Saturday, August 3, 2013

From The Ground Up

During his perambulations in the northern  suburbs of Adelaide yesterday, Adolf met a lifelong member of the ALP who was sending off his letter of resignation to the Labor Party.  He told me six of his mates were doing the same thing.

Readers need to understand this is heartland Labor country - just a mile or so from the Holden plant.

We had a good long chat and  sympathised with him.  It is a huge wrench to leave a party to which you have given your loyalty for fifty years, no matter which side of the fence you might be.

Why were they leaving?

The carbon tax and all Rudd's new taxes which seem to be announced daily. They have noticed everything is more expensive.

You see, these old buggers who live in the suburbs aren't as stupid as Rudd thinks they  are.


Anonymous said...

Six of his mares? He must have pretty clever horses to be able to write resignation letters.

Must hold the pen between their teeth??


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thanks Jimmie. Bloody spell check!