Friday, August 30, 2013


In the unraveling of Nazi Germany in 1945 many on both sides scrambled to find distance and disconnect from the massive, almost unbelievable atrocities perpetrated by the leadership of the vanquished German Reich.
The Germans and their sympathisers for having anything to do with it and the Victors claiming we had no evidence it was happening, Bollocks to all of them.

The Daily Telegraph reports on news from South Korean News Sources around the slaughter of an ex lover of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un and other people from the entertainment industry tenuously connected to the unfortunate lady, carried out in front of family and associates who were then incarcerated in prison camps.
Such barbarity, and when the regime falls, as it surely will, there will be much hand wringing and denial that;
(a) such things never happened,
(b)  I knew nothing about it,
(c)  I was only obeying orders,
(d) they were guilty and sentenced under the law,

The most unbelievable thing about reports such as that in the Telegraph, is the depths of depravity those in power and those who allow it to continue, can sink to.

What is wrong with sending the ex to a nunnery, oh that's right, the traitorous non persons exacerbated their guilt by allegedly being in possession of "christian bibles" now that does make it serious, not.

And to think there are people living in freedom amongst us who still support that ghastly regime as a good thing.
Monster just seems so inadequate.

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Ray said...

If we ever get a Green government you can expect to see us (in a couple of generations) going the same way

Isn't Russell hanging out with an actress already