate, September 7th can not come soon enough and they can concentrate on footy finals, Bathurst and all the important stuff.

As for 'trust' the whole night was another body blow for that impossible dream.

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