Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It is only the penultimate day but already scenes of fighting, tension and childish behavior by pretend savages presenting a view of New Zealand to the world that many of us consider the antithesis of celebrating our Nationhood.

Infantile jostling as to who is going to walk at the side of first the GG then the PM, an all in brawl by grass skirt clad savages, mud slinging both actual and verbal, create a massive climate of denial of a day  marking what should be a day of unity, celebration and harmony if the powers that be wish to call it New Zealand Day in Drag.

July the 4th has evolved into American Independence Day when millions of Americans celebrate the wresting of sovereignty by the 13 states from imperial Britain. It is a day that by a series of coincidences has grown in significance. The Declaration was actually passed two days earlier and not completed until August 2nd 1776 but The' 4th of July"  has endured.
Two of the signatories, Jefferson and Adams both went on to be elected to the Presidency and both died on the 50th anniversary on July 4th 1826. Another of the "founding Fathers Munroe died on July 4th 1831.
Calvin Coolidge one of the 44 Americans elected to the highest office was born on July 4th.

As a Birthday it has become truely "iconic" with sport, cultural events, fireworks, music and massive celebration of Nationhood for the people of the US.

Maybe January 26th in Australia has overcome  200 years of argument, claim and counterclaim to become "Australia Day", and equal recognition as a National Birthday.

We in our cultural cringe, and confusion as to when we were born and what we are, continue to designate the agreed day the Treaty Of Waitangi was "signed" in a vain attempt at marking such a day. The TOW, now elevated to Founding Document was actually  little more than a bureaucratic instrument employed by Colonising Great Britain to bring order to increasingly chaotic unrest as the many tribes that today have been morphed into a "Maori Nation" that never existed, became increasingly fractious.

As a day to celebrate New Zealand's National Day, February the 6th has very little of the importance such days have in other nations. The shambolic annual rubbish we witness year on year at what many would have us believe is our founding, is little more than a confusing day of conflict and accompanying grandstanding by an increasing number of wannabees.

The Head Honcho in the Waikato is being increasingly exposed as a simple truck driver in the thrall of the manipulators of Tainui while the adherents of the "King movement" try but seriously fail to present an image of a Maori Nation that conceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria.
The so called Tu Hoe "Nation" didn't sign the founding Document but apparently are still able to enjoy the benefits it bestows.
Nga Puhi in the far north are led by a family of thugs, racists and factionalised seemingly impotent no bodies who totally control the farce that Waitangi Day foists on an increasingly disconnected New Zealand.
A cult called Ratana have similar political control over many of the Maori entities south of Ruapehu.

The concept of a binding agreement between a non existent "Maori Nation", The United Tribes or whatever it be known and the British Crown, continually being re-interpreted by a quasi judicial body, creating seperatism, elitism and a dreamland of unrealistic entitlement,  being anything but a definitive version of a founding document that  in reality is being further discredited with each day that passes.

Roll on February the 7th.


Anonymous said...

What a relief. When I saw the headline I immediately thought it was another hero parade.


Shane Ponting said...

All I can say is read Ian Wishart's book the Great Divide. Sure taught me a thing or two.....

The Veteran said...

Ngapuhi have really f****d up big time with their antics on the TiTi (Lower) Marae. The discourtesy shown to the PM by having him wait while they argued over his escort was unforgiveable. The Mana of the Marae is in tatters.

Agree entirely with Dr Sharples that the celebrations should bi-pass the TiTi Marae altogether and focus on the Upper Marae at Waitangi.

Ngapuhi have had their chance and blown it big time.


Blair said...

NZ actually does a great job of celebrating our national day. You just wouldn't know it because every year the media focus on a bunch of idiots at Te Tii.

Ngapuhi are a disgrace if that is the sort of hospitality they offer, and they should be ostracised from the celebrations forthwith. The government should be elsewhere on Waitangi Day

Anonymous said...

In 2000 Helen Clark dealt to Harawira by simply not attending. She celebrated with Ngai Tahu instead. John Key has none of that sort of courage.

The Veteran said...

Anon 8.23 ... courage crap. 'She' ran away crying. Real courage is facing the protesters down.

Waitangi is Waitangi and the TiTi Marae is part of our history. You can't do a David Irving and pretend it doesn't exist.

But the Marae trustees must get their act together. Their lack of leadership encourages the mayhem
that had dogged events at the lower Marae.

Unfortunately the Harawira and Popata families seem to have them by the balls.

BTW ... lovely day here in Paihia.

Paulus said...

Maori have lostbtheir collective Mana.
They rely upon being rude and arrogance.
They are a disgrace upon all Iwi.
Take the TV camera's away from Waitangi and you will soon see it regenerate.

Barry said...

I feel the same way about the cringe festival

Anonymous said...

John Key worships big gay out and waitangi day. It says it all really. What a huge disappointment to NZ that cock is.