Monday, July 1, 2013


Judge David Harvey sent a THUG to the Big House for three years for what he accurately described as a gutless and cowardly act.

Last year three large adult Maori warriors, who had been drinking, were apparently incensed when a twelve year old boy allegedly mouthed something at them on a Blockhouse Bay Beach  as he was leaving.

The three 'men' sic. chased the boy to his house, entered uninvited and proceeded to deal out what they thought appropriate punishment for the supposed offensive mouthed words.

On leaving,  property was taken including an xbox, clothing and a necklace, referred to as Taonga .

So what,  it happens with sickening regularity, what is special here.

Well Granny was convicted a couple of decades ago for assaulting patients with mental problems in an institution.
Cuzzies of these warriors were at the violent confrontation involving the PM at Ti Ti Mare.
The mother of these Nga Puhi warriors holds an influential position on an organisation opposing violent behavior.
The Uncle of the cowards is an MP and he committed to attempt to broker a peaceful outcome but didn't get around to contacting the boy victim or his family.

Could be described as just another inexplicable act of thuggery by members of the priviledged race, but for me a sad indictment and  why I rejected a  retirement in the beautiful winterless North when we exited from farming over a decade ago.

Welfare destruction of personal pride, respect for others and acceptance of the basic tenet that we are a united people. Entitlement and un-realistic expectations emanating from the rubbish of adherence to supposed interpretations of one of the versions of the Treaty of Waitangi, led me to believe a powder keg exists in the midst of certain elements of New Zealand citizenry particularly in what should be the best retirement option in our beautiful country.

 Never a freekin Warrior, just a gutless cowardly thug, very brave bashing a twelve year old boy with two mates to help him.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't judge by looks but sometimes what you see is what you get.


Marc said...

The trial proceeding now on 3 other members of this family is even more sickening - backs up completely your conclusions GD. So sad that in NZ we have come to this underclass.

Paulus said...

Must be in the Harawira genes - all of them cowards

Exclamation Mark said...

A quick look at the lefty blogs on your blog roll shows that all but one of them has chosen to ignore the Hariwera thuggery. Silence from Martyn Bradbury – what a surprise, wouldn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him eh?

Only the Standard addresses the issue at all, albeit very flippantly - - and follows this with 150 or so comments about how this is NOTHING TO DO WITH HONE!!!!!!11!!! A couple of these fucking morons even try claim that if it was John Key’s nephew it would all be swept under the carpet and it wouldn’t even be reported in the media, such is the thinking of these delusional clowns.

Most interesting though is how SHOCKED and OUTRAGED!!! they are that the media would dare try and smear poor old Hone because of the actions of his family.

Not surprisingly a quick look in the Standard’s own archives - - they were only too willing to dump on Bill English because the homophobic comments his teenaged son made on a Bebo page. E.g. “ All the fuss created by one Rory English, son of National’s deputy leader Bill, exposes some very real and concerning issues.
Firstly, just what standards do the English family think they are setting at the moment?
” and “Those who were unfortunate enough to look at the site before it was hurridly taken down following its exposure yesterday would have also seen that it featured an extremely violent cartoon sequence that would have been quite at home on homepages of those responsible for the Columbine tragedy.

Such ridiculous hyperbole and rank hypocrisy shouldn’t really come as a surprise from people who seem to think homophobia and violent cartoons are somehow more worse than an actual physical assault on a 12 year old boy by an adult.