Friday, August 30, 2013


David Cameron's slavish devotion to the mad bastard in the Whitehouse came up short when the House Of commons defeated by 7 votes, his plan to accompany the totally stupid foray into Syria.

Yes the harrowing pictures of the victims of the chemical attack made many think something had to be done but until it is proved who actually perpetrated it and what are any gains other than boosting another CIC playing world commissioner of police to be achieved, staying out is the only option.

The complete shambles in Egypt where dethroning one ruling clique for an equally dupliticious second option only to be followed by the Army, again, proves for me they are best left to sort their shit out, more so now that the worlds dependence on Arab Oil is so diminished by advances in energy discovery and improved yields from fracking.

Democracy as I understand it is impossible in Islamic Countries where so much of the political direction comes from the Mullahs and their stoneage philosophy.
Until enlightenment seeps in it is just not worth a single life or another single  dollar,  the Afghanistan decade on the heels of the Russian disaster and in the knowledge none since Genghis Khan has succeeded, why bother.


Edward the Confessor said...

"Democracy as I understand it is impossible in Islamic Countries..."

But you don't understand democracy, so that statement is simply nonsense.

Gavin said...

And you do ? Have read lots of your comments you are such a negative person Edward that I would hate to live your life

Edward the Confessor said...

"I would hate to live your life"

Oh don't worry, Gav, you wouldn't be capable of it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, of course he wouldn't.

The poor bastard would have to be a transvestite, crippled Maori with a visceral hatred of work and five chips on his shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Precisely G.D.

When the savages are destroying each other, leave them to it.

The wiping out of that vile 7th century culture would be a giant step forward for all mankind.

Mrs Danvers

Paulus said...

Putin would revel along with the Iranian Ayatollah and their Hezbollah, to drag the US into another offshore war in the Middle East.
It would appear that Saddam's WMD in the shape of gas was shipped overland to Syria. The empty specially designed lorries were found in the desert between the two countries - empty.

Ugly Truth said...

Looks like Paulus thinks he's a mind reader.

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged President Barack Obama on Saturday not to rush into a decision on striking Syria, but to consider whether strikes would help end the violence and be worth the civilian casualties they would inevitably cause.
Speaking for the first time about the suspected chemical weapons attack on Aug. 21, Putin also questioned whether Syrian government troops should be held responsible. He said it would make no sense for them to carry out such a devastating attack while they were on the offensive.
"In such conditions, to give a trump card to those who are calling for foreign military intervention is foolish nonsense," Putin said. "It defies all logic."