Sunday, August 25, 2013


I see that Duncan Garner has tweeted the news that Shane Jones has decided to stand for the Labour Party leadership because "his people in the north have told him to".

Give me a break.   Jones abandoned the 'North' to stand in Tamaki Makaurau when he realised he didn't stand a show against his cousin Hone in the Te Tai Tokerau seat while the Northland electorate is a death trap for anyone wearing a red rosette.   In short, Jones is a carpetbagger prepared to go anywhere but Northland in order to win a seat.

History will record Jones as a lazy sod who couldn't be bothered reading his ministerial papers allowing the Greens to roll him with their stupid proposal to limit the time New Zealanders spent in their showers.   Or perhaps he was too busy watching porn and charging it up to his Ministerial creditcard to be paid for by Mr and Mrs taxpayer.   

Labour and Jones deserve each other.    New Zealand doesn't.


Anonymous said...

New Zealand doesn't deserve Labour - or Shane Jones.

Anonymous said...

I suppose a porno king is not as bad as a botty bandit!

pdm said...

Vet - it is an indictment on Labour in general and Clark in particular when Jones looks a reasonable option when compared to the other two likely contenders - Cunliffe and Robertson.

Barry said...

The porn wasn't the crime - making me (as a taxpayer and thus his employer) was

Barry said...

Sorry - missed out "pay for it" after "employer)"