Saturday, March 2, 2013


On a more sombre note, a family mourns a young man who died at Murawai Beach doing what thousands do every day, having a swim, riding the surf, snorkeling or any number of ways we enjoy our close association with the sea

The OTT response of the media and their "talking empty craniums" can only be described as woeful.
Statistically almost invisible, to die in an apparent shark attack is shocking and stirs emotions of horror and intense sphincter tightening responses.
The idiotic, and on that occasion,  tasteless remark from the tv infotainment purveyor that will survive for all time; "we now cross live to Murawai Beach" should haunt that person as long as breath is drawn.

Seriously folks, the victim 'invaded' the sharks world and a rare but understandable event occurred.
Viewing episodes of "Piha rescue" reveals a continuous  procession of people flirting with imminent death in the sea, avoided only with a combination of good fortune and the efforts of the lifeguards.

For the unfortunate young film maker such luck or intervention failed to avoid the tragedy and a family mourns his very sudden death.

RIP Adam Strange

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