Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A number of media commentators in Oz opined that it wouldn't be too long before Kevin Rudd tripped over his tongue.   And he certainly disappoint with the quite incredible statement made in PNG earlier this week that "he too was a Kokoda Trail survivor".    His attempt to associate himself with the WW2 Kokoda Trail veterans who endured incredible hardship while exhibiting incredible bravery is so breath-taking arrogant as to beggar belief. 

So what comes next?   Is he going to claim a walk across the bridge at Kanchanaburi and a quick hike along Hell Fire Pass qualifies him a survivor of the Burma Railway.   Or perhaps doffing his hat at Dachau qualifies him as a Holocaust survivor.

Rudd has an ego out of control.   He cares nothing about his Party.   It's all about him and his place in history and cant and hubris matters not.

Australia deserves much much better.    


Judge Holden said...

And yet the guy leads Abbott by 22 in the preferred PM stakes. All this shows is what a total dud Abbott is. Why are tories so fucking useless? It must break your heart.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not at all Sludge. You forget, it's the seats that count in Australia. Popularity polls are meaningless.

AngryTory said...

Abbott & Key both make one common mistake: the idea that you have to tell the proles what you'll do and then do only that.

Key is a "centrist" (aka comminist) state house DPB kid who was elected as a prettier face on Hellen Klark's policies - and that's just what we've got.

Abbott is a genuine Conservative - but he's so stupid to have been completly open about that. The problem is that the vast majority of voters in Oz aren't nett taxpayers - in any commonsense conservative government, they'll all be worse off. No benefits, no state schools, reduced/eliminated Medicare (which Howard accepted in the mid 90s - probably the worst part of his government!) and no happy little tax breaks for low-income proles.

What does Oz want? A prettier face on Gillard's policies. So Labor ditched the most unpopular politican in Oz (unpopular for all the right reasons) leaving the Coalition with the second most unpopular politcian in Oz as Leader (unpopular for all the wrong reasons) --- but with absolutely no time now to change.

Pretty damn clever by the Faceless Men behind Labor if you ask me - couldn't have planned it better myself. If they'd moved any later - not enough time for the bounce to carry Labor over the line; any sooner & the Coalition would have been able to swap Abbott for someone less "honest" or less "conservative" who might have won.

What do I think? Pretty obvious. Read "The Prince". Tell the voters what they want to hear - the follow Ruth Richardson's example as soon as you're in power: go faster and harder than you imagine possible --- and with any luck, you'd have wiped out the unions and mired the Labor party in enough corruption lawsuits (retrospective legislation if necessary) that you'll have time to "finish the job!"

Judge Holden said...

"Popularity polls are meaningless."

If anything can save the ALP it's Adolt predicting a tory win. How's the Romney presidency working out for ya?

"Abbott is a genuine Conservative - but he's so stupid to have been completly open about that."

Yep, should so lie about that. He does about everything else.

The Veteran said...

Judge ... no, Rudd breaks my heart, trying to leech off the reputation of truly brave men.

As I said, ego out of control.

The Coalition will win the election. Simple mathematics tells you that. They don't have to pick up any Labor seats (but they will). New England and Lyne are conservative constituencies that will revert back to the coalition following the decision of Windsor and Oakeshott not to recontest (Oakeshott was dog tucker anyway) and then it's all over rover.

And tell me, do you really think that Rudd can last as Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition?

As for dickwit 'Loyal Tory'. Clearly you sup from Redbaiters cup (but least he can spell ...
'comminist'. The National Party has always been a centre/right, broad church, Party and that is why it is in power. Don't like that then bugger off and join ACT and in doing so reflect on the polls ... margin of error stuff going south.