Tuesday, February 19, 2013


When I first heard that three members of old Tit's family had assaulted a schoolboy I wrongly assumed it was a seriously  bad case of bullying, no surprises there.

Today it is revealed that the perps were 22 25 and 30 years old and the boy who had "brought the attack apon himself" was only 12 YEARS OLD.

And the three warriors had chased the victim up a lane into HIS HOUSE, commenced the attack then dragged the boy outside and delivered more "punishment".

This is all alleged to have happened because the boy had supposedly upset the three brave 'men', ( term used advisedly) by mouthing something offensive at them.

Sheesh assault on a child, home invasion, kidnapping, conspiracy to incite violence, where to begin. Then I suppose a charge of "causing affray" could be visited on the 12 yo boy in The Youth Court?

I will not hold my breath but a defence based on "provocation" will give some warped minds in the judiciary leeway in deciding a wet bus ticket will suffice as sanction.

 Some deluded souls are still prepared to spend gazillions on researching why young Maori are at risk of serious injury and death from violence by adults. Perhaps an autopsy on the brains of those three thugs could reveal answers but then it may be they don't have one brain  between them and if they do have, the chemical contamination would be of passing interest.


Anonymous said...

Read the Musket Wars by Crosby and all will be understood. Evolution moves slowly until a big shock comes along.


Exclamation Mark said...

"....may be they don't have one brain between..."

Did you not see the quote from their mother at Waitangi: "we've not only got a brain, we're good looking as well".

So you see the Harawiri clan does does have a brain, it's just that someone else had it at the time.

Most likely it got left in the boot of mum's car, parked up in the hot sun somewhere in Pihia that weekend.

Barry said...

More of the Stone-Age pig part-horis ( part-maoris ) to whom john key crawls and gives our country, in action!