Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rammed? Yeah Right!

It seems only TVNZ and The Herald believe anything the piratical pathological liars from Sea Shepherd have to say.   Their track record of truthfullness, or the absense thereof, is well known to all but their craven media hand maidens.

However one must give them full marks for chutzpah.

The incident happened as Sea Shepherd was blocking attempts to refuel the Nisshin Maru with heavy fuel oil from a South Korean-owned vessel, Sun Laurel, he said..........

........"We are deeply concerned of the potential for a massive oil spill and ecological disaster in the pristine Antarctic wilderness, off Australia's Antarctic coast in Australian waters."

You'd think the media might ask a question or three about the legality of their actions in bringing their ships into close contact with other vessels on the high seas, guaranteed to bring about collision and danger to human life.

The Japanese military should have torpedoed the bastards and left them to drown or freeze.

Eventually the truth of the matter will be heard and will nor coincide with this pathetic report by TVNZ.


Marc said...

Their logic is astounding - worried about pollution, but go out of their way to obstruct and harass ships as they undergo a refueling procedure. Duh! Perhaps they are trying to cause an accident so they can proclaim "I told you so". In fact, that is probably the reason come to think of it. Childish and pathetic really.

Anonymous said...

SeaShepherd are like Arabs fighting wars, or women playing cards. They gloat when they win and cry when they lose. Pathetic little girls dressed as pirates.


chfr said...

I object to the women playing cards reference George as not all of us are like that. Sentiment right though.

I am deeply saddened that at least one of these ships wasn't sent to the bottom and think the Japanese captain needs to learn how to steer his ship better.

As an aside last year, or year before, there were you tube clips of the Bethune incident where are they this year?? I would love to see what actually happened

Tinman said...

What a shame the Japanese sailors, unlike their adversaries, have respect for the environment and did not wish to pollute the Southern Ocean floor.