Saturday, August 31, 2013


Have just returned from Jaffa land where I attended a retirement function for a person I recruited into the job some sixteen years ago.    Didn't want to overnight too distant from where the function was being held so we opted to stay at the Grange Motor lodge just across the road from The Grange Golf Course.   

I get to travel a fair bit within NZL both private and as part of my employment.   It is my observation that the quality of motels, particularly in Auckland, has declined markedly in the last decade+.

By any measure the Grange Motor Lodge is the standout exception.   We arrived to be greeted by Bernie, the owner, who took us to our Chalet, made sure we were totally happy with what was on offer, left and returned a few minutes later with a couple of complementary freshly baked muffins.   The accommodation, although slightly dated, was immaculate.   It came with everything you could possibly want and more including Sky TV with every channel available.    The tariff was modest ($115 for the night).     Bang for buck it puts many of our 'name' hotels to shame.   I have no hesitation in recommending this place to you unreservedly.

Papatoetoe is awash with election signage.   My attention was drawn to one featuring 'Team Papatoetoe' with a Ross Robertson as one of the members.     His picture looked remarkably similar to Ross Robertson MP,  the local Labour member and currently one of the two Assistant Speakers in Parliament.    Now, am I being churlish to ask how he, assuming his election, is going to effectively carry out both jobs given that as an MP he is remunerated on the basis of his full-time commitment to his parliamentary duties.

Where does that leave him as a Ward Councillor?     Will he be using his Parliamentary travel perk to fly back to Auckland for Council meeting?   Clearly Robertson is fixing himself a new job given his stated intention to retire for Parliament at the end of the current term.  Why won't he do the decent thing and resign his seat now thus avoiding the accusation of double dipping.    So many questions, so few answers.

p.s.   Is this the same Ross Robertson who sent his boy to Auckland's exclusive King's College? Where was his faith in the State education system so strongly touted by his Party as providing the best answer?   And yes, he exercised his right of choice and good on him.   Why then did he vote against giving parents that same right of choice with Charter Schools and how do you spell hypocrite?

When Is A Guru Not A Guru?

When he  displays all the virtues of a prize fuckwit.

Not only a guru, according to the fevered few at Fairfax but a FINANCIAL guru to boot.

Now let's see.

He stopped paying the bank loan payments on his mansion in the Wairarapa.

He married a gold digger from Brazil who did him like a dinner when she buggered off.

He made millions in Argentina and Brazil, two countries where the corrupt prosper, but couldn't make a quid in NZ where one is required to actually do some work.

He took a swipe at the management of NZ which is one of the few OECD countries which is doing well economically.

You be the judge but this guy sure as hell looks like a fuckwit to me.

Beat Me To It

Yesterday, while ambulating for an hour with two mischievous little dogs, Adolf contemplated Kevin Rudd's extraordinarily inept campaign.

I wondered about him.  He was said to be a brilliant campaigner but he ain't.  He was said (mainly by himself) to have been a brilliant diplomat but I wondered if really he was brilliant.   Ahaaah thought Adolf,   I'll do some research and do a post on that.

Are all the policies we have heard from Rudd actually Labor's carefully considered and agreed policies?  Or, are they Rudd's personal policy agenda, changing day by day to suit each audience?

Were all his diplomatic activities, including those as Foreign Minister, actually the Government's carefully considered and agreed policies?  Or, are they Rudd's personal policy agenda, changing day by day to suit each audience?

Denniss Shannahan beat me to it in this morning's Australian.

Here it is.  Read it and weep for Australia.

The killer punch?

The US ambassador to Australia at the time secretly cabled to Washington that Rudd's assessment of himself as a diplomatic leader was not justified and he didn't have the experience, judgment or staff to live up to his promises. The US considered him a "control freak", aggressive and offensive, prepared to leak self-serving and inaccurate material designed to embarrass Bush. A confidential cable, leaked by WikiLeaks, said that before a September 2008 visit to the US to attend the UN summit, Rudd's office demanded a meeting with Bush.
Ouch, double ouch!

Friday, August 30, 2013


David Cameron's slavish devotion to the mad bastard in the Whitehouse came up short when the House Of commons defeated by 7 votes, his plan to accompany the totally stupid foray into Syria.

Yes the harrowing pictures of the victims of the chemical attack made many think something had to be done but until it is proved who actually perpetrated it and what are any gains other than boosting another CIC playing world commissioner of police to be achieved, staying out is the only option.

The complete shambles in Egypt where dethroning one ruling clique for an equally dupliticious second option only to be followed by the Army, again, proves for me they are best left to sort their shit out, more so now that the worlds dependence on Arab Oil is so diminished by advances in energy discovery and improved yields from fracking.

Democracy as I understand it is impossible in Islamic Countries where so much of the political direction comes from the Mullahs and their stoneage philosophy.
Until enlightenment seeps in it is just not worth a single life or another single  dollar,  the Afghanistan decade on the heels of the Russian disaster and in the knowledge none since Genghis Khan has succeeded, why bother.

The Last Nail

Just when you think they can't do anything dumber than they have done already, Kevi Rudd hands Labor some new 'last nails' for his and their political coffins.  This time, he appears to be taking advice from Phil Goff, that notorious leaker of confidential briefing papers.  (BTW, is that Julia swing the hammer?)

Yesterday Rudd made his treasurer and finance spokesmen line up with him  at one of his Ruddite press conferences in which he waived confidential briefing papers from Treasury and the Parliamentary Budget Office.  Rudd claimed these papers showed conclusively that Tony Abbot was lying about his election promise costings, to the tune of $10billion.  He launched a diatribe and homily on the untrustworthiness of  TonyAbbot.

Unfortunately for Rudd the political mandarins of the two gummint departments are made of stern stuff and they did not appreciate some recycled lemon making public their private briefing papers.  (This is a first for Australia.)

They frowned severely over the  fact that Rudd had falsely represented to the public that the briefing papers were costings of Liberal Party policies.  They were not.  They were costings of estimates provided by Rudd and his mates. 

Their jaws dropped when they saw Rudd had manipulated the figures by converting the papers from  accrual accounting to cash accounting, thus producing his now ridiculous $10bil black hole.

So, in  a further first for Australia, the mandarins themselves went public in the middle of an election campaign and ripped the PM to shreds - making it absolutely clear the only person in the place with a dark stain of untrustworthiness on his character is Kevin Rudd.

Hell it only took twenty four hours for Rudd's spectacular revelation to bite him on the arse.

Here is the statement from Treasury,


In the unraveling of Nazi Germany in 1945 many on both sides scrambled to find distance and disconnect from the massive, almost unbelievable atrocities perpetrated by the leadership of the vanquished German Reich.
The Germans and their sympathisers for having anything to do with it and the Victors claiming we had no evidence it was happening, Bollocks to all of them.

The Daily Telegraph reports on news from South Korean News Sources around the slaughter of an ex lover of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un and other people from the entertainment industry tenuously connected to the unfortunate lady, carried out in front of family and associates who were then incarcerated in prison camps.
Such barbarity, and when the regime falls, as it surely will, there will be much hand wringing and denial that;
(a) such things never happened,
(b)  I knew nothing about it,
(c)  I was only obeying orders,
(d) they were guilty and sentenced under the law,

The most unbelievable thing about reports such as that in the Telegraph, is the depths of depravity those in power and those who allow it to continue, can sink to.

What is wrong with sending the ex to a nunnery, oh that's right, the traitorous non persons exacerbated their guilt by allegedly being in possession of "christian bibles" now that does make it serious, not.

And to think there are people living in freedom amongst us who still support that ghastly regime as a good thing.
Monster just seems so inadequate.


hattip Tim Blair

Just saw Christopher Pyne v Anthony Albanese on Today. Ouch! “Kevin Rudd is the greatest makeup artist in Australia.” Loved it. Smackdown!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I am delighted to report that 'Crusher' Collins will be joining No Minister as a guest commentator.   When I extended the invitation I expected a reply along the lines of  'thanks but no thanks, the Cabinet Manual/time and space/etc prevents me from doing so'.    Well, I got the first word right. 

Judith and I go back a little way.   Along with all other Kiwi Vietnam veterans I owe her a debt of gratitude for the work she did in exposing the lie perpetuated by successive governments that "ANZAC forces generally served in Phouc Tuy Province where there was no aerial spraying" (Reeves and McLeod Reports 1999 & 2001).     She persuaded the Health Select Committee to conduct the Inquiry and the rest is history.    That a first term Opposition MP was prepared to devote her time and energy and political capital to help right a huge wrong when many others had failed is something I will never forget.

Judith Collins, love her or hate her, I'm sure her posts will attract measure of both.    You will certainly be left in no doubt where she stands on a particular issue.    Whale Oil and Kiwiblog ... eat your hearts out.

A Quitter Too????? (Updated)

It looks as though Australia's biggest bullshitter, most habitual liar and most recycled PM is about to become the country's most notorious quitter.

It seems he's off to the G20 in Russia to look for a job on the international scene.

Only trouble is, the G20 conference takes place a couple of days BEFORE the Australian election.

No wonder the Libs have held back on their negative advertising.  Rudd's doing it all for them - for free.

Update:       Now they want Julia back!!!!

Sphincters Quiver......

...... at the bloated propaganda arm of the Australian Labour Party and The Greens as it slowly dawns on the socialist luvvies that their gravy train is about to be derailed.

Of course, I'm talking about the ABC which shamelessly has pursued a pro labour anti liberal agenda for years.  So bad has been the overt bias in recent times that no senior figure from the Liberal Party would appear on any of the ABC's front line current affairs shows.  (Shades of John Key and that idiot Campbell.)  When Julia Gillard announced six months ago there would be an election, she gave the ABC an extra $10mil to help tide it over the campaign.  Such is the blatant corruption of Australian centre left politics.

Now all the hairy arsed smelly hippie types (39% of ABC staff vote Green) are moaning  because someone, somewhere has suggested cutting their funding by five percent.  Well folks, that's a tidy sum of money, $50mil in fact, because this outfit soaks up a cool BILLION DOLLARS of taxpayers' money.

Pulling $50 million or even $100 million out of its triennial funding would have devastating consequences for the ABC, while making piddling inroads on our looming structural deficit.

Adolf would not piss around with five precent.

On the first  Monday after  the election he would call in the current chairman, a biased leftie bullshit artist without equal, and inform him he is 'down the road.' 

A new Chairman or woman would be given clear instructions that for 2014/15 funding would be restricted to $800mil and would reduce by $100mil per annum and then be capped at $500mil with a biannual review to check for further savings.

He/she would be instructed that the ABC should immediately cease running an on line newspaper in competition with Fairfax and Murdoch.   All funding for this particular activity should cease.  (Note well, Murdoch owns just 33% of the Australian print media but commands 72% of its readership.  This fact is conflated by the ABC' lieing luvvies into 'Evil Murdoch owns 72% of the media.')

On a similar vein, the practice of operating up to twenty different radio stations should  cease.  These are competing unfairly with commercial radio networks.

You see, the ABC does not make a profit.  It just holds out its hand each year for more money and each year for the last six, Labor has given it more than it asked for.


I see that Hone Harawira has endorsed Shane Jones as leader of the Labour Party while the matriarch of the family has endorsed Grant Roberston.

That nice Mr Cunliffe must be counting his lucky day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Nicholas Stuart, Canberra Times opinion writer and award winner has a quite revealing piece in the online edition headed Rudd's delusional world is crashing.

The new Kevin Mk 7 is nothing new,  just relaunched same old same old.

Unless Abbott self destructs in the secong forum debate tonight  Rudd is on the bus to oblivion and not very many mourners will show up even if the xxxx is free.


Almost a month ago news broke that a bug had been found in stored unsold product by required  testing,  prior to a move to introduce the stored product onto the market.

The balance of the Whey Powder at risk, tonnes of it,  had been sold to food manufacturers well over a year ago and not one single alarm was sounded by any of the extensive monitoring that most manufacturers employ to prevent a catastrophic disaster.

The media latched onto a story without any regard for the salient facts and produced headlines about the end of the world scenario "BOTULISM".

The bug that started all the hysteria was one of the many in the clostridia family that have a potential to produce some nasty toxins causing fatal outcomes such as tetanus, botulism etc.

To produce the toxin the C.bug has to be capable, have moisture and a lack of oxygen,
Those requirements are a greatest risk from food preserving; meats, fish, and some vegetables being common across the world.

Now it is revealed that the C bug found was a relatively harmless one and the cluster fu#k is now a total fu#k up that has cost jobs, allowed several paranoid mothers unwarranted anxiety, at least one Fonterra executive his job and god only knows what the exercise has cost in dollars, time and the reputation of our lifeboat in trade terms.

Yes a botulism contamination had a potential for disaster of unthinkable proportions but with the product out in the markets, being consumed by the most vulnerable, and absolutely no symptoms or even a hint of it in the nearly 18 months of exposure it is now revealed as not much more than a beatup.

For all those who just cannot wait to put the boot into Dairy Farming,  the other desperate group floundering in the political wilderness, and the army of armchair experts with little or no knowledge, it was mana from heaven.

Economic terrorists is far too kind a sobriquet for all the numpties.

Now those same muppets will make another attempt to make hay by changing their attacks to   another angle but rest assured Fonterra is still the main target and the government and MPI as secondaries.

In the absence of a single case of illness that could be remotely connected to Clostridium among the many thousands of potential victims told me once the timelines were established, plus the very vague contamination site (the bugs live in the soil not milk pipes that were damaged or poorly cleaned) was only media generated hysteria.

Well done idiots, I wonder how many Clostridium bugs were traded today; fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, then there were kids just eating dirt  on the back lawn.


Doesn't overly matter.   He should lose his job.    For those of you who haven't picked up on what I am on about go here for the full story.

In short, it involvers the actions of 'Public Servant' Andrew Gull tweeting Kim Dotcom volunteering his services to f**k John Key's daughter, video it and send a copy to the Prime Minister.

As I read it such action may constitute an offence under Section 66 of the Crimes Act 1961.   It certainly transgresses the State Services Code of Conduct for Public Servants.

I have raised the matter with the Director General of Conservation.    I will let you know his response. 

What a Shame

There will be gnashing of teeth in the Labour/Greens/Loony camp this morning.

Newly listed SOE, Mighty River Power has delivered record profits and a record dividend for its thousands of lucky Kiwi share holders - an average of $1,680 per share holder.

Mighty River chairwoman Joan Withers said the company was able to deliver financial results above those forecast in the company's prospectus through sales growth, controlling costs and using the diversity and flexibility of its generation to offset the effect of a Waikato drought.
''[It has been] an intensive year for our company as we've made the transition from SOE to listed company, grown market share by adding value for our customers, and reported operating performance and financial results above forecasts,'' she said.

So much for their sabotage.

If you told them to blow up a railway, they'd take along a bike pump.


a New Zealander.   Margie Abbott was born in Hutt Hospital and grew up in Wainuiomata attending Fernlea School and Wainuiomata High School and trained as a teacher before moving to Sydney in 1983 where she met husband to be Tony in a 'Pub'.     They have two girls and it is recorded she taught them to do the Haka.   

Wainuiomata is 'Nappy Valley'.     Not sure you can get more Kiwi than that.    

Clearly she will join a long line of New Zealanders that Australian's like to call their own ... Phar Lap, Pavlova, Captain Alfred Shout (the first 'Oz' VC of WW1); Fred Hollows (went to school with my mum); Russell Crowe; Jessica Watson (sailor) and Kimbra (singer, songwriter, musician) .... and even the likes of Craig Thomson (disgraced Labor politician) although, in that case, they are welcome to him.


This week - how to make an awesome news story just using toilet rolls and egg cartons

Kiwiblog author David Farrar and celebrity gossip columnist Patrick Gower are crafting a news story from Labour's leadership candidates travelling around the country at - gasp! - taxpayers' expense!  How can this be possible?

How indeed.  Well, I refer readers to this recent news story, which one has to imagine both Farrar and Gower are aware of:  MPs unite to keep travel perk in-house. Exerpts:

MPs on all sides are joining forces to defend the right to set their own unlimited travel perks - despite a Government promise to transfer them to an independent body.
Mr Key has accepted the changes and says National MPs will vote for the amended bill when it came before Parliament again.

Those damn Labour MPs!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The well managed declaration of his candidacy by Silent T with its symbolism of portraits, the red roses and the inspirational speech about the "dimming of hope in the eyes of the young", led me to muse on how some of the more fraught successions were managed in the now defunct USSR.

Form a Troika in the void left by the sudden unexpected departure of the failed fishmonger may be worth  consideration.

In the 1920s Lenin who emerged as leader after the October Revolution, was felled by a stroke and forced to relinquish power to a Triumvirate or Troika consisting of Kamenev, Zinoviev and Joseph Stalin with the latter eventually gaining ascendancy with unfortunate outcomes for the other two.
Lenin was fortunate in being allowed to retire to his Dacha in relative comfort until the grim reaper called.
Uncle Joe survived until 1953 when he also was felled by a stroke but he was not as fortunate as Lenin as the first of the possible successors to be informed of Stalin's collapse in a pool of urine, Beria, left the poor old bugger (it is claimed he killed more soviets than Hitler managed to) to get a lot more likely to die by denying any treatment let alone any restoration of dignity, for a whole day.
With that move turning out well, Beria head of the NKVD then joined Malenkov and Molotov to thwart Kruschev.
Didn't turn out too well for Beria though as the two "M"s combined with Wll hero Marshall Georgy Zukov and poor old Beria had a sad end with a gag stuffed in his mouth to stop him bawling and a bullet in the forehead.
The two "M"s didn't have long to enjoy that success either as Krushchev became the main man within a couple of years.

Brezhnev along with Kosygin and Podgorney tried a Troika following the political overthrow of "K" (relatively bloodless this time) but that soon had Leonid on the big chair with his fellow trioks in decline.

Things get vicious quite quickly in socialist circles sometimes.

It might not work that but as a move to buy time and hopefully see John Key off, it would have an advantage in  not exposing any of the three to a lonesome failure that would be career ending as a defeat at the 2014 elections would be for any vanquished Labour leader.
Silent T, Roly Poly and The Inhouse Entertainment Manager can expect little better treatment than Beria received from the Presidium, should they fail,  an outcome not entirely unlikely.


The Government has released a discussion paper examining the concept of 'Flexi-Super'.    The paper was agreed as part of the Supply and Confidence Agreement between National and United Future following the 2011 election.    You can read it here.  

In simple terms it provides for choice.   People could elect to take a reduced pension at age 60 or alternatively, opt to defer taking the pension until age 70 when they would receive an increased amount.      Other commentators have suggested it might mean a 6% discount for every year it is taken early or a 10% increase for every year it is deferred.

I am of the view that paper deserves serious consideration.   It provides an alternative to the call to  raise the age of eligibility past 65 or might even be considered in conjunction with such a move. 

It certainly addresses the major concern that increasing the age of eligibility unfairly discriminates against our Maori and Pacifica communities, both of whom have a reduced life expectancy compared with European New Zealanders.   

The paper cautions that considerable work is still needed to flesh out the detail if it is to proceed.   Public submissions on the proposal close on 11 October and the Minister of Finance will report to Cabinet on the results of the consultation in November.

I commend the paper to you.

Monday, August 26, 2013

...and good business is the best art

Perhaps I just have a curmudgeonly and unromantic spirit, but it strikes me that a cute girl whose "art" consists of photos of herself without much on has much more of a talent for business than she does for art.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I see that Duncan Garner has tweeted the news that Shane Jones has decided to stand for the Labour Party leadership because "his people in the north have told him to".

Give me a break.   Jones abandoned the 'North' to stand in Tamaki Makaurau when he realised he didn't stand a show against his cousin Hone in the Te Tai Tokerau seat while the Northland electorate is a death trap for anyone wearing a red rosette.   In short, Jones is a carpetbagger prepared to go anywhere but Northland in order to win a seat.

History will record Jones as a lazy sod who couldn't be bothered reading his ministerial papers allowing the Greens to roll him with their stupid proposal to limit the time New Zealanders spent in their showers.   Or perhaps he was too busy watching porn and charging it up to his Ministerial creditcard to be paid for by Mr and Mrs taxpayer.   

Labour and Jones deserve each other.    New Zealand doesn't.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


I see that Fort Hood shooter, Major Nidal Hasan, was found guilty on all 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder on Friday, making him eligible for the death penalty.

I have to say I struggled  with the official line that this was a case of 'workplace violence' rather than calling it for what it was ... an act of domestic terrorism.

That aside, Hasan's justification for his action that, in carrying out the killings, he was preventing them from killing fellow Muslims was an interesting jump in logic.

Hasan will be sentenced on Monday.   He could receive the death sentence.   He has said he would welcome that as it would turn him into a martyr.   As much as I think letting him rot in the Leavenworth Stockade for the rest of his natural would be the greater punishment I am in favour of granting him his wish.   The martyr bit doesn't wash while he will find out to his sorrow that the 77 virgins bit is but a myth.


It's fascinating to hear Messrs Roberston, Cunliffe and Little proclaim that they have not made any decision on whether to put their names forward as Leader of the Labour Party.

Gueez Wayne .... give us normal people a break.   We all know they would die for the job and, in Cunliffe's case, sell off his grandmother for it, crawl over broken glass for it and anything else required ... such is his ego.    Come to think of it, were Roberston to be run over by a bus tomorrow I know where I would start looking to see who pushed him.

While Mr Little will act as kingmaker controlling the Union and the unionist dominated membership vote.

p.s.   Someone should tell the President of the Labour Party that it's not an overly good look to appear on TV looking as though you've just come out of a clothes dryer.

All Its Egos in One Bastard

The Australian Labor Party, that is.

Rudd won  the last debate on points but lost the politics in a big way,  He chewed out the make up lady before hand and she went public on Facebook.   The media totally absorbed itself for three days with Rudd's disgusting behaviour. His performance in the debate was forgotten.  Now two reputable opinion polls show Rudd won't even win his own seat.

On the other hand, Abott was  a total gentleman when being attended to by the same makeup lady - and she said so.  Abbott has been the victim of three years personal attacks, false vilification and lies spread by Labour and its Luvvies from the ABC and Fairfax, culminating in Gillard's appalling 'misogyny' speech in parliament.  Oh how the media raved about that.

So it is little wonder the following quote resonates across the land:-

People who think Rudd is a great guy meet him and find out he's a prick  People who think Abbott is a prick meet him and find out he's a great guy.

Australia's politicised media have much for which to answer.  The first major saving made by the new government should be a major reduction in funding for the ABC.

Friday, August 23, 2013


I see that Private Bradley Manning, sentenced to 35 years in the Slammer at Fort Leavenworth (The US Army Military Prison) for leaking sensitive material to Wikileaks, has declared his want to become a woman to be known henceforth as Chelsea.

You can see it all here.         Would have thought this might be a challenging 'position' to adopt in big, rough, tough, Fort Leavenworth ... or perhaps not.

Yet Another Wanker From Fairfax

Meet the Sydney Morning Herald's Michael West.

He drums up a story about that evil Sydney Airport which has paid no tax since it was privatised in 2002.   Only when you read down through more than half of his blather do you discover the REASON the airport has paid no income tax.

If it chose, Sydney Airport could pay down its enormous $8.5 billion debt and deliver a bottom line profit. However, it would then be required to pay tax on that profit. Interest is tax deductible.

And pray tell,Mr West,  where the hell do you think they will get the money to pay down the debt?  From a printing press down the back?

Like most of NZ's dairy farmers, the airport choses to pay interest, not tax.  You'd think this wet behind the ears so-call economics writer might have enough brains to ask why the airport carries high levels of debt.  Could it possibly be that much of it was used by the owners to buy the business from  the gummint in the first place?

West goes on to revive the tired tale of that even more evil Google which pays a minute portion of its sales as tax. 

Google routes its revenues through low-tax jurisdictions such as Ireland. It paid a miserly $74,000 in 2011 on sales estimated in the order of $2 billion.

That's because only a tiny portion of the sales are actually revenue.  Turnover is not revenue.

Back to kindergarten for you, Mr West.


The quite sudden but not unexpected resignation of the boss yesterday from the leadership of the parliamentary wing of the NZLP has trigged, for the first time in full from the get go, the complicated system put in place to prevent unwanted destablising machinations in a challenge for the top job.

When Phil Goff went overboard after the last election, this system was employed in a more limited way that had a travelling circus on the road to get the feel of the membership but the outcome that saw David Shearer rise had more to do with the broader ABC, anybody but Cunliffe, sentiment than the best candidate rising to the top

To succeed Mr Shearer, a successfull candidate needs to garner enough support from three structural groups within the party:-
From the caucus weighted at 40%;
from the membership weighted at 40%;
and probably the most restricting facet, the affiliated unions weighted at 20%.

Viewed simply, any two ensure success if total support of the two is forthcoming, and that is where it really gets muddied. 

The Unions are the major source of funding so they need to be placated by both the other two.  The membership as it is in most 'teams', is not close enough to the inner workings of the caucus to realistically grasp the values and abilities of a candidate.
Then, there is the Caucus, where labour has a serious problem with factions; rainbow, union, feminist, left, right, socialist, liberal and conservative and all the alchemic content and ego driven variables within that which become factors bringing influence.

The philosophy that spawned the widely panned idiocy that became known as the Man Ban is still looming large and apart from the inexperienced Adern and the conversly career twilight King, being mentioned by most, the rest are men and one not certain. Will they go to the GP model since adopted by the Maori Party and have co-leaders.

One legacy that Ms Clark bequeathed to the NZLP for which they are still paying the price, was the ruthless destruction of any of her caucus exhibiting  leadership ambitions.

It is as if there is a group who would wish to be the Admiral from a shallow puddle of talent, at the present time they are struggling to even find where that puddle is actually located.

Race Baiter Bitten

You know, if I had a son he would look like Chris.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shearer Resigns

If the warlords don't getcha, the caucus will.

Some questions:-

  • Who put him up to that appalling snapper episode?
  • Will Labour be stupid  enough to  elect a poofter leader?
  • Who would National least prefer?  My guess would be Cunliffe.
  • Is Shane Jones a dark horse?
  • What chance has John Key of controlling his own caucus when they all are rolling on the floor shrieking with laughter?


That was the title of the post I was working on.    It followed the spectacular 'own goal' scored by Shearer in Parliament over the supposed non contact with the Government in respect of the GCSB Bill (now Act).

I did not see how Shearer could survive that and I was proved right.    An inherently decent man but lacking the ability to communicate, consistently undermined by those wanting power at any cost with Robertson leading the charge.

And now he is gone, rolled, history, with some poor cleaner having to mop up all the blood from the caucus floor.   

The Labour Party could do a lot worse by bringing back Phil Goff.   A safe pair of hands with vast experience of Government.   He was never going to win the last election made even more difficult by the inept management of Trevor Mallard.   He deserves a second chance.


At the concluding stages of the "peoples forum debate" at the Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club yesterday afternoon AES, conducted by Skynews and moderated very professionally by David Speers, Sky Political Editor,  a  frustrated Tony Abbott, The Coalition Leader, in the face of another verbose  statement by Kevvie the Clownin closing, delivered an aside "does this man ever shutup.

Now the beltway political newspack that has been hanging on every word  new/old/new again leader of Labor utters in creating "the  New Way battler" for the socialists reincarnation, all the while completely ignoring almost all of the actions of both his administration and that succeeded by  the widely despised Julia Gillard,  jumped in with accusations that The Mad Monk, had told the Prime Minister "to shutup" and proceeded to run with it.

Yes the comment was illadvised, and unnecessary but Abbot was clearly not alone in that room with one hundred 'undecided voters', selected by a polling company to ask their very ordinary and focused questions, who had had quite enough of KRudd's theatricals, as the remark was greeted with a smattering of applause and the  snap poll of the audience gave a narrow win to the Coalition leader by a few  votes, with nearly one third claiming to be still "undecided". A vote that mirrors much of the evidence provided daily by the succession of polls that indicate an outgoing tide for the incumbent as his dead cat bounce is eroding.

 Many Tribal Labor pundits are ruing the decision not to advance the polling date from Gillard's long stated date of Sept 14th to an election as fast as one could be arranged in the aftermath of the latest fatality among Federal Prime Ministers (it is after all a very dangerous job particularly for the ALP ones), when he concluded a three year vendetta with his dagger he had protested every day for all those years, he was not going to do use. That was until around mid morning on the day he launched "the New Kevin Rudd" to win on the last sitting day of the now prorogued federal parliament.

Of course Tribal Labor will claim rudeness, Tribal Coalition will say justified and very few of the voters will change their vote on the evenings entertainment.

Significantly as he stated during the 'debate' Abbott mixed and mingled for some time after,  to give those who had missed getting to ask their questions put and answered, at the conclusion of the broadcast, the self styled little aussie battler however, was gone in seconds.

As a forum for assessment of combatants in a political race that has, as is so common in the modern election mode becoming very "presidential",  was good as an opportunity to glimpse the persons behind the masks'.

That said taking words and phrases out of context creates fertile territory for an opinion shaper to mine for riches and unless the context is included, however unhelpful to the writer, it only proves the inherent bias in any claims.

"Does this man ever shut up" to the moderator standing between the two protagonists, is not "shut up Mr Rudd", at the concluding phase of such a "debate" but that is how some will see it.


The casualty numbers from the worldwide Health Crisis following the release of clostridium contaminated whey milk powder continues the downward trend that has health officials throughout the world and in particular among our trading partners and their supplying dairy industry, breathing huge sighs of relief.

Number of illness cases notified as attributed to the botulism alert continues at a reassuring zero.
Similar good news of the total number of fatalities another big fat zero.

Meanwhile as we have had to deal with another world ending threat, from the passage through the Parliament of a tidyup bill to make a 2003 act promoted by the Labour Government with cross party support more clearly lawful, workable, better overseen, and eminently much more transparent legislative tool to enable law enforcement to cope with the ever expanding electronic based threats we inevitably confront, the LSM have allowed real news to go by unscrutinised.

Unless you read the reasonable, informative, reliable and focused rural view with a blue tint from Ele at Homepaddock you are probably totally unaware that not one but two auctions have seen New Zealand's "gastank filling industry" dispose of large amounts of Dairy Product at prices unaffected by the crisis and in fact, in  the latest at increased prices.
The LSM employing its normal service where investigative and current news delivery are submerged with press releases originating from many of the brightest and best journalists now employed as public relations advisors, have completely ignored the very pertinent and welcome news as they track a few malcontents wrapped up in a moment of glory supporting a bunch of drones intent on one aim.
Bringing down the most consistently popular Prime Minister in my lifetime for no other reason than John Key is a one man roadblock to any chance of a fragmented and inane socialist bunch of noddys returning to the treasury benches.

Another in a stream of very positive and economically sustaining good news stories that has been all but ignored as we concentrate on the real issues of; dead fish both the  snapper and a flounder in the House of Representatives, sheesh how inaccurate is that descriptive, leadership chaos in the NZLP, confusion in the minds of many who is actually the leader of her Majesties Loyal opposition  and of course the main news, the second Bledisloe Cup Test at the Cake Tin.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given

From Stuff:

The Government would allow New Zealand retail investors to pay for shares in the country's largest electricity generator over 18 months. They will stump up only 60 per cent of the money initially, paying the balance a year-and-a half later when they have been given three dividend payments.

For those who nodded off part-way through the quote, here's a simpler version:

You are part-owner of Meridian Energy, courtesy of being a NZ citizen/permanent resident (if you're neither of those things, you may want to skip this post).  The current government would like to pocket some cash by selling a proportion of your ownership to NZ's wealthier citizens (if you are one of NZ's wealthier citizens, you may want to skip this post).  Not content with ripping you off to that degree, they've now decided to rub your nose in it by using your tax payments to reward the wealthy who buy into the scam.

It would be nice if we had an alternative government ready and waiting with a policy of re-nationalising this stuff with compensation as determined by the government, but apparently there's currently a severe bollocks shortage in the Opposition.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is there some kind of "weasel" scale for diplomatically-worded phrases?

There's certainly a crying need for one.  Take for example, the Guardian op-ed "Islam's ability to empower is a magnet to black British youths."  The author writes:

The passivity that Christianity promotes is perceived as alien and disconnected to black youths growing up in often violent and challenging urban environments in Britain today. "Turning the other cheek" invites potential ridicule and abuse whereas resilience, strength and self-dignity evokes respect and, in some cases, fear from unwanted attention.

Which is a very fancy way of saying that a religion telling black yoofs that non-violence is a good thing isn't a patch on a religion telling them to back their "brothers" against all comers with whatever level of violence seems appropriate.

Speaking of any means necessary, this bit is also a triumph of diplomatic wording:

Role models such as Malcolm X only helped to reinforce the perception that Islam enabled the empowerment of one's masculinity coupled with righteous and virtuous conduct as a strength, not a weakness.

That's a masterpiece of the bullshitter's art.  Those with even the vaguest appreciation of relations between the sexes under Islam can probably figure out exactly what an ocean of intense unpleasantness underlies that delicate phrase "empowerment of one's masculinity."  Fuck, I should file it away for future reference.  "No way am I a sexist!  I'm just empowering my masculinity! Did you see her oppressing me?  That's what I've been talking about..."


along the road of waste, rorting, irresponsible outcomes perpetrated on long suffering ratepayers.

Nigel Ward of The Waiuku Post has contacted the Whale after wading through the three volumes of the Auckland Plan and finding one gem where a neat two million bucks is set aside to "inspect the nine thousand or so pools".

Ward has offered in writing to do it on contract for a measly one Million.

As for me it is a load of complete bollocks, yes a pool fence might save a vulnerable ankle biter here and there but it becomes farcical when such idiotic blanket bylaws have a fully fenced pool standing alongside an unfenced stream, irrigation ditch, accumulated stormwater, or any of the myriad bodies of water that accompany life for all of us and present a clear danger 24/7.
A danger that can only be countered by vigilance, discipline and training of the vulnerable and responsible, sane, sensible behavior from parents.

I think the ASCC should take up Ward's offer, hell there might be someone who will do a better job for $600 000, Waiperera Trust, Destiny Church, The Mob even Little Lenny's chauffeur on his day off.


I've been around politics for long enough to know it's never over till it's over but all the portents are for a comprehensive victory by the Liberal/National Coalition in the Australian election now less than three weeks away.    

As Rudd reverts to his erratic self of old, I suspect many Labor faithful might be increasingly of a mind to say "Come back Julia, all is forgiven'.    For all her faults at least she was the real deal; Rudd is an driven enigma.

If I were to revert to my Australian heritage I guess I would be a Nationals voter to provide a reality check to the Liberals.   I don't agree with policy on the hoof and that is what Abbott appears to be indulging in with his hugely generous Paid Parental Leave scheme to be funded by a levy on business.

Having said that Rudd is dishing out tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars daily in policy promises without a thought to where the money is coming from.   Their budget projections are a shambles and their promise of a return to surplus in 2015 is exposed as a pipe dream gone south. 

Back to Rudd ... I received an interesting communication from a retired Australian Brigadier colleague forwarding an e-mail from a RAAF Wing Commander reproduced below:


This is a typical Politician who thinks He Owns Everything.

I made an enquiry
via my  RAAF connections, apparently Krudd & the first sheila's trip to an was via a RAAF KC30-A A330 Tanker a/c  specifically tasked for just him, wife & media visit to Afghanistan.

The trip went via Perth and was a very quick over & back task.  What a complete waste of taxpayer funds for a photo op with the troops, when we have a massive cutback in defence spending.

This trip will not have come out of No 34 VIP Squadrons funding for Prime Ministerial travel.  The KC30-A Tanker belongs  to and funding expenditure is allocated by No 33 Squadron at RAAF Amberley.

In effect he is stealing funding from defence operations for his own political purposes. Is there no end to this prick’s selfishness, self aggrandisement, waste and contempt to the Armed Services and the Australian Tax Payer?

And this while most of my retired military friends are living impoverished lives on their Labor Party deliberately reduced (Defence Forces Retirement Benefit Fund) superannuation indexation.  In my case it is minus $550 a fortnight since I retired and I was a Wing Commander; most of the retired guys were Warrant Officers or lesser ranks and really struggling after serving their country all their working lives.

It’s a bloody disgrace! About $560 million would repay it all back which is about 2 weeks worth of illegal immigrants under Rudd!


Well, in just a few days he (and another 14,504,560 voters) will get to have their say where it counts. 



Pravda Turns

This morning's Sydney Morning Herald carries an opinion piece comparing today's Labor campaign with Juliar Gillard' 2010 campaign.  Rudd is now tracking in the polls well behind even Gillard when she was three weeks out from finish line. As always, it's the throw way line which tells the real story.

The only advantage he enjoys is that he is not being undermined by the sort of leaks that brought Ms Gillard low.

What an extraordinary thing to say. Considering Rudd himself was responsible for all the anti-Gillard leaks, he ain't looking too flash.


Or maybe eventually the funding stream will dry up as it should, that could bring it to an end

Anthropological Global Warming, Man Induced Climate Change, Extreme Weather Patterns Becoming More frequent, Peak Oil, Fracking Endangers Planets Future, CO2 Rising to dangerous Levels and so on and so on. Just more empty headlines.

Headlines that are the ultimate simplification that sustains the troughers who have made a lifes work and all too often an accompanying fortune for too long. Unprovable for or against with a degree of certainty but conveniently vague enough that they can be employed to bolster any selected argument, fertile fields for con artists everywhere.

On Saturday Morning swmbo usually listens to the food and garden show on Radio Live.

A regular contributor is the widely discredited numpty, ex Niwa guru, failed weather forecaster, and eventually "let go" to pursue his inanity, Jim Salinger.
His theme last Saturday  was the unusually warm July/August weather pattern over much of NZ, following a June that seriously threatened to derail the recovery from last years big dry. Unsurprisingly, it confirms for Jimbob "idiot" Salinger, irrefutable evidence we are totally F#@ked.
 In June my little brother, on the land I grew up on, was dealing with snow up to two meters deep on country that has that as a very rare event, a cousin on Highway 70, the inland Kaikoura road was dealing with snow much deeper than that.
A July early August with prevailing West North West wind flows giving a welcome warmth that has plants confused and grass growth that has me mowing two months early.
In the meantime storms across the Australian Bight have had Melburnians and Tassies wondering where the global warming has gone  as that same weather pattern has wind flows that eventually move East but deliver to them freezing polar blasts that have unseasonal snowfalls in the Snowy Mountains give over a meter of snow to the Australian Ski Industry.
Those winds that are so benevolent this year are a more normal equinoxial flow around September.
From what is in the understanding of most who are forced to work within the constraints that changing weather has, does and will continue to deliver, makes life a challenge and the overwhelming response is, deal with what you can change, accept things you cannot change and have the faith in what you create as an outcome, wont bankrupt you

In 20 years farming in The Wairarapa, October cold snaps were a particular threat to Animal welfare mainly with Beef Cows at risk of Metabolic disease killer attacks where management solutions were very difficult to deliver as the major food component was fast growing spring grass with low levels of magnesium.
Weather is random, can be kind and benevolent but can equally be a disaster looking for somewhere to lashout.

So my short answer to the rubbish Salinger was promoting as evidence of impending disaster, it was merely an unusual weather pattern that delivered a welcome respite to at risk farming in New Zealand and at the same time it is delivering the very opposite to Victoria up into the Snowy Mountains.

We are not all completely stupid Salinger but sadly many who do not know any different will accept your rubbish as fact.
On Saturday you conflated weather and climate and I seriously wonder if you understand that while taking a cheap shot for your obsession.

Monday, August 19, 2013

My life is complete

It's not that I've always worked toward this goal, rather I wondered how offensive you had to be to justify a ban.  I always presumed you had to say something really bloody offensive. But it appears not according to this rather innocuous comment over at the Standard earlier today in post number 87,520 about whether you could/should trust John Key:
You lot tried the old “this election is about trust” back in ’08 and it failed miserably. 

Since then, you have kept going on about dodgy John etc. Yet the Nats poll results have not worsened at all.

But I guess you are right and the people are wrong. One day they will wake up and the government will be returned to its rightful place with the Left.

In about 2020.
So there it is in black and white.  We all now know what it takes to get banned from the Standard.

The truth.

The Poor Bastard........

.....Kevin Rudd, that is.

Not a day goes by without some new episode which pours ridicule all over the recycled Labor Lemon.

This time it's Labor's very own Sydney Morning Herald observing that his 'fanbelt' has broken.

This  could be the most astute political observation from the whole campaign.

It's A Cold Day in ...............

.....Adelaide so, on instructions from  The Cook, Adolf trotted down to the local and bought Napoleon Brandy, Green Ginger Wine and dry ginger ale.

The bloke at the drive through said "Jeez mate, it's warmer in the chiller room than it is out here."

Three degrees this morning and max of twelve.  Forty kph gusts with showers.

Roll on summer.  Can't come soon enough.

On the bright side, there are some fabulous crops of wheat and canola coming along.  'Twill be a bumper year for the cockies.


I will not attempt to describe just how the Australian voting system works and the fact the Senate and the lower house of representatives are elected using different systems.
That said, and most will have picked up on the fact amongst the very sparse coverage given here in Godzone by a MSM increasingly dominated by infotainment, Preferences form a decisive part of the eventual outcome.

Now just as here, The Aus Greens purport to oppose mining and in particular that stain on any national facade, the very dirty, environment destroying, big business controlled, blight on humanity, COAL MINING!!!.

Some of us, and our numbers are growing exponentially, see Green Parties and the NZ clone in particular as duplitious, cunning, crafty and in spite of protestations to the contrary, totally focused on destroying enough of our economic fabric to give rise to an opportunity to rise from the ashes of that disaster to save us all and the rest of the world.
They show a remarkable ability to falsely claim that their "green jobs" are the only way but never quite get forced to actually list such ignorance based dreams in terms understandable to a thinking listener.

In the convoluted machinations involved in getting elected in the upcoming Federal vote there are moves afoot to gain some manipulated positions.
Last week Coalition Leader Abbott, in a move to consign the Aus Greens to a position of irrelevance along with where the Labor party is headed on present polling, made a captains call for Liberal National, Coalition,  voters to place the greens last of their preferences.

Today it is being reported that the Paragons of Virtue in that Melon Party who have for the last three years been propping up the much loathed Gillard minority government at the price of extracting maximum barriers to mining in The lucky Country, and in the process destroying many jobs,  have reached "AN ACCOMMODATION" with mining magnate Clive Palmer reputedly the biggest player in Coal mining and export in Australia and now making an effort to gain a political presence with his Palmer Party, to trade preferences.

So you see those cuddly nice simple folk that Jeanette FitzSimons so successfully used to pull the wool over the eyes of the misguided to gain a pretty solid 10% of the votes, who are now in the thrall of an unelectable Australian Communist and his Teletubby mate from that Giant party of the idiot left in NZ, Mcgillycuddie Serious, who continue to perpetrate the total myth they are harmless caring people of integrity, would never in a million years cosy up to a fracking mad oil exploration company, would they.
Bet your entire future the duplitious bastards would, in a flash if it suited.


Sydney Morning Herald journalist Andrew Webster has an indepth article republished in todays Stuff online news that gives a whole  bunch of meat to the bones of a little of what  Deans had to put up with in his time as Wallaby Coach.

The three Amigos, James O'Connor, Kurtley Beale and Quade Cooper, caused no end of chaos for The ARU and in particular, now dumped coach Deans.
Three enormous talents that in an environment such as that existing in The Crusaders for years and now being built in the Chiefs and Hurricanes, would be developed to as close to the ultimate as possible, have eroded and shredded in the temptation laden environment of big city Australia.

What Blackadder and the Crusaders have endured and by the end of Super Rugby 2013 have hopefully dealt to over Zac Guildford seems a walk in the park compared to the total chaos and ego filled attitudes of the three Amigos. Three terrorists would be a more accurate descriptive imho.

Now Ewen Mckenzie has it to confront and with Saturday Night's result added in, it is not going to get easier any time soon, at least Robbie gained the luxury of a first up Bledisloe success.

Go to the StufF page and have a gander, Webster's narrative made it a whole lot worse than I had imagined.


  Can't even win the dog over.

From an Aussie m8 and she's a Queenslander.

This morning more bad news from The Australian, their latest Poll has the Vunderkind slipping further into the morass

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Told You So

Way back in May last year, I predicted people smugglers would use larger, better quality boats in which to send their illegal immigrant clients to New Zealand.

I was right.

The latest deal being marketed in the barios of Indonesia is a US$5,000 fifteen day cruise to NZ.  From the Sydney Morning Herald:-

Another idea is a route from Indonesia to New Zealand by boat - a journey the smugglers say will cost $US5000 and take 15 days.

Russel Norman, Metiria Turei and John Munto will be there at the dock to welcome them.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's The Throw Away Line.......

often which tells the best story.

For example, in this piece, if you didn't read all the way down you would have missed this remarkable but little reported gem:-

"....the latest Newspoll survey results confirm the difficulty Labor faces in winning enough seats to hold government as voter satisfaction with Kevin Rudd is much lower in key seats than in national polling."

Labor's internal polling must be bringing tears to their eyes.

Friday, August 16, 2013


There are many very different aspects between the electoral systems here and The West Island where Federal Elections are set to happen on September 7th.

To keep Labor, the ALP, on the Treasury benches in Canberra, the ALP faced a daunting task of gaining seats across the Nation just to maintain a chance.
 Independents in seats regarded as Liberal/ National, or Coalition, had sided with Julia Gillard who after successfully knifing Rudd three years ago in the runup to that election saw her having to form a minority administration with them and they have been punished for that folly, most if not all their seats are set to fall to Abbott's Coalition.

States have their own parliaments some single houses some bicameral and there is no state election coinciding with the federal.

Last State election in Vegemite's home State, Queensland saw the Labor party decimated so one could be excused for thinking the only way forward would be up,  for the left.

Perhaps that was what prompted the reinstated, Federal PM KRudd to make a massive captains call and replace party selected candidate in the marginal Federal seat of Forde with a previously defeated Premier Peter Beattie at the 11th hour.

It is shown in latest polling to have failed spectacularly, not only is Beattie facing a significant and embarrassing defeat at the hands of sitting Liberal MP Bert van Manen, but worse news is that Rudd's hoped for improvement in the ALP vote across his home state is evaporating, making it unlikely Labor will make any badly needed gains in the Sunshine State.

West Australia was bashed with Gillard's Mining tax, Gillard's Home state Victoria has a couple of seats going to the Coalition, things can become a bit tribal in Aus politics, NSW has the double whammy of the massive corruption being exposed by the ICAC findings against many of the Labor elite there, plus in Western Sydney seats, Jobs and the influx from the Boats are causing serious erosion of ALP support.
With a couple of seats in Tassie looking lost, Labor is again facing a growing defeat as the dead cat bounce Rudd created with his utu inspired return to the Lodge, the Prime minister's house in Canberra a few weeks ago, that the Beltway Press corps whipped up to erase the apparent damage Gillard had created in the ALP, leaving it at the time of that latest Coup with projected dire outcomes for a very long list of her MPs. Within a week polls had the upcoming election close to an even outcome again.
It is now being revealed as a growing failure as a rescue mission,  the bounce has not continued (dead cats can do that, surprising eh) and erosion of support is returning as the real Kevin Rudd is daily being exposed with much of the baggage that gained Julia the opportunity she grasped so successfully.

Now an increasingly desperate KRudd is starting to wave his arms more and his considerable support among journos is working against an out going tide. A minor gaffe by Abbott where he suggested a candidate in a West Sydney marginal  " had sex appeal" in a descriptive thumbnail that included smart, feisty, competent and very hard working was the headline for more than a day at the expense of daily bad news on the economy, jobs, polls and now serious inhouse disruptions being rumored as the ALP Party planners and strategists become more frustrated and disillusioned by Rudd's well documented bullying and maniacal follow me strategies that fly in the face of so much of the efforts to win the unwinnable against the odds.

The Beattie outcome is just another IED on the election trail.

The Aussie Bookmakers that many see as a better guide to the real view of the likely outcome are widening in the Coalition's favour with The ALP going out to around A$7 and The Coalition shortening to A$1.10.


The earthquake was felt strongly in the Wairarapa (Greytown) too.

Grandson Liam was in the dentist's chair with the 'needle' poised to go in when it struck .....oooouch.     

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Now sadly, today it seems entirely reasonable.

James Parker a teacher who climbed to Assistant Principal at a Northland primary school was today sentenced to preventative detention with a 7 year non parole period.

The predatory bastard was investigated earlier but charges did not eventuate and it has been said Parker told his victims he would "lose his job" if they blew the whistle, however his Principal stood by him but the subsequent 74, yes appallingly, 74 offences  he pleaded guilty to, cost the boss his job as well.
Bloody well done there.

Now I am philosophically totally opposed to capital sanction and have often debated in my mind the merits of 1000 year sentences dished out in the US as was given to the squalid arsehole who kept three women imprisoned for 10 years , caused the death of at least one baby when the slave became pregnant, in  Cleveland Ohio.

Now I see some merit in such a sentence, it means absolutely and unquestionable that Ariel Castro will die in gaol. No money or resources need to be invested in bleeding heart efforts at rehabilitation, no parole options with the accompanying garbage reports and behavior monitoring, no wasteful claims by troughers he has turned his life around, no conversions to a god of convenience, just mind numbing, oppressive, hopeless, incarceration for the rest of his life.
The other 950 or so years just reinforce fact he is there for all time.

Now for a piece of dogshit like Parker , smart enough to become a teacher, cunning enough to ingratiate himself into a community where young boys went to his rural home for sleepovers, plausible enough that for years nobody asked any questions and sick enough to damage god knows how many vulnerable boys some of whom will be a burden on the rest of us as they struggle to cope with their fucked up lives, 1000 years has an appropriateness about it that in a very small way assuages the feeling of total disgust I feel when the offending, let alone the scope and the sheer numbers involved is considered.

Rot in hell Parker and I hope that hell includes something that reminds you everyday something equivalent to the  inevitable suffering you have inflicted on your hapless, trusting young victims.

I was going to suggest another 10 years as an example and a warning to others but that would be OTT and could have me seen as a bigoted old fart with a harsh punitive streak and that would not be accurate or fair.


In view of Gravedodger's post below claiming that John Campbell got his arse handed to him by the PM in this interview about the GCSB legislation, I felt obliged to offer an alternative view.  I've watched the interview, in which Campbell does indeed struggle to pin down a very slippery corporate-weasel-turned-politician, and note the following points about how cleverly Key manages to sucker the more simple-minded of Campbell's viewers.

01:00.  Key defends his view that the media should be concentrating on snapper quotas because it's a more popular issue.  Well, duh - anything that will directly affect you personally is more important to you than arcane constitutional issues, but so what?  A quick perusal of Stuff's most popular stories over a few days should be enough to demonstrate that by Key's definition, the truly important issues of the day are celebrity gossip and anything involving tits.

01:30 - 01:48.  Campbell suggests Key's finally agreed to appear and answer questions because National's internal polling shows people aren't happy with his "snapper" blather.  Key says that's wrong because their internal polling shows they're still on 49%.  It sounds like an answer but actually isn't - excellent politician/corporate weasel response.

02:55 - 03:40.  Key claims wholesale spying on NZers isn't possible because it requires a warrant.  Campbell points out the warrant is issued by the PM and someone appointed by the PM.  Key avoids dealing with the issue by pretending Campbell is accusing him of corruption.  Again, very deftly handled.

04:20 - 04:30.  Key claims it's OK to have the PM and his appointee issuing warrants for the GCSB to spy on NZers because there is an inspector who can review things upon request, so any unlawful spying would be revealed.  This is very, very clever weaseling.  First, a person has to know they've been spied on to request a review, and second, the spying won't be unlawful because the PM and his mate have issued a warrant for it.  But how many viewers noticed?

04:50 - 07:00.  Removal of section 3.14 prohibiting the GCSB from intercepting the communications of NZers.  Key makes a big deal of how the legislation was passed by Helen Clark's government, which is true but irrelevant.  Then he enters a complicated argument about how interception of Kim Dotcom's communications was illegal under section 14 of the old law because he's a permanent resident, and it would be just as illegal under the new law. By the time he gets to the end of it you've lost track of where the start was, which makes it very hard to catch the grift - the grift being of course, that section 14 is removed from the new law so how exactly would spying on Kim Dotcom still be illegal under it?  I'm no lawyer and for all I know Key is right that the spying would still be illegal under the new law, but his answer doesn't give us any reason to assume that.

07:25.  Key says lawyers understand the horrendous ambiguity of the new legislation.  The Law Society says they don't - but what would they know, right?

08:10 - 08:45 Key falls back on them not being able to parse the contents of your communications, just store the metadata.  Then he heads off on a red herring about the GCSB's role mainly being to protect NZ's communications, much like anti-virus software, which is again true but irrelevant.

10:47 - 11:00 After Campbell shows a couple of clips of people saying this legislation is rushed, Key brushes it off with the claim that there was nothing in the public submissions that warranted slowing things down. I guess he would say that, having declared at 10:04 that the Law Society, the Privacy Commissioner and the Human Rights Commission were all wrong in their concerns about the bill.

In the next few minutes there are questions about which tools the GCSB is using, which are of interest to Campbell because some of the available tools would allow spying on NZers without breaking NZ law.  Key says this won't happen, but of course can't say whether GCSB is using those tools or not.

15:00 - 15:50 Campbell points out the NSA lied to Congress about wholesale spying on Americans under similar legislation to Key's.  Again, Key avoids the issue by pretending Campbell is accusing him of something.

16:00 Key offers a reductio ad absurdum, saying how much it would cost to intercept the communications of everyone in the country - which of course isn't and never was the issue.

17:00 - 17:10 Again, very clever weaseling.  According to Key, it doesn't matter what techniques GCSB is using, as long as what it's doing is legal. To a chump, this all sounds very reasonable. However, to see the grift, recall what the subject under discussion actually is. The question of exactly what it should be legal for the GCSB to do is the very point at issue.

Anyone who could watch that and not see a consummate weasel in full control of his craft is either a National Party partisan or just not very bright.  And for those reassured at the thought of Key and one of his mates issuing warrants for who can be spied on, picture for yourself a future Labour/Greens coalition and see if you're still chuffed at the idea.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013



Campbell Live is not on the viewing list  a ramble through my much loved "middle South Island" landscape sans sound last night was captured by swmbo surfing and struck the Little Creep's efforts to make capital from the "mazda tour".
Tonight, seeking more views of magnificent landscapes,  I caught the interview by JC with the Prime Minister John Key on what Campbell sees as the massive GCSB affront to Joe and Josephine Citizen.

Words such as a slaughter, a rout, a knockout in round s 1234and 5, take your pick.

Helen Clark's little weasel was handed his arse in spades time and time again.

The only respite from  the Prime Minister's enveloping and annihilating attack came when the defeated body language of TLC managed a slight recovery along with a wan smirk when first Sir Bruce Ferguson, Air Marshall retd, late head of the later declared illegal opps of the GCSB acting under the flawed act passed by the Clark Government in 2002 then followed by arch trougher ex PM and "constitutional lawyer", Sir Geoffrey Palmer waded in with their irrelevant and overtaken vacuous protestations, strewn with liberal untruths and falsehoods.

John key's unrelenting destruction of every plank in Campbell's totally ill informed platform had the oh so cool prick squirming so much the camera stayed on Mr Key for extraordinary time spans.

At the program end swmbo who is an astute judge of people and pretty take it or leave it over the machinations of current affairs, commented on the rather shell shocked demeanor of the host of TV3's flagship to which I suggested he possibly felt a bit like Shane Cameron felt after he hit the wall with David Tua.

Sledge of the program came in response to Campbell's pathetic claim that Mr Key had not fronted on his tawdrey little self importent excuse for a current affairs show, when Key responded with a laconic "I am a bit busy running the country John".

Lucky for Campbell, had it been in the Colosseum the Emperor would have given the thumbs down and his weedy carcass would have left feet first.

That is a 'sledge'.

Last night on his Skynews show Paul Murray suggested that far from "saving" Labor in Queensland in the upcoming Federal Elections, Kevin Rudd was only promoting an upsurge in sales of baseball bats at Rebel Sports.

Cost of Living

Adolf has updated last year's Coles/Countdown grocery basket and thrown in a comparison of personal tax rates and take home pay.   There's lots of talk about NZ being a 'low wage' economy so I've compared a single thirty year old middle manager in each country, paying Medicare and ACC levies respectively..  Note the difference in marginal tax rates.  You never hear NZ Labour talk about that.

The most surprising item in this basket is the extraordinary price of meat in NZ.  Beef,  pork, lamb and chicken seem to cost around forty percent more.

Oh BTW, before you all rush off to emigrate, just remember that in Australia you have state gummints which clip your ticket at every turn with annual fees for all sorts of things and large chunks of stamp duty on car and house purchases, to name a few.

All in all, you pay $90 in Adelaide for what costs you $100 in Auckland.

Hey, you never know, Holden might shift its manufacturing operation to South Auckland where it can employ people for  half the price it has to pay union organise bludgers in Adelaide.

Cost of Living Aust v NZ
Item Aust $ NZ $ Basket Aust NZ
Aged rump steak $13.50/kg $20/kg 1 kg 13.5 20
Baked beans 420 g $1.60 each $1.73 each 5 8 8.5
Bananas $4.50/kg $3.00/kg  1 kg 4.5 3
Oranges - navel $3.00/kg $2.00/kg 2 kg 6 4
Leg lamb roast $10.80/kg $16/kg 2 kg 21.6 32
Pork leg roast $8.50/kg $12/kg 2 kg 17 24
Roasting chicken  $4.70/kg $8/kg 1.5 kg 7.6 12
black tiger prawns $29/kg $35/kg .5 kg 14.5 15
Nutri-grain 805g $8.70 each $11 each 1 8.7 11
Milk full cream  $1.25/litre $1.9/litrre 2 l 2.5 3.8
Colby cheese 1kg $14.10/kg $10./kg 1 kg 14.1 10.3
Hoki $11.00/kg $10/kg 1 kg 10 10
Schnapper/Barramundi fillets $ $50/kg' 1 kg 52 50
Premium beef mince $12/kg $13.50/kg 1 kg 12 13.5
Tip Top vanila 2 l $6.06 $7 each 1 6.1 7
eggs caged 700g $3.00 $3.90 1 3 3.9
Wolfblass Yellow C/S $16.10 $13 each 1 16.1 13
217.2 241
Annual Salary $80,000 $65,000
Income tax  + levy 18747 13625
Take Home $61,253 $51,375
Tax % 23.4 21.0
Marginal rate 37% 30%