Saturday, March 2, 2013


With the abysmal efforts of Sainsbury's  successors, our remote has drifted swmbo to TV3 at seven pm.

Campbell has been trying to "create news" out of the "dry" that is causing difficulties throughout a large swath of NZ

To the dairy industry, stop whinging, you have remedies and forgoing income with an early cessation of milking may be a best management decision so get on with it.

My first 12 months farming with all the risks falling to us with a young family, c1969/70, our rainfall was 13 inches or 325mm, that was a f**king DRY. The second season was much better at 16 inches (400mm). Character building, my neighbor Johnny Corbett called it.

To the whining bunch who are running low on "tank water",  try a few simple savings measures and maybe look at your storage capacity.

At the beginning of the year I posted on a contretemps when a rat family set up a home in an overflow that ended with the dumping of over half of our 50 000 liters total storage.  This coincided with a visit of the family for Xmas for nearly two weeks and we breezed through it without any drama.
Simple things such as not running the tap while brushing teeth and washing vegetables, doing full loads of laundry and dishes,  showering in less time, using the half flush on the toilets all resulted in no deprivation and six people used less than 800 liters per day, a shade over 33 gallons each.
 With minimal rainfall we are still ahead of the game.

2012/13 has been the stuff of childhood memories for me, hot, sunny, little wind, brown lawns, sunburn, vine ripened tomatoes, a few bevvys in the shade and sultry days.
My last week spent on the river banks jousting with the mighty Salmon in conditions that required a 0500 hrs start. Bloody marvelous.
In spite of the doomsday merchants a really good summer flow still pouring out at the mouth of The Rakaia enticing the Chinook overstayers to make their last run upstream to continue their lifecycle.


Psycho Milt said...

One of the news bullshitters the other night breathlessly announced that in the province they were reporting from, it's the dryest summer since 1948 - presumably a year of unimaginable antiquity to "journalists" barely out of school. Oh, I thought - not even the dryest in living memory then.

Tinman said...

With the abysmal efforts of Sainsbury's successors, our remote has drifted swmbo to TV3 at seven pm.

Why for christs sake? Why?

Go for a walk, watch the sunset, watch the latest cruiseship leave the harbour, read a book, watch the Antiques Road Show, surf the internet, abuse people on blogs.

Do anything even slightly amusing, relaxing or interesting rather than watch overpaid talking heads verbally wanking on television.

Anonymous said...

Yep, after a few scorchers down on the farm in the early seventies my folks simply added an extra 3000 gallon tank taking their capacity to just over 9000 gallons. I recall it wasn't that expensive and it made all the difference. I'm sure these modern plastic tanks are cheaper than the old concrete tanks. Mind you they didn't have a big herd to worry about.
Boy I'm enjoying this summer. I hope it goes on forever.