Monday, June 10, 2013


David has dug up some revealing info on the CIR that the beloved GP spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on in one of their failed impediments to the partial sale of state assets.

Double signings, illegible signatures, non existent persons reduced their attempted fraud and imo, miss use of funds to a total farce.

The first 'part sale' is now completed but they still ignore what thinking citizens see as a done deal in attempting with further infusions of our money to gain the shortfall in required signatures.
So far the authentication failings have been exposed by a sample, so I guess it is entirely likely that a full audit will expose further failings in what really has been, an exercise in grand larceny.

Thanks a bunch you deluded manipulators.

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Paulus said...

Why did the taxpayer via Greenpeace via New Zealand Branch fund collectors for this CIR ?