Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poll Perlunge

In the continuing Comedy From Canberra, Australian voters have rewarded the Gangster's Moll for her party's record breaking performance last week during which it failed to organise a decent crap at the sewerage farm.

Newspoll has the Coalition at 50% and Labour at 30%.  That means even some of the glued on tribal loons of a fortnight ago have come unstuck and deserted the ship full of rats.

There will not be enough room in the House of Representatives for all Coalition MPs to sit on the Government benches if the September 14 election repeats the results of an opinion poll out today.

It appears yesterday's reshuffle has produced a cabinet of nobodies.  Yet another brilliant Gillard strategy, unrecognized by the commneratti.   When the shit hits the fan, as it must, Nobody will be responsible.


Anonymous said...

How does a party this screwed up get even 30%? Is it that the Oz criminal history, flimsy as it was, still courses through the veins of so many? They really are the lucky country - with leadershiop like this and to still be afloat in the world they are darned lucky.


Wes said...

"How does a party this screwed up get even 30%?"

Tony Abbott. Poor Aussies.