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Russel Norman, Male Australian, 46, ex-Communist (Australian Socialist Workers' Party) and co-leader of the Greens in the New Zealand Parliament.
For years the Greens have pedalled the canard that New Zealand rivers are too polluted to swim in.    That has come home to bite with a vengeance as Fonterra works its way through the crisis of its own making with the Chinese media now picking up on the lie and using to discredit both New Zealand and our Clean Green image.    This will cause major damage to our biggest exporter and to the New Zealand economy.
Mr average Chinese knows about pollution.   They see and breathe it every day.   Faced with a New Zealand politician, touted as a future Deputy Prime Minister, arguing that our waterways are too polluted to swim in and Mr average Chinese automatically equates that with the toxic cesspools that he knows in China.    The damage is done.
To be sure, a few of our waterways are less than pristine but huge time and effort is being directed them into cleaning them up and our farmers are in the forefront of this.   But the hyperbole used by the Greens in making the point is way over the top and now has come back to bite us in the bum with a vengeance.
Norman and his mob don't care about New Zealand.    To them it's fair game to damage our economy in search of an ideal ... an ideal we can all identify with but an ideal that we won't sell our country down the 'river' for. 
That's why Russel Norman (and his red band of brothers and sisters) are dangerous and that's why I squirm when I see David Shearer and Norman cozying  up to each other. 


gravedodger said...

Wish I had the skill set to capture a frame from a video as there was a pot of gold at one stage yesterday with the brothers in arms sharing a bench in the House.
Body language can be so informative and revealing.

bsprout said...

Are you suggesting that we should support the Government led conspiracy to keep quiet about our environmental situation? They have stopped the five yearly environment report and publicly castigate scientists who share research that shows our clean green image is a sham.

A simple internet search easily reveals that all is not well with our environmental management, being better than China is hardly something to celebrate and in actual fact China is investing far more of their GDP into address their issues than New Zealand is. On a per capita basis our country is a worse polluter than China anyway.

Rimu said...

"a few of our waterways are less than pristine"

It's more than a few. And it's not about being pristine or not, it's about whether you will get sick from swimming there.

The Ministry for the Environment gives our rivers a grade from A to D, with D being dangerous and C being risky. About half the rivers have a D rating, with another 25% a C rating.

There is a spreadsheet at the bottom of the page I linked to where you can check the data for yourself. NB I'm talking about rivers, not coastal sites or lakes.

gravedodger said...

One of the saddest polution problems in our pristine waterways are budget backpackers who shit anywhere the urge occurs and I wonder how many of them call themselves planet saving tree hugging environmentalists.
Their net bottom line would barely ripple the streams their shit ends up in.
The organisms they spread are more life threatening than a bit of excess cow manure.
Have bsprout or rimu ever had a dose of giardia.

Edward the Confessor said...

"One of the saddest polution problems in our pristine waterways are budget backpackers who shit anywhere the urge occurs.."

Um yeah, I think the cows are a slightly bigger problem, Einstein.

What were you saying about scoring cheap political points Vet? Admittedly yours is a particularly feeble effort (that we should be consciously silent about environmental degradation caused by cows, so as not to draw criticism), but still.

Noel said...

Aw come-on Ross how do you get that to fit with the Crimes Act

"New Zealand has treason laws that are stipulated under the Crimes Act 1961. Section 73 of the Crimes Act reads as follows:
"Every one owing allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen in right of New Zealand commits treason who, within or outside New Zealand,— (a) Kills or wounds or does grievous bodily harm to Her Majesty the Queen, or imprisons or restrains her; or(b) Levies war against New Zealand; or(c) Assists an enemy at war with New Zealand, or any armed forces against which New Zealand forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between New Zealand and any other country; or(d) Incites or assists any person with force to invade New Zealand; or(e) Uses force for the purpose of overthrowing the Government of New Zealand; or(f) Conspires with any person to do anything mentioned in this section."[19]

The Veteran said...

For Rimu and associated fellow travellers ... sad when you deliberately choose to misrepresent your own research in an attempt to smear our international reputation.

Why did you fail to mention these 'titbits' from the research data quoted?

Viz "It (the data) reflects a precautionary approach to managing public health risks and does not represent an accurate picture of water quality in the catchment.

and "Most monitored sites, whether freshwater or coastal, are suitable for swimming during dry weather, when most people use them".

The undermining of our reputation abroad in order to score cheap political points is economic treason. I expect that from the Greens, not from Labour.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... stop pontificating. You know and I know there is no such crime under the Crimes Act.

I was making the quite obvious point that over the top rhetoric which deliberately misinterprets the facts can do untold damage to our economic interests.

If you want to back Norman in this so be it. I don't.

Edward the Confessor said...

Vet's going swimming in Lake Ellesmere just to prove how clean the water is after the dairy farmers have had a go. Be sure to film it, guy. You're lying for your country remember! Patriot.

mark said...

Vet's going swimming in Lake Ellesmere

He could consider the Whangaehu too - it'll be just peachy.

bsprout said...

The problem isn't just our rivers, the nitrogen and phosphorus is indeed washed down the rivers as The Veteran says. However it is then deposited into the bottoms of our lakes, lagoons and estuaries where it stays and causes long term damage:

The Veteran said...

EtC ... so I'm somehow lying for my country when I point out that selective quoting from a document coupled with over-the-top rhetoric is akin to economic treason.

Put it this way ... I'm happy to stand up for my country while the Russel Norman apologists of this world try to drag it down.

Clearly you don't.

lyrad said...

To say farmers are leading the way in environment impact management is being very generous. While some take it seriously, I would suggest the majority will only make an effort if/when they are forced to.

Anonymous said...

If I were to defend Norman on the treason charge there'd be an obvious defense: Insnaity, if anyone has a disease of the mind it has to be this commie.


Edward the Confessor said...

To be fair to you Cadwallader, if anyone knows anything about "Insnaity" it's you chief.

"so I'm somehow lying for my country when I point out that selective quoting from a document coupled with over-the-top rhetoric is akin to economic treason."

You selectively quoted the document yourself, and your rhetoric (TREASON!!!), was hysterical, so let's add hypocritical to dishonest shall we?

The Veteran said...

EtC ... up until now I always thought of you as misguided rather than stupid. Ok, I'll admit I was wrong.

Defending the Green's attack on our economic wellbeing is stupid, dumb, stupid.

Rimu said...

When the world is examining our environmental credentials, what does National do? They weaken our environmental protection RMA laws!

Economic sabotage.

The Veteran said...

Rimu ... pray tell what specifically do you object to in this list of the reforms foreshadowed by the PM ....

» halve from 20 to 10 working days the time limit for consents for straightforward applications such as adding a deck or veranda
» require fixed-fee options for certain consents, so there is certainty of cost
» Give Councils the ability to waive resource consents for insignificant variations from planning rules such as a retaining wall being slightly over a permitted height
» Require Councils to provide a minimum of 10 years of urban land supply to cope with projected population growth
» Make subdivisions non-notified unless they are clearly not of the type anticipated by the relevant plan and zoning

How do those 'weaken' our environmental protection?

Or are you just engaging in dog whistle politics.

Typical Green overkill.

Anonymous said...

PM on TV tonight admitting that 100% is only a marketing tool and not a reflection of the environment.