Friday, February 22, 2013

"the kufar that go to the pub and that"

Now, here's a purely good-news story for the day:  guilty "not-wanted-in-Britain-thank-you" fucks found guilty and facing hefty minimum terms.  (NB: The Guardian didn't use that headline.)

Money quote from the bad guys:

"This is going to kick them all, the kufar [infidels] that go to the pub and that; they have hit us in our own country, my God they hit us."

All I can say is "Kufar and proud mate, kufar and proud."  Not to mention "Pub-goer and  proud."  And it was you that got kicked.

Best giveaway:  when he says "our own country," he means Pakistan, not the one on his passport.


Anonymous said...

"Hefty minimum term?' ... WTF! Why not "locked in a small, underground cage until you go mad and die."

Shane Ponting said...

Everytime I see or hear the word Kufar I think of that Glen Jenvey video on youtube of the guy yelling on a loudspeaker in london "Voting in the upcoming elections is an act of Kufar, anybody who supports the Kufars be they labour, libb-dem, conservative, etc he becomes a Kufar like them......whoever ally with the disbelievers, he is a Kufar." It goes on and on and I can recite almost all the english parts because it's just such a crack up.