Friday, February 1, 2013


The Herald reports on a woman described as "A High Level Sports woman" who appeared in the Gisborne District Court on excess blood alcohol charges where the level was more than two times the legal limit.

Judge Graeme Hubble discharged her without conviction on the grounds such a conviction could have serious repercussions for her ability to compete in some overseas countries.
So far I have no issue with his actions as he has significantly more information on this stupid woman than the paper has published.

Where the Judge and I disagree is on his blanket suppression order on her IDENTITY.
Yes it apparently is a first offence but at the level of offending, failing to make her face the gravity of the charge when she is, based on the continuing stream of propaganda, a clear danger to herself and other road users, is wrong.
Allowing publication of her name is the single most potential sanction she could suffer and such publicity would not incur any infringement on her ability to compete internationally.
By the Judges actions she has been allowed to carry on pretty much without any sanction other than maybe a fright.

So Judge Hubble that is why I think you are wrong, you have failed to make her face the consequences of her stupid and dangerous action.