Monday, February 4, 2013


Wimped out on playing golf at Waitangi this morning ... too wet and would probably see that Harawira woman and that would spoli my day.
Was happy to couch potato watching Phil Mickelson run all over the opposition to win his 41st PGA title at the Phoenix Open.

What you may not be aware of is his commitment to the military through his ‘Birdies for the Brave’ initiative. Phil gives US$100 for every birdie  and US$500 for every eagle that he scores to a range of service charities. To date he has donated some US$266,000 via this initiative.

Even more reason to like the guy.


Anonymous said...

Shhh... The socialists will tax that now that you've raised its profile.


Anonymous said...

I think if all the punters who 'scored' a birdie at the Sevens over the weekend were to donate a hundred the total would be close to Mikkelson!