Monday, August 12, 2013


Forming the lava flow of predictable comments on the performances of Rudd and Abbott at the National Press Club last night, are some absolute gemstones of political spin as what actually occurred is dissected.

One was an earnest assertion that the "asylum seekers" who attempt to exploit the United Nations farce, run by the UNHCR, to escape the shithole they were born into, to live in the lucky country, are poor, hungry, oppressed, persecuted, homeless waifs who after struggling to a beach, board a leaky boat and head across the Indian Ocean to Nirvana.

Bullshit to that, many of the scheming bastard's shitty homelands do not even remotely access a beach.

Many of those who would claim to be refugees sell up everything they have, fly to Indonesia or some other appropriate start zone,  "pay" thousands of American dollars to a people smuggler for a place in a boat suitably set up with plugs in  holes in the hull to be removed when they near Christmas Island or the west coast of the mainland and are confronted by the Australian Navy boats.
They then expect to be taken into Australia where the bleeding hearts have "their promised land" awaiting them.

Meanwhile stuck in squalor, in refugee camps genuine refugees of ghastly regimes aided and abetted by another branch of the totally corrupt UN are left waiting for their place in the queue, to escape.

It is all a massive scam where "entrepreneurs" are exploiting the plight of the genuine dispossessed and misplaced to the advantage of those simply seeking to queue jump.

Boat People have been a suppurating sore on the Australian political carcase for years, now the Messiah, who dismantled The Howard Government's solution that many thought was about to be swamped anyway, by increasingly cunning and manipulative people smugglers, is himself being threatened by his good intentions, not just biting him on his arse but threatening to devour him politically.
Rudd's solution involves transporting all adult male 'asylum seekers' to Mannus Island in Papua New Guinea ostensibly to deny them ever reaching Australia.
Two aspects remain unresolved and Rudd is hoping that will remain so until September 7th;
Will these moves deter the "clients of the people smugglers" from paying over the $10 000 to $20 000 for a doomed trip.
And second what will the exercise cost the Australian taxpayers already being asked to fund the whole mess with millions of wasted dollars.

One aspect we know is happening, is the theory is being sold under a $30 000 000 advertising campaign and if the polls are to be believed it is working as Rudd is now being credited as having a better policy on boat people than the opposition Coalition. Now that the official election period is declared this is yet another rort that the beleagured ALP is willing to  exploit in contravention of accepted pre-election rules, of course such inconveiences do not apply to Socialists such as "cheatin Kevie do they.

If the corrupt United Nations had a shred of credibility in its efforts to resettle the millions of displaced peoples in countries with ongoing civil  (that's a total misnomer) wars, the self congratulating troughers would without question, give total backing to Australia in dealing with the queue jumpers who have access to funding to undertake their fully paid "trip" to circumvent the UN protocols.

Many in this country ignore what is happening as Boat People make their dangerous (over a thousand have drowned in recent years) attempt to enter The Lucky Country, assuming that the boats will never make a successful crossing of the Tasman.
I call them on that, we all know money talks and why wont the traffickers obtain better boats and make the journey to our coasts, as under the agreed protocols we must accept them as refugees, carrying no papers and refusing to divulge anything about their past.
Unless the UN recognises the scam for what it is and make a greater effort to thwart this appalling trade in souls a boat carrying thousands could arrive. Do the maths.

Sheesh ,Sri Lankans have successfully made it to Canada.


Anonymous said...

Boat people taking actual risks in small boats at their own expense have far more claim to Aussie citizenship and franchise than bludging. troughing, corrupt Laborites & Unionists.

Here's a deal any "progressive" should like: we'll take every boat person as a real refugee --- in exchange for bludgers & troughers & unionists losing the "right" to vote

A deal I'd take in an instant!

Paranormal said...

Received by email this morning:

We all remember the KFC "Julia Meal"
Small breasts and big thighs.
Now, KFC has announced an addition to their chicken dinners.
It's called the “Rudd” Bucket: \
it consists of nothing but left wings and an arsehole.