Sunday, February 17, 2013


This example is destined to end in many many tears.

Throughout my farming career I used sire selection to make genetic improvement to my flock/herd/species and with considerable success. Originally by purchasing a sire from a respected stud breeder and using it over the best females of stock on the farm, then in later years by employing semen from national or international sires in the cattle herd.
It did not always work as anticipated and occasionally a random mating between two very ordinary members of a species can throw up what is in reality, a freak and with the normal practice of castration of males destined for slaughter, when that freak was a male, regret was the remaining emotion.

Today The Herald headlines a young male who has reputedly sired 13 children to a bevy of women and he is only 19.
I do not think for a nanosecond this young man has many attributes that warrant such proliferation of his genes and the very likely circumstances that the "dams"exist in,  being special in the breeding sense or enjoy an economic environment that will lead to the sort of breeding success that farmers are striving to create on the treadmill of herd/ flock improvement, this "breeding program" is going to end in considerable social disaster.

One person very dear to me has had a theory for many years, whereby all citizens of child bearing ability be sterilised and only released for planned breeding when circumstances permit a reasonable chance of at least minimal success in raising a loved, nurtured and wanted child. Reading about this further descent into irresponsible parenting disaster makes me view that theory as a solution with increasingly attractive potential.

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