Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lollies on layby, an indicator of "poverty"

It is alledged a South Auckland parent is forced to put lollies for a childs birthday party on Layby.

That is what Wussel and his numpty mates see as another serious marker of how far we have fallen.

Here is a hint tossers, how about a couple of packets of jelly, a tray of home made fudge, yeah that will incur a can of Highlander milk and a bit of effort, and a fun afternoon with no freekin pressies let alone a pc exercise in futility of a present for all attending.

I could set up a pretty good party for less than $20 bucks total, including a can of Lion Red for the caterer.

At the conclusion, a child will be demonstrated love, safety and caring from family and friends and the birthday child will have had an opportunity to get a basic grasp as to how the real world works.
The entreprenurial manipulative lolly retailer, KFC and or Maccas will have taken a small hit.

Poverty indicator my arse, might even be an opportunity to introduce the child to its father or at worst some candidates to choose from.

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