Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I have just sent off my cheque for shares in Might River Power.    While it is perfectly OK to oppose a decision of Government which was a central plank of its election campaign, is economic vandalism to set out to deliberately wreck a share float offer with a policy (if that's the word) designed nothing more than to depress the worth of the offer and claim some sort of vindication from that ... and who benefits?   Certainly not the economy and certainly not taxpayers.

Why not ... because the sale is going ahead and the only thing it will achieve is (1) to reduce the money likely to be received by Government from the partial share float, money which has been pledged to be ploughed back into infrastructure, money that will now have to be borrowed from o'seas lenders and (2) to cause disinvestment in the energy industry with the likely downstream effect of power shortages (brownouts) and (3) to reduce the dividend payable to to Government (read the taxpayer) from those companies where it has a financial interest.

No matter that the policy has been universally panned.   It has been dreamed up by economic illiterates whose mantra is to oppose economic development of whatever shape or size and whose political nirvana is to see New Zealand match Tasmania as a failed state.   A state where investment is a dirty word ... a state whose unemployment rate exceeds that of NZL. 

And their big policy idea along with the effective nationalising of the power industry is to print money as the way forward.

The drift of New Zealanders to Australia is slowing as the realities of the disastrous economic policies of the Labor Government there start to bite home.   It will accelerate again if these economic illiterates here ever again get their grubby hands on the leavers of power.

The Labour Party is being led by the nose by the Greens and right now it's not a case of 'jump' but 'how high sir'.  

The last Labour/Winston First Government squandered 8 years of surpluses, none of their own doing.   One shudders to contemplate just how they would cope in a world where there has been a paradigm shift away from borrow and hope.    


Susan Wood sitting in for Hosking this morning referred to Robertson as the "acting MP".

Freud ?

Monday, April 29, 2013


Labour's extraordinary lurch to the totalitarian left, evinced by its foolhardy announcement of nationalization of the electricity industry, locked in The Greens successful takeover of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition which may now be described charitably as The Gutless led by The Godless.

Reading between the lines, it is becoming apparent that internal polling is showing the electorate is not amused and the next batch of public polls will tell us whether that is so.  Adolf expects  the gurus in the National Party might well consider the possibility of calling a snap election.

What are the risks?  What are the benefits?

The only risk is that an election goes the wrong way and puts the Stalinist economic saboteurs in charge of the treasury benches.

The benefits, economically and politically are significant.

Politically, the chance of a National Party victory with 50% of the party vote would be high.  Our experienced risk assessor PM at this moment must be carefully weighing the odds.

Economically, such a victory would put paid to the saboteurs and would revitalise the partial asset sales programme, restore the value of (a) New Zealanders' Kiwisaver accounts, (b) the ACC investment portfolio, (c) the Cullen Fund portfolio and (d) countless small investors' portfolios.

Such an scenario should make for relatively easy campaigning.  National simply needs to revive Muldoon's dancing Cossacks.  The only difference being this time the Cossacks are already here and they have faces.  The faces of Norman, Meturia, Shearer, Robertson and the rest of their Labour drop kicks.

If a snap election is called, just remember, you saw it here first.


There could be a pun in there somewhere.

As a major facet in the mirage unleashed on New Zealand investments and energy companies by a couple of thickos last Thursday, a connection was attempted using the Pharmac model,  in legal drug trading.
The only connective point would be the ownership of the two entities.

Pharmac purchases drugs on the international market in the face of eyewatering costs of research, development, proving, registration and cost recovery. They also work in an arena fraught with desperation and emotion that can create a headline in the blink of an eye.

NZ Power will purchase and distribute energy from Government owned, albeit 51%, generators and free market entities with very known, understood and measurable costs of production.

As presented, the MRP scuttling, vote buying  wet dream, ignores the inconvenient truth of subsequent distribution. Trans power, the 100% government owned distribution segment of the energy market faces  an almost impossible situation with maintaining a network suffering from years of underfunding without taking account of improving and growing it, forms a significant portion of energy costs.
The distribution costs for Pharmacs product line is of little consequence.

Any comparison slides into the absurd when need and want collide, product quality and effectiveness must be assessed, and so much of the trade, in the case of energy, is  very measurable but in the drug sector, subject to an opinion based ever changing world of science where the sands shift very quickly along with ending of patent protection.

Now some socialist theoreticians, in spite of a statement from Robertson that no other interventions are planned, Tui billboard there, are suggesting a "Fonterra" model for the NZ Meat Industry.
Two serious facts get in the way of that dimbulb suggestion.

The first is clear to anyone with a modicum of knowledge of the business.
International trade in milk products has the NZ Co-op in a very large profile as a cross border trader.
The total NZ meat trade on the international markets is not just minor, it barely makes bit player status.
Europe, The US, Canada, Argentina and Australia are big players in the meat trade and that is in the face of Goat meat being the most traded meat in the world but, not figuring in the countries above who are primarily Beef traders. NZ sheep meat world trade is more significant but only profitable in small highend markets that are easily subsumed.
The second, cheese, milk powder and  other milk products enjoy a stable storage and shelflife ability.
Meat enjoys a very short shelf life in the forms that are profitably traded in current markets.

Meat is also a very fragmented product in destinations and profitable forms and subject to far greater trade barriers due to domestic protection. A fact that supply  problems have assisted to overcome for milk products that or have eroded or bypassed them in a fast growing world market demand.

Procurement stupidity has caused major losses in the meat industry but recent moves to better connect  procurement to markets by contracting producers, finishers and marketers makes commercial sense.
Profitability is threatened but destroying flexibility and entrepreneurship aint the solution, it needs harnessing.

This brain fart is yet another example of the total ignorance that permeates socialist theory in business thinking that has its foundation in the almost complete vacuum of knowledge among the promulgators.

Sadly however the headline, "lets use the Fonterra model" will be the enduring image for the ignorant who wont even remember that same model was being castigated for price gouging just months ago when cheese was the NZ gold standard and another intervention by big government  was seen as a solution.

Calcium and Casein?

Sunday, April 28, 2013


No surprise though, that Judge Tony Adeane is at the center of the latest three strikes law incident.
The Hawkes Bay based Judge who has made a stand on previous occasions when idiots show contempt for the law in and around his court, is coming under fire along with the 'three strikes law,' by sentencing a POS to a second strike sentence. The crim,  whose views on the law are seriously  different from mine, received justice, Adeane style.

Following a series of previous,  including one that incurred a "first strike", this very nice young man Elijah Akeem Waanga, convicted of an assault and theft of $68, was released after that sentence - only to commit two more acts of theft involving violence, with different accomplices. Within  four months of attaining his freedom, the two offenses triggering the second strike involved pathetic gains, a cap, a skate board and a jacket.


Now a parade of crim cuddlers, pointy heads and do gooders are decrying David Garrett's ground breaking Act as being harsh. Employing the usual excuses, including foetal alcohol syndrome, that seem to prevail on the other planet but seem to show an entirely predictable serious under-estimation of sentiment in the electorate.
In his crusade of stupidity, the salient fact as pointed out by Judge Adeane is:-  A third strike will result in a mandatory sentence of 14 years, so fucking what?

If the guy cannot work out what he is doing wrong, then the Cuddlers would make far more sense,imho, to get alongside him in a concerted effort to change his ways. They have got over two years to achieve that.
Under the soft laws existing  pre-Garratt punishments,  it would have barely caused a pause in a wanton series of thuggish law breaking, and it could be me or someone I DO care about,  who just happens along with something he wants and thinks he can take by force.

Well done David Garratt.

By the way among the chorus of complaint was a professor in criminology from Victoria, whose name just happens to be,  PRATT.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Of course Gerald Hensley wants to sell his book, but his summation of the denial by Lange  trying to resurrect his reputation as an anti nuclear warrior, "as a wee bit sad" by the former head of the PM's dept, giving his version of those events, has a ring of truth that Lange's version does not.
Btw Lange left the blame squarely with his servant who is bound by the convention preventing realistic defence options

As the present day socialists, spend inordinate amounts of time on minutiae over the public service head's selection of the man to head the tarnished GCSB, who attended the same school John Key did albeit at the same time as that mans older brother, this anecdote from the man in the very top deed center of that same public service leaves a dent in the halo of that flawed personality Labour still worship.

Facing a dilemma in maintaining the ANZUS  Treaty of some 30 years standing over an expedient vote-catching anti nuclear sentiment when NZ had absolutely zero access to such weapons,  Lange clearly decided in a move, without reference to even his senior colleagues in the cabinet, to scuttle the upcoming visit of the Buchannan.
 An outdated vessel that even in an outbreak of hostilities would be very unlikely to be nuclear armed, nominated for a potential port visit as a face saving measure allowing Lange to get keep the treaty and his anti nuclear mirage while maintaining the nefarious' neither confirm or deny', dogma of the US defense establishment

No the flake with above average oratorical skills decided to burn a once great relationship forged in the battle against Japan in the Pacific some 40 years earlier, along with incurring massive trade repercussions that took years to restore.

Did Lange lie?  is the recently elected pontiff a Roman Catholic? will the sun rise tomorrow?
Gee I dunno, thats 3  tough ones, think I will have a cuppa.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


After listening to 4 hours of argument three of the UK's senior judges headed by Lord Chief Justice Lord took less than 5 minutes to reject the appeal and also declined to reduce the sentence handed to the arrogant POS who killed Emily Longley, one Elliot Turner.

Reports tell us Turner is doing hard time as even his fellow inmates have become sick of his attitude and he is getting attention but not the sort he craved.

This was the case where the perps wealthy parents were convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice earning them gaol time of 27 months for a failed attempt to help their little boy avoid his puddin moment.

The appeal was based on the legality of recorded conversations in the family home after Turner was released on Bail.

A bit topical eh, would our pussycat judiciary be as decisive and timely


While the socialists grapple with an increasingly number of sceptics trying to ascertain if the lurch to government intervention  is a signal of potential Muldoon style control of the market, three of their Union aligned faction, namely;  Justice spokesman Andrew Little, corrections spokesman Kris Fa Foi and shadow labour minister Darien Fenton,  have gone on safari to "Pare'.

The three found their most pressing problem was to meet with serial criminal Arthur Taylor to discuss how they could assist him in his campaign to overturn the up until now laudable and successful move to create a smoke free work environment for prison staff.

Only those dumber than a sack of hammers would not see the obvious success of the move to smoke free prisons.
I see very little benefit for those  three,  purportedly representing the 'workers' conditions,   in assisting Taylor's campaign.

All his remedies disappeared when he got himself locked up.
Still there might be one vote in it either by rewriting the law to restore the prisoner's right to vote or in waiting for his sentence to end.

Either option makes  it  a bloody expensive vote but guess who is funding their selfless magnificent effort.
Yes the bloody taxpayer.

Minister Collins summed it up,  saying they are just being "groupies".

In absentia and taking the piss

From Granny:
Hone Harawira leaving duty free at Auckland Airport
Mana leader Hone Harawira described himself as going "to battle for those without a voice in Parliament" at his party's conference this month but he has been a rare sight in Parliament this year.

In the nine weeks that Parliament has been in session, the MP has given just two speeches and asked one oral question to a minister.

His absence has been noted. Other MPs on the Maori Affairs select committee said he has only occasionally attended of late.
Mr Harawira has also been entitled to ask four primary questions and about 20 follow-up questions in Question Time but has taken only one slot.

Speaker David Carter said a formal attendance record for MPs was no longer kept, but Mr Harawira had been given 49 days of leave since the 2011 election, during which Parliament has sat for about 120 days.  

A spokesman for Mr Harawira said he was in Hawaii for a United Nations event this week. When contacted, Mr Harawira hung up.
I introduce you to a possible future minister in the Karl Marx type government we could have the next following November. 

Along with "hey Clint" of course.



Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Any other claim is complete bollocks.

Having lost the election.
Having taken too long to gain signatures on the CIR.
Having failed in court courtesy of the Settlers who arrived here before my ancestors.
Witnessing a clear desire for Mr and Mrs NZ to at least be involved in the float
And having run out of ammo. the socialists decided to lob a mortar bomb into the float.

I am not a fan of Patrick Gower but his, and his editor's  decision to run the exposure of the little twerp GP spokesman on energy, asking his resident 'spin Dr'  "Was he happy",  revealed the complete clusterfuck that Shearer resorted to before scuttling offshore.
Shoulder to shoulder with the commy wetback, Mr Shearer announced on Thursday, a reversion to a policy Muldoon himself  would have applauded.

Following the effect of the brain fart on the NZX, the resident opposition leader Robertson has claimed under pressure that no further forays of government intervention are planned. Now that is a "Tui Billboard".
Food, fuel, insurance, accommodation, farm investment, the list is large. When the bill is presented the first emotion is: "how much", that indicates a fertile ground to till. If the electricity ploy succeeds the temptation will loom large and middle New Zealand will foot the enormous cost.

If around 7% of those who didn't vote can be persuaded to vote for the bribe proposers, the desperate get their chance to ride in the limos and wreak havoc on NZ inc.

David Parker wants the electorate to accept his previous rejection of such a stupid policy was wrong.

Economic Terrorism is being too kind as a description.

What would Redbaiter say?

Further to the post below, Craig has now said this in relation to taking-the-piss comments of him:
Conservatives leader Colin Craig says his threat of legal action against a satirical website for a post on the gay marriage bill does not mean he lacks a sense of humour - but warned any attempts to attribute false quotes to him would get similar treatment.
Dear oh dear.  And this is from a party leader who blabs on about democracy and wants referenda to decide every issue. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some reasons for things

The other day, I opined as follows:
Unlike some on the Right, I can't get excited over the announcement by Labour/Greens on nationalising the grid.  Do you seriously think it will happen?  No.  It won't.  Not because they won't win the election (they might), but there are too many interests to allow it; and the "policy" is so bad, it just won't eventuate.
But for other reasons, I love the announcement.  It will lower the price of MRP shares, and undoubtedly put off uninformed punters.  That means more shares for my family, at a lower price.

So for once, it's brilliant economic policy for me from the Communists.
It's actually a disgusting policy, backed up by Winston Peters stealing your Kiwisaver funds to pay for it.

But there is some support for my belief that the policy simply won't eventuate:
Mighty River Power expects it would take at least four years for the Labour and Green party electricity policies to be enacted and Prime Minister John Key said this morning he didn't think it would ever happen.

With an election not likely till late next year, this would mean five years before any major change in the power market.
And more from DPF:
Labour and The Greens say their policy will reduce the cost of electricity to households by around $300 a year, or $6 a week. But there are some very good reasons to doubt that power charges would be even one cent cheaper under Labour. Here’s four reasons why.

1. David Parker said so

2. Their plans for the Emissions Trading Scheme

3. Their policy ignores costs

Economist Matt Nolan commented at Dim Post:
walking out and saying “I’m gonna get people to give you guys $230-$330 a year at no cost if you vote for me” is a incredible load of crap – it isn’t even a bribe because they can’t deliver, it is a lie.
4. The Government will be both the monopoly buyer and seller
These are some very good reasons to simply ignore the blowarses and deadbeats from the Left.

And here is a very good reason why Colin Craig is completely unsuited to politics.

The email reply by The Civilian is priceless.  I haven't laughed so loud and for so long in months.

What a dick that Craig is.  He needs to learn not to take things so seriously if he's interested in having a political life.  Amongst many other things he needs to learn, like employing independent pollsters who ask non-leading questions for a start.


Fast forward to anytime in the future .....

In a joint statement released today Russell Norman and David Shearer announced that an incoming Greens/Labour Government would move immediately to establish a single buying agency for petroleum products thus saving ordinary New Zealanders tens possibly hundreds of dollars each week at the pumps.

"We're offering consistency in policy making .... we're being honest and up front.   Voters will respect and welcome that" the statement said.

This is the latest in a series of announcements following on from the alternative governments commitment to price control as the new way forward for New Zealand.

In 1988 the Lange Labour Government removed price controls on petrol and took further steps to deregulate the industry.   Some will see it as ironic that the 'new' left is walking away from the policies of the 'old' left.

Immediate reaction saw Caltex, BP, Mobil and Gull indicate that they were reconsidering their position as market players.   The NZ Superannuation Fund which part owns 'Z' reported that tens of millions of dollars had been wiped off the value of their investment.

Scary! but of course this could never happen ... could it? 

Monday, April 22, 2013

The grass is not green, it is Red

You know all those Kiwis who went to Australia for a better life?  Well, the Australian Labour Party has shown them who's boss:
Australia faces a decade of budget deficits with the annual total set to pass $60 billion in 2023 unless governments take tough action to "share the pain", an expert panel has warned.

The Grattan Institute's assessment comes as Treasurer Wayne Swan confirms the budget has taken a $7.5 billion hit since the midyear update in October.
And how to balance the books and bring joy to all those from NZ who have flown the coup to the lucky country?
"The problem is the attractive solutions won't buy that much money," Mr Daley said. "Cutting middle-class welfare won't be enough. Australia doesn't have that much. Even if you axed the baby bonus, the schoolkids bonus and parts of Family Tax Benefit B that go to high earners you'd only make $4 billion.

"Eliminating government waste won't help much either. Axing the Commonwealth departments of education and health might save the wages of 5000 public servants, but that's only around half a billion.''

The institute says the gap can be closed only by higher taxes, meaning the days of "painless" budget fixes are over. "The places to look are company tax and company tax concessions, income tax and goods and services tax. 
 Stealth taxes in Auckland's Unitary Plan.  NZ Labour & the Watermelons have a plethora of taxes planned. And if you decide to move to the lucky country and work hard for your family, you are punished too.

I joked the other day about joining the Green  Party.  I might just do it and become part of the DUMB & STUPID.

I mean, if you can't beat 'em, may as well join 'em.

The fine print of the Unitary Plan - taxes by stealth

When the Auckland Council (more specifically, Mayor Brown) put out its/his preferred options for funding Auckland about a year ago, it contained a controversial tax, called Tax Increment Financing.  A TIF is a tax that allows councils to charge property owners if developments in their area improve the value of those properties.  It is notoriously hard to calculate.  Unsurprisingly it went down like a cup of cold sick.

Stuff is now reporting:
Auckland Council is eyeing taking another slice out of rising property values and may seek a change in the law to do so. 

The council is calling the proposal "shared land value uplift" but its critics are blasting it as a thinly disguised capital gains tax. 

And if Auckland proceeds with the plan, it could open the door for other councils to follow and broaden their revenue bases. 

The proposal is contained within an addendum to the council's draft Auckland Unitary Plan, which is likely to result in zoning changes that would allow higher-density housing in many parts of the city and possibly also extend the city's urban limits. 
 The Council basically got nowhere with TIF to pay for the Mayor's train set, and so now they try to introduce it through the Unitary Plan, but give it a different name.

The shocking thing about this is that income and revenue of the council is supposed to go through the Annual Plan, and other budgetary measures.  This is basically a tax proposal that was already rejected, tyring to be put back in place through an addendum to a 1,300 page planning document that no one will read, but under a different guise.

It's bloody shifty.

Revelations from Mr Jan Trotman

There were three incredible revelations from Mr Trotman over the weekend, and all related to the buy-back of state assets sold by the Key government:

Revelation 1

Trotman and his fellow troglodytes in NZ First wish to use Kiwisaver to pay for the purchase of the assets sold.  That's right, Kiwisaver.  Of course, Kiwisaver is money owned by you, I and anyone else that has put their savings into it, including employer contributions.  He says he will take some of that to pay for the buy-back of the assets.  

Revelation 2

Trotman, after no doubt being full of piss, also said the price his government would pay for the shares would be the price paid by investors (i.e. the cost price) but here's the clincher - it would be less capital depreciation!  Their party officials are saying that they are trying to avoid a situation like occurred with KiwiRail where the private sector ran the entity into the ground over the years before the re-nationalization became an inevitability.  When I pointed out to one of them that capital depreciation is usually always factored into the share price, he just kind of swatted it away with a hint of "oh, fuck off who cares".

Revelation 3

The buy-back and the ways of paying for it and the price to pay are all bottom lines for any coalition deal!  There is no negotiation on any of the above!

As Ron Weasley used to say in Harry Potter, "bloody hell!".


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finally doing something right

Commenter Hugh over at the Dim Post writes:

The frantic spin by various Tory mouthpieces certainly shows that Labour and the Greens are onto something here

I wouldn't include my fellow bloggers here under the heading of "Tory mouthpieces," but the sudden flurry of posts expressing outrage at the Labour/Greens' policy announcement re regulation of the electricity supply does indeed suggest the policy is a threat.

It's a clever move on a number of fronts:
1.  Voters don't like power companies, and do like the sound of cheaper electricity.
2.  Most couldn't give a rat's ass if this annoys power company shareholders and will laugh at politicians peddling "North Korea" hysteria.
3.  It thoroughly spoils the govt's major policy plank of this election cycle (selling shares in state assets).  This alone makes it a thing of political beauty, regardless of how you feel about the policy itself.
4.  It puts Labour and the Greens on stage together as potential coalition partners.

Nice to see them getting some points on the board for a change.


David Shearer and the Greens of economic sabotage in their attempt to derail the Mighty River Power share offer by their harebrained, North Korean inspired, idea to nationalise the energy market.

On one level I can understand where they are coming from.   Anything but anything to sabotage something the Government campaigned on and received an electoral mandate to carry out.

But the reality is they have announced a policy which they know they will never implement for fear of driving off foreign investment in the country.   And that shows the depth of intellectual dishonesty this bunch of no-hopers
will stoop to in their attempt to regain the Treasury Benches.

Not my words.   This from their Finance Spokesman David Parker in  a 2006 Cabinet Paper “a single buyer would likely result in higher capital and operating costs”.....The risks involved in changing arrangements could be significant. The resulting uncertainty could lead to investment proposals being put on hold. Direct implementation costs could be large.” and further ..."The single buyer would be relatively poor at sustaining pressure on operational costs.

So, the question to be asked is has Parker been rolled by the Greens and sidelined by his leader?

What I do know is that Kim Jong Un will be applauding Labours appropriation of his policy.

The Greens have said 'jump'.   Labour has said 'how high sir' and their economic credentials have disappeared in a cloud of marijuana smoke.


In the run up to the 2008 general election, before the fog shrouding the truth from adherents of the Clark Govt, lifted, Party President Mike Williams (who enjoyed a substantial income stream from political appointment sinecures, allowing a total commitment to the party work) and many others of the left went to extraordinary effort to dig dirt on John Key to neutralise the growing sinking feeling that the charade was about to be exposed by the National leader.

Mr Key is a self made wealthy man and he has placed his financial affairs in a 'blind trust', the accepted means of avoiding conflict of interest allegations as he and his party make decisions that could be perceived to have an influence on such funds.

That historically and  widely accepted move did not stop the abuse from the ignorant left as they questioned many of the moves any Prime Minister and his leadership group must make , and the possible effect on those funds.

Last Thursday at high noon, NZLP parliamentary leader and potential PM, standing alongside a xxxx wetback from the canetoad state, at present "co leader"of the water melons who will be essential support  if Mr Shearer is going to succeed, launched a heavy mortar bomb into the heart of NZ inc with a hairbrained scheme to re-impose government control of the NZ electricity market in the misguided belief that $7 dollars a week off the weekly power account would be a game changer in a vain hope to reach the treasury benches.

One immediate and  significant outcome of that announcement was to expunge millions of dollars of value from energy shares and of course the investments of Kiwi Saver, ACC, and other investment funds.
Such interventionist activity that was last employed by the megalomaniac financial wizard, Robert David Muldoon in an equally inane attempt to turn back the economic tide.
Just writing that name causes feelings of dismay, what is it with "Davids",  is it a synonym for idiots. 
Such central controlled economic management was consigned to the dustbin of history by Thatcher, Regan, Douglas, Richardson et al, as the realisation such interventions, however well intentioned, always  failed in the face of market reality.
With the signalled lurch to the extreme left of political oversight of the NZ economy, what will be the effect on Mr Shearers undisclosed funds that must be in excess of $50kNZ, now accepted to be in a very good place at the New York bank  and much more relevant WHO IS IN CHARGE AS THE lABOUR LEADER MAKES SUCH FAR REACHING AND INFLUENTIAL POLICY MOVES, that will inevitably have a marked effect on the value of such funds as NZ valued assets?

Why David Shearer needs to disclose how much is in the US slush fund

I'm a sceptic when it comes to politicians.  You can't trust any of them.  Even when they are in your own party.  Some of us have learned that the hard way.

Consider this as a possibility.

David Shearer has announced his grandiose plan to nationalise the electricity grid.  This has hit Contact Energy and Trustpower hard - their share prices have plummeted and the listing price of Mighty River Power is likely to be affected too.  Probably by about 20%.  It will, in all likelihood, list at the bottom end of the range.

We also know David Shearer has a "secret" bank account in the US, which has hundreds of thousands of dollars in it.

If David Shearer became PM, he has the ability to affect the share price of MRP, by changing the loopy policy to nationalise the grid.  If he did this, the price would spike sharply.

In the meantime, if he figures out a way to get his USA slush fund into MRP shares at the depressed price he has now put on them, he has the ability to make a massive windfall by changing the policy he just announced.  Or better (I guess) he loses the election and the windfall happens without his direct policy shift.

That's why his non-disclosure of the USA slush fund is so important.  

Certainly more important than a phone call that John Key can't remember from three years ago.  

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I have previously posted on the clusterfuck that is EQC  coupled with the too  often glaring incompetence produced by the apparent "sole agency" issued to Fletchers.
Some of the pathetic activity being indulged in to punish and frustrate anyone who for any reason might want to circumvent the rubbish 'tradesmen', term used advisedly, that Fletchers are resorting to to maintain a semblance of ability to deliver.

Today "The Press" reports on claim over payments totaling some 100 million dollars that the EQC head honcho says will largely be written off.

Meanwhile those of us who sat back patiently and waited for the process to get to us are now being subjected to far greater scrutiny to the point that seems deliberately obstructive tinged with a hint of the vindictive.

Our home, the only one we own,  is eminently livable, suffered all the damage claimed in the 2010 Sept quake with the claim lodged in October that year. Nothing happened till late last year when after becoming increasingly dismayed at repairs being completed on holiday homes and repaired work damaged in subsequent events being repaired led to a concerted effort to get some progress for us.
Health issues have put additional pressure on us to achieve resolution.

Our rather straight forward repair well under the 100k  has had the scope of works rejected on what seem mindless queries.
Cracked tiles in entrance hall rejected as the clerk in Lyttleton believes they didn't exist, pictures supplied.
Refusal to allow temporary removal of a toilet set in cracked tiles in guest bathroom.
Arguing over dimensions of tile strip in a master bedroom ensuite, (300 vs 400 mm square tiles) as if it matters.
Other equally inane matters.

Oi Mr Idiot EQC Man and your monkeys, just because you were incompetent in the early years of your bungling why are you attempting to recoup some ground by being pedantic and super picky with those who just waited patiently for their chance at a just resolution.

Maybe writing off a hundred million bucks may be acceptable to you and of little consequence in the grand scheme, however being pricks to those of us attempting to get sorted before time constraints and options become buried or overtaken by events, seems rather annoying to put it mildly.

Labour/Greens announce NZ DUMB & NZ STUPID

Declaring the banking market a failure that focuses on greedy profits for overseas owners, Labour and the Greens have announced they will replace it with a model where a Crown-owned single buyer of New Zealand dollars sets the price for the New Zealand dollar to sell to "ordinary Mum and Dad New Zealanders".

They will set up a Government monopoly buyer called NZ DUMB (New Zealand Dollar Unconditional Money Bureau). They say NZ DUMB will lower the cost of cash to consumers, and reduce bank profits, which both parties' leaders claim are excessive.

Each seller of New Zealand dollars would be paid a "fair price", calculated by NZ DUMB by how fast Russell Norman's printing press can spin on a revolution each hour, and then divided by 60.  It won't be adjusted for inflation, Labour said, because there won't be any.

"Nope.  This will completely stop inflation because we will control the price of the New Zealand dollar, and won't release dollars into the market if we think it is too expensive.  By reducing the money supply in this manner, we both curb inflation and strip overseas banks of their greedy profits.  It's brilliant", said Mr Shearer.

The proposed regime could mark a return to central planning for money supply, similar to what it was in the days of Robert Muldoon.

But there is a big difference between Muldoon's economy and this one, explained Norman.

"Yes, there will be a huge difference.  The Government via NZ DUMB won't be managing the supply of money through Wellington bureaucrats. We are moving NZ DUMB to Ruatoria.  That way, critics cannot say the New Zealand economy is being run from Wellington!!  We will take gang members off the street in Ruatoria and employ them to run NZ DUMB.  We have really thought this through", he explained.

Economists are impressed by the announcement.

"Jim Anderton has been saying for years that the regions need investment.  This will create thousands of jobs on the East Coast, which has high unemployment, so that's great", said Brian Easton. 

Prime Minister John Key, a former currency trader, was more circumspect.

"No.  The name is all wrong.  It shouldn't be DUMB.  It should be called STUPID (Shit, This Unreal Pig Is our Dollar?).  I'd better not say much more, because I might ask to be part of the DUMB and STUPID after the next election.  I might need a job!"

The Green Party's employment spokespeoples, Russell Norman, Metiria Turei, Gareth Hughes, Kennedy Graham, Catherine Delahunty, Holly Walker, Eugenie Sage, Jan Logie, Denise Roche, Kevin Hague, and 135 other party members taken from a cross-section of the membership, including their deaf, blind and disabled members, wouldn't comment on the possibility of Key having a role after November 2014, saying the issue was still being discussed with chief party strategist, Phil Ure.

It is believed Ure wishes to recruit Lady Thea Muldoon to run NZ DUMB, because of her inside knowledge.  She has said Ure phoned her asking her to apply for the job three years ago, but Ure has no recollection of making that call.

"Oh...look...I...might...have...made...that...call...ya...know...but...I can't....recall....."

Key refused to criticise Ure for failing to recall that phone call, even after the stinging criticism made of him over the Ian Fletcher debacle.  "Everyone knows Ure's brain is fried from all the drug use, so it's completely understandable he can't recall", Key commented.

A name change was unlikely, said Ure, "I like DUMB & STUPID", he said.

"I have been trying to get the party to adopt those phrases for our policies for years".   

BREAKING NEWS: Labour & Greens about to announce joint election manifesto

And here it is:


In days now long passed, treason was often a rather ill-defined capital crime that often only manifested in the mind of a powerful leadership, individual or collective.

Sanction on conviction was swift, bloody and very fraught for the perpetrator of the alleged treason.
Hung on a scaffold for a time with no drop, cut down before death occurred then disemboweled and dismembered.

Treason is now not regarded as so serious and perpetrators are often portrayed as heroes'
However treachery such as that presented to NZ by the increasingly desperate leader of the NZLP and his coat-tail clutching four x whiner has been largely ignored by too many.
A labour supporter yesterday, in response to my suggestion that his leaders move was idiotic at best, responded with, "well Murray the market does not always deliver".
Jesus wept, to suggest that rising energy prices were a failure of the "market" when such prices often contain in excess of 50% Taxes and levies and  the generators are still state owned as is Transpower.
Forget the government he supported unequivocally for 9 years gouged out profits to fund their wet dream social agenda and retail electricity costs rose by over 70%.
The "market was not involved" that 9 year rort, it  was all about taxation by stealth of a state owned business

Labour supporters and the green melons are dancing in the streets due entirely to a bribe that will allow an average family to buy another "lucky Dip" ticket a week for around $7 with the "savings"

Sad that the same family will have to listen to a battery powered radio for the Lotto draw and study their now worthless ticket in candle light.
Sad that apart from the lucky families of the 5000 newly engaged electricity workers from the new state run electricity distributor,  other thousands of newly impoverished families whose wages will be cut when hours are reduced due to brown outs and black outs as generators tailor generation to those hours that maximise profit. Add to that businesses that just give up battling such Stalinist thinking.
I guess employment opportunities will accrue in corrections  as darkness affords greater opportunity for entrepreneurs.

I am not alone in regarding Mr Cullen's purchase of all the assets Toll holdings didn't want for nearly a billion dollars when the true value was $100 k tops, leaving the very lucrative trucking and forwarding operations asset base with the gob-smacked Aussie businessmen,  as 'economic treason and sabotage'.
Cullen knew his re-election had gone down the gurgler but could not resist the opportunity to drive another stake into the rotting corpse he and Ms Clark had created.

This latest treason has nothing to do with relief for electricity consumers as, when the chips fall they will pay again and again, one way or another for the  cost far in excess of the $7pw mirage. It is all about a churlish and destructive move to have one last kick at the partial sale of shares in Mighty River Power.
Too bad, so sad, what has happened to the value of Contact, Trust power and Kiwi saver et-al, that unforeseen hiccup does not matter to a bunch of eco terrorists hell bent on regaining the treasury benches at any cost.
Equally sad and poignant that as the UK is paying its last respects to Baroness Thatcher who saved their country from equally traitorous. bastards such as Scargil and co, Shearer and his little commie sidekick were happily sabotaging our little democracy in similar fashion to that which Thatcher stood up to.

Now the Mango skin distributor has disappeared off shore leaving a heap of shit steaming in the corporate world here contemplating what the next assault on accepted corporates (read Fonterra, the meat industry, bakers or whatever) and headed to New York to have a little time with his nice little nest egg he forgot to disclose.

Suddenly to one diametrically opposed to any form of  capital punishment, the sanction of centuries ago has a  sickening resonance about it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Free Power to all believers

People stupid enough to buy into the Labour/Green free power handout will shortly be able to pick their ration up from a warehouse near you. The exact locations will be announced on  the next Dave and Wus Show.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

All Power to me I say

Unlike some on the Right, I can't get excited over the announcement by Labour/Greens on nationalising the grid.  Do you seriously think it will happen?  No.  It won't.  Not because they won't win the election (they might), but there are too many interests to allow it; and the "policy" is so bad, it just won't eventuate.

But for other reasons, I love the announcement.  It will lower the price of MRP shares, and undoubtedly put off uninformed punters.  That means more shares for my family, at a lower price.

So for once, it's brilliant economic policy for me from the Communists.

Just to be clear, Labour/Greens are going to build 100,000 homes in ten years cheaper than the private sector can do it.  They are going to sell electricity to consumers & retailers cheaper than the private sector can do it.  And they are going to print money to pay off debt.

Why don't they just nationalise the means of production entirely?  I mean fuck, just think how cheap cars, food, alcohol, clothes, etc could be if only Labour/Greens could buy them at a nationalised price and sell them to the plebs. 

If Labour/Greens can save me $300 per annum electricity costs, why nationalise the grid? Red Russell can just print money and give me $300 each year. 

It's all quite bizarre.  Certainly not a combination ready for government. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One back for us

Tonight the politicians voted in favour of removing the ability of the State to tell adults who they enter into a contract with.


Step by step.  Bit by bit. 

Imagine that in a modern democracy: the State says to mature, loving, adults it is impossible to enter into a contract with someone they love. 

Thank goodness it's gone.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Twice Bitten

It appears the whole noisy kerfuffle about alleged spying on eighty odd MZers has died a natural death.  In fact John Key has performed a late term abortion on this lovechild of Labour's.

Turns out the whoile thing has been a giant ****up created by non other than Helen Clark who legislated in 2003 to change the Act to make what is common sense - information sharing and mutual assistance between security agencies - illegal.   Unfortunately the Bilious Bitch stuffed up even that simple task.  Her legislation has been found to be 'opaque and confusing.'

John Key has skewered and roasted Shearer and his motley gang.

But Key slated Labour over its stance and said the problems stemmed from law changes pushed through by a Labour government.
"In the case of Labour, lets be honest - they passed the legislation in 2003 which at best can be described as opaque, so they're the ones that actually established this regime."

Now then, where have I heard that before?

Oh yes.  The legislation put in place by the same Clark - Cullen crew, to make sure that terrorists would be dealt to with due severity.  Trouble is, that legislation too was found to be so 'opaque and confusing' that the police could not use it to prosecute a dozen or so really bad bastards who were running around the Ureweras with explosives, rocket launchers and semi-automatic weapons which a certain BAJA likes to call 'assault weapons.'

One must remember that at the time, Clark was desperately focused on stealing many millions from the taxpayer to prop up a broke and decrepid Labour Party.

Everything else received scant attention as all resources were poured into the greatest heist in the country's history.  Fortunately that failed as well.


Minister Judith Collins has announced the appointment of National list MP Jackie Blue as Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner at the Human Rights Office.

Who does she replace? gawd knows but as an MP who possibly took a paycut to be a member of the zoo, she has a record of achievement that many never find inside the house or prior to that role.

Someone who has better info than moi said Jackie was probably too nice to fit in but her advocacy for many crusades was highlighted in the battle to gain funding for herceptin as a treatment for breast cancer.

If her new role is needed then she is possibly over equipped for it and I await the usual cacophony of criticism from the mindless left who all too often are not equipped for any such role but grab such opportunity to stay at the trough with both trotters when time to move on becomes irresistible.

Good luck Jackie Blue.

Btw I note Tim Grosser has reached another step on a chance to head the WTO so being on the National list is still providing for some renewal as I understand Paul Quinn the next candidate has indicated he does not wish to move up, a situation that has sense writ large if true.


The nominal leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition has spurned an offer from the PM for multi party consultation to pass validating legislation to legalise what some found to be confusion, in permitting the staff of the GCSB with their obvious skills in surveillance to be utilised by other law enforcement agencies holding legal warrants to search for evidence.
There was little attraction in Mr Key attempting to engage on such momentous legislation with the "co-leader of the opposition" when so much of the makeup of that mob is anarchist to its core even though many regard the four x canetoad as the true opposition spokesman.

Todays events in Boston highlight just how hard it is for a nation to protect its citizens and visitors when nutters go about their nefarious activity.

I for one was surprised to discover that the SIS, Police and the Defence forces could not access such expertise because of a very woolly worded Act that has been on the books for a decade.

I am very wary of "big brother" activity by those who seek to reign over me, but I reluctantly accept that with the increasing difficulty in seeking to ensure my safety from said nutters, such legislation is a regrettable necessity.

The cock who finds himself in such a pivotal role in our democratic systems has missed an opportunity to be a statesman and has reverted again to the more familiar role as Captain Mumblefuck in a vain attempt to gain a little bit of traction, with another off the cuff mindless oppose everything inanity.
He so often does a great depiction of a child wearing oversized gumboots in deep mud trying to make progress without losing a boot or his dignity, or as so often happens to the Captain, falling flat on his face,  again.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Incompetent Westpac Customer Serice - Overkill

Last evening mrspdm and I dined at our daughters and she was telling us about their experience with Westpac Customer service. It all started on Thursday last week when they received a letter advising them that their mortgage would shortly come off it's current fixed term - she did not tell us exactly when this would happen but as I recall Banks usually gie two or three weeks notice.

On Friday the drama began. Between she and her husband they had seven - yes SEVEN - calls to their places of work by Westpac attempting to contact them. I think four were to her employer and three to her husbands but it could have been the other way round.

When they eventually caught up with each other after work and realised the total number of calls from the bank they paniced as they thought there was a problem with the mortgage and my daughter immediately called the bank to see what the problem was.

The reason for the calls - the bank wanted to make an appointment with them to discuss the options for their mortgage. How thick are the Customer Service Staff at Westpac - especially as our daughter and son in law have regular contact with their local branch anyway.

Daughter and SIL are so pissed off they are going to investigate changing banks and the only thing that will keep their business at Westpac is the cost of changing.

Man Gored By Large White.......


 Just thought Cameron's piece needed a better headline.

How do I know the calf was white?   I don't.  However, for all I know it could be true - and that's better than the accuracy standards applied by The Herald these days.


Below a picture which captures the absurdity of North Korea.   A state where everything that is not proscribed must be embraced enthusiastically.

p.s.   One has to wonder just what these Gilbertian Generals got all the medals for .... orchestrating those mass parades in central Pyongyang perhaps.    But pinning them on their legs!!!!!!!


I guess I reflect the views of most decent people in registering my disgust at the TV footage of the rabble from the  political left in organising a 'street party' in central London to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher.   No class, no style, no sense of decency, just naked hatred pure and simple.

Now before Judge H and others get too precious can I make it very clear that my contempt is for the UK political left.  

In NZL we are far more politically mature.    No such action from those of us on the Right where Lange exited stage left and I would be very surprised to see anything of the sort when Palmer, Moore and Clarke go to meet their maker.   Equally I cannot imagine the Left side of politics being so crass when Bolger, Shipley or Key bugger off the planet.

Clearly the UK is a different story and a sad story at that.  

The Picture......

.....tells a thousand words

as the sacked caddie leaves the erstwhile champion wondering where he went wrong.

Well done Scott and Williams.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Last week John Key was crucified by elements of the NZL media aided and abetted by the Greens, Winston First and Labour, for stating the blindingly obvious that we were likely to support South Korea if it were to be invaded by the rogue failed state to its north.

Now I see US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has said exactly the same thing and nary an eyebrow raised in the world media.

But then the NZL media is not exactly renowned for rationale analysis.


Around seven years ago Earl Woods, ex Green beret, died after basically spending half a lifetime creating the machine that was Tiger woods, his son

Just over 3 years ago the legend was dented and rapidly became tarnished when serial infidelity ended the marriage between Eldred and his Scandinavian born wife, Elin Nordegrin. Many of the dalliances involved waitresses, hotel workers and other casual opportunities.

What had been an aura of invincibility rapidly unraveled in spite of concerted efforts buy peace and move on.

Woods flawed personality was again revealed at this years masters when after an ultra accurate shot, albeit a bit strong struck the flagstick and ricocheted into water, effectively unplayable.
He elected to take a one shot penalty "drop", as provided in the rules but could not resist the accepted relief of "dropping as close as possible to where the previous ball had lain" he "cribbed" a couple of meters to give a better shot.

Nearly every golfer has encountered such "cheating", of actions outside the spirit of the game, and it is very troubling to those who regard such activity as beyond the pale.

When called to respond for his actions, apparently Woods admitted taking the liberty and at that time and subsequently,  missed an opportunity to perhaps atone for his lapses in judgement.

The honourable thing that many "honest " golfers would do is withdraw from the event, but clearly integrity is still a non existent trait in the complex driven psyche of the many times winner of the Green Jacket.

Officials at Augusta national also had negotiable standards by allowing Woods to escape with  a two stroke addition to his total score, contrast that to the penalty administered to the callow young Chineese 17 yo who was hit with a one shot penalty for slow play in an earlier round.

I guess Tiger Woods is untouchable, to the machine of ten years ago two strokes would be no hurdle at all, now for a man struggling to get back to that invincible mental state it is much larger but withdrawing may have been a massive step in overcoming the demons.


On TV 3, an epiphany of sorts when the darling Media Person of the socialists stated "that the MSM was not "fair" in its current coverage of Prime Minister John Key".

Or was I dreaming?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Finance Minister using North Korean rhetoric

UPDATE: I've thought about this and in response to JC's comment, RMA reforms can't form part of the budget because they are not supply issues.  So what supply issues can the Finance Minister introduce to curb house prices?  The inability to claim depreciation had no effect.  I suspect the "where we can" should have been "if we can". 

From Granny:
Mr English said recent history showed periods of fast rising house prices could create instability for households and the financial system when prices eventually dropped.

"We will act where we can to reduce these risks following recommendations of the Productivity Commission last year."
I suspect the number of recommendations from the Productivity Commission's report to be included in the budget will in all likelihood match the number from the McLeod Report on tax completed in about 2001.

In that report there were 87 recommendations (from memory).  The government passed one into law that was linked to housing - the removal of the ability to claim depreciation.  And of course house prices, at least in Auckland, keep soaring north.  Gee, that worked.

If the finance minister really wanted to act "where we can", he would repeal the draconian provisions of the Resource Managementn Act that prohibit, or severely limit, development.  Land supply is our biggest problem with house prices in Auckland, along with cheap money.  He can do very little about the latter, but can make huge strides with the former, if he wanted.

The comparison with North Korea is apt.  Both regimes talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chameau Roti Avec Sauce Hollandaise

These are the sort of people the left want to import into Australia and New Zealand.

French officials had originally planned to bring the beast back to France and place it in a zoo, but it was later decided to entrust it to a local family.........
...........However, that family slaughtered the camel and reportedly ate it in a stew.

French defense officials were informed of the animal's demise during a visit to the war-torn African state last month, and the bad news was reportedly broken to the president during a recent cabinet meeting.

My God, can you picture that cabinet meeting?

'Er er er her hmmmm, Monsieur le President, we have a national crisis on our hands'

'Sacre bleu!  Merde!  Those fucking black cochons ate my camel!!!!!!?????????????????/

Deploy the Foreign Legion at once!"

This has all the makings of a classic Peter Sellers movie - were he still alive.


If I recall correctly it was US Vice President John Nance (Cactus Jack) Garner who described that office as 'not worth a bucket of warm spit'.

The same epithet could be applied to certain Ivory Tower academics who pontificate from on high having no doubt imbibed long and hard on the Chardonnay.     So it is with Alexander Gillespie, Law Professor at Waikato University, with his opinion piece which has as its thesis that the West needs to allow Kim Jong Un a 'little' victory if it is to avoid a war that nobody wants.    You can read his piece here.

Clearly Gillespie graduated with 'honours' from the Neville Chamberlain school of appeasement ... and Hitler was mightily impressed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RIP Baroness Thatcher

For me one of the most influential people of my time.

"Socialism lasts only so long as there is other peoples money to fund it" (paraphrased).
Yes that does not sit well with the socialists.

She replaced the oh so complete Tory, Heath and by just being true to her personal philosophy took the UK from the status of Europe's basket case to a world economic power in just over a decade.

When a military Dictator made a play for a British territory in the South Atlantic, in the face of US attempts to allow such blatant abrogation of the wishes of the inhabitants, upheld  their right to remain British by smashing Gaultiero's Argentine military

Her economic blueprint included getting the government out of business, notably UK Telecom, UK Gas and destroyed the Luddite coal mining unions led by the Communist Arther Scargill, who assumed they had a right to employment in an increasingly uneconomic industry with no regard to the damage it caused the Nation. Also initiated a policy that encouraged tenants to purchase their state owned homes.
Very little of her reforms have been altered even after the Blair years.

With the assistance of the growing use of advanced communications, education and a burgeoning desire for freedom oversaw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Eastern Bloc, something I did not think I or my Children would ever see.

Yes her solutions to the economic disaster facing the UK when she came to power were portrayed as devisive,  the vitriol and opprobrium being heaped on her in death say more about the attitudes and beliefs of those indulging themselves rather than honoring the memory of the greatest peacetime leader of any nation in my lifetime.

Thank you Margaret Roberts Thatcher, your legacy endures.

I celebrate your achievements along with those liberated from the Communist yoke, British people who wish to build a better life free from the oppressive socialist strictures, the UK residents who now own a home and all believers that the human spirit can soar to greater heights when government is smaller and the will to work is rewarded.

Television Labour Goes Into Bat

"1300 jobs lost" screams the unbalanced and biased headline.

But but but but - no mention of how many new jobs will be created in the private sector.

It's likely the job can be done by substantially less people.  If that number happens to be 1,000, then there are only three hundred jobs lost.   At an average wage of, say, $40k, that's a saving for the tax payers of a cool $12,000,000.

Can someone please tell me how many hip replacements we can fund with that $12mil?

If Annette King had her way we would still be building roades with hundreds of labourers weilding pick and shovels, pushing wheelbarrows on a bright moonlit night.

Labour, the wheelbarrow party.

It Won't Be Long.....

.......before they realise there is a friendly little island nation just beyond Australia, waiting with arms outstretched for boatloads of people to do the shit jobs many Kiwis disdain.

"They" are the Sri Lanka entrepreneurs who this week have put a boatload of illegal immigrants directly into an Australian mainland port.  Geraldton, to be precise, a mere three hundred miles north of Perth.

The next step in this human trade will be a bulk deal to good old NZ.

All they need is an old tramp steamer, cram a couple of thousand people on board with enough food and water for a month and head off for Ayo Tear Rower.

There's a wonderful port waiting for them.  Easy of access and, like Geralton in WA, just a four hour drive from the largest city.   All they have to do is steam into the bay of Islands and tie up at Opua wharf.

 (Adolf well remembers this wharf as he earned a very nice pay packet there in 1964, loading lamb and butter for Britain.)   They've even got a dinky little train to shuttle the 'guests' off to Kawakawa.

BTW, did you know the Australian Press Council won't allow the media to refer to these people as 'illegal immigrants'  They are to be euphemised as 'asylum seekers and during the disastrous reign of Gillard, some 20,000 or more of these queue jumpers have turned up here..'

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I see the dumb-arse media and some equally dumb-arse politicians have got themselves into a lather over the PM having the temerity to suggest that, if push comes to the shove with North Korea carrying out its threat to unleash nuclear warfare on South Korea, Japan and the United Sates, then NZL might end up backing South Korea.

Just where is their condemnation of a country threatening first strike nuclear warfare?

Nary a word or an acknowledgement from them over North Korea's decision to repudiate the Armistice Treaty.    That in itself implies North Korea considers itself at war with New Zealand.    Where is there any recognition that NZDF personnel are already on the front line at Panmunjom, one of 16 countries helping to secure the DMZ. 

Nary a word or an acknowledgement from them that North Korea is a rogue state that recognises few (if any) of the international norms that govern society.    A state that locks up all opposition to the personality cult that surrounds the Kim II-Sung family dynasty in concentration camps and work/starves them to death.

Nary a word or an acknowledgement  from them that the North Korean economy is part financed by State organised counterfeiting of money and the manufacture and supply of hard drugs.

Nary a word or an acknowledgement that 34 New Zealanders were killed as part of the UN mandated operation to defend South Korea.

Nary a word or an acknowledgement that South Korea is one of our major trading partners taking 1.56b worth of our exports last year.

No, all they can say is that Key's comments were ill advised.   Ill advised my foot.   He was stating the obvious.   I suspect that China at least understands the realpolitik that governed those remarks.   Certainly China f has an important part to play in holding North Korea in check but it also knows and fears that a single 'incident' could very quickly spiral out of control.   North Korea remains predicable in its unpredictability.

I can understand Comrade Norman expressing outrage.   That Shearer and Goff should jump on the bandwagon at the expense of a valuable trading partner and friend is pathetic and sad.   Don Borrie, erstwhile Chair of the NZL-DPRK Friendship Society (who hold their meetings in a telephone box) will no doubt be offering those three 'gentlemen' complimentary membership. 

I have no doubt the state controlled media in North Korea will be lording their remarks.

Today's reading is from the book of Lemmy:

And he spake unto them:

“Fuck this 'Don't speak ill of the dead' shit. People don't become better when they're dead; you just talk about them as if they are. But it's not true. People are still arseholes, they're just dead arseholes.”

How true those stirring words ring for us today, at the news of the death of "Baroness" Thatcher.  My personal feeling at her death is the probably vain hope that some anarchist will switch the music they're planning to play at her funeral with "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" from the Wizard of Oz.  However, I do like Boris Johnson's assessment of her reputation:

Thatcher is a boo-word in British politics, a shorthand for selfishness and me-first-ism, and devil-take-the-hindmost and grinding the faces of the poor.

Of course, Boris was disagreeing with that assessment, but it's actually a very accurate assessment, crowd-sourced from the people best placed to assess it.  The Guardian puts it more nicely than Boris (or Lemmy, but that's perhaps unsurprising):

Her legacy is of public division, private selfishness and a cult of greed, which together shackle far more of the human spirit than they ever set free.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh, what a surprise...

27 March:  NZ First gets all excited about prostitution (er, no, not that kind of excited) and announces a public meeting to do something about this trouble, right here in River City.  Apparently, the streets of South Auckland are crawling with under-age prostitutes, and the only thing to do is to ban street hookers.

28 March:  Queen of Thorns makes the, you'd think, fairly obvious point that if you have evidence of girls as young as 13 working as prostitutes, you really need to call the Police rather than a public meeting.

7 April:  Stuff reports:  No sign of teen prostitutes on streets.  It's apparently one of those things that everybody knows is happening, and yet all the people who claim to be giving eye-witness accounts don't seem to have taken them to the police.  Money quote:

The claim and counterclaim echo a South Auckland controversy in 2001, when Manukau Maori wardens claimed up to 150 underage girls were street prostitutes.

Then Maori Affairs Minister Parekura Horomia said it was a concern, MP Dover Samuels called it obscene, Commissioner for Children Roger McClay said it was not just an Auckland issue and Social Services Minister Steve Maharey ordered an urgent investigation.

Police found one 11-year-old girl working as a prostitute on the streets of central Auckland and an eight-months pregnant 13-year-old - but she was deemed to be a homeless glue-sniffer rather than a sex worker.

NZ First - don't you love 'em?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Season Not Subtle

Only a couple of weeks ago, here in Gawler, we had entered our fourth week running in which maximum temperatures exceeded thirty-five degrees and on one day nudged the forty mark.There was no rain forecast but out of the blue one evening came a couple of hours steady rain with ten mils tipped out of the rain gauge. 

Then, within the space of forty eight hours temperatures dropped and for two weeks now we haven't had a day over thirty degrees.  The forecast is for continuing cool weather and all the deciduous trees agree.  They have turned to their autumn colours with a vengeance.

Tell me, does anyone remember the change from summer to autumn in Auckland being so quick and so dramatic?