Friday, February 22, 2013


The Press headline reads, TEEN KILLED IN POLICE CHASE.

According to the story published, young men in a car stolen earlier in Kaiapoi north of Christchurch failed to stop for police in the Eastern Suburbs then crashed following a brief pursuit on Dyers Road when the fleeing car failed to negotiate curves after the police had called off the chase, killing a 15 yo passenger.
Police claim the car was traveling at speeds up to 90kph in a 50 zone and at times used the opposing lane.
Many of the roads in that eastern area are still very uneven with unstable surfaces and even at 50 kph are unsafe.

The unfortunate deceased died in a crash.
The Police had ended the chase.
The 15 yo was in the car by choice.
The driver could have pulled over.
The teen did not die in the chase.
Was he wearing a seatbelt.
Sadly he died in the sudden stop

A more accurate Headline could read;


Sadly, blaming the Boys in Blue is more attractive to a dumbed down  deficient Media.


Johnboy said...

"Junior fuckwit died in stupid incident caused by retard mate" perhaps.

Anonymous said...

No the problem is clear - lack of police arms.

If the police had suitable rifles, SMG, or say Carl Gustavs then they could have ended this pursuit almost as soon as it had begun.

Anonymous said...

If peole stopped buying the paper maybe market pressures would force some professionalism back into journalism? Maybe this shows how stupid most are nowadays.


Marc said...

The Press are trying their hardest to emulate their senior Auckland cousin, and outdo the APN's decline in readers and profitability. If we want tabloid, we would buy Womans Weekly.

What with TVNZ executives telling us we want "short and snappy news" even though the polls say otherwise, and the Press on a suicidal exercise towards the lowest common denominator, we could be excused in thinking they are not the brightest at NCEA level 1 comprehension.

Come on MSM, we know you are better than this - please become more professional in your careers.

Noel said...

Time is overdue for a stolen car is classified as a weapon.
Instead of these selfish twits been charged with "dangerous driving causing death and leaving the scene of an accident", it should be a higher charge of premeditated murders.
Afterall they steal the car for the purpose of driving outside of the law and escape the law.

Anonymous said...

"dangerous driving causing death..."
Max fine 5 years.
No exactly murder is it?

Anonymous said...

Well The Herald with its stupid reporting is about to crash (its share values is down to I think 30cents from a high of $6.50 3 years ago - so its rooted) and if the Press continues with the same sort of reporting - it will go as well.

good ridance