Monday, March 4, 2013


Last night TVNZ's 20/20 Janet McIntyre ran a tale of a young man 19 yo who started life in Russia then was adopted from a Russian orphanage by a ChCh woman  at that time in a relationship with a German  man but unable to have children.

Andrei Schwaab is now a problem for us along with his apparently separated mother.
He has a record of offending that is impressive . Over 200 car thefts and other law breaking up to an AOS encounter involving two Helicopters and god knows what other resources.

I know it is eyewatering what it actually costs to keep a scumbag such as this prick in gaol but perhaps it could be put into perspective if ALL the costs said scroat has cost, were totaled and annualised;
vehicle damage,
loss of vehicle use,
police costs,
legal aid,
court costs,
corrections costs
and welfare to name a few.
Keeping him incarcerated might just be a cheaper option as he shows zero intent to change his ways.


Psycho Milt said...

We know now, but perhaps didn't 19 years ago, that severe deprivation in the first year of life can result in pretty intense and un-fixable emotional disorders - this guy is a fine example of the result. He's not a scumbag, prick, scrote etc, he's just someone who's had any ability to give a shit about other people eradicated shortly after birth by the people supposedly looking after him. Once he's been fucked up, there's no un-fucking him.

His adoptive parents probably figured love conquers all and he wouldn't even be able to remember the deprivation he experienced in Russia. Turns out that's not how it works. Shit luck all round - for him, for the parents and for us. No point blaming him for the fact that he can't care about anyone else, but no great options for what to do about it either.

Andrei said...

Shouldn't take kids from other countries in the first place, it is a form of child abuse.

Luckly Putin is putting an end to it, with a great wailing and nashing of teeth from those who think they have a right to their very own designer baby

Psycho Milt said...

Shouldn't take kids from other countries in the first place, it is a form of child abuse.

I agree - on top of everything else that prevents him giving a shit about anyone apart from him, he doesn't even have a shared cultural heritage with the people around him. If he'd volunteered to come here, or been brought here by his family, it would be different.