Friday, February 1, 2013

New Zealand Cricket Wankers Fail Again

Over the last few days Campbell Live have been promoting a visit by the Black Caps to play in a families backyard on Waitangi Day and our three grandsons aged 10, 9 & 7 plus grandaughter aged 5 who live near Benneydale were entrants to have this happen in their back yard. Well the paddock that is fenced off by the house as a rugby and all other sports area actuall. Their entry was supported with facebook support yesterday and we were waiting expectantly for the announcement of the winning entry tonight - even though we do not normally watch Campbell Live.

What do NZ Cricket do?

Because the Black Caps have a meaningless (hit and giggle) T20 game against England 3 days later - thats right 3 bloody days later the idiots who run NZ cricket have decreed that the backyard chosen must be in Auckland thereby ruling out all entries from elsewhere in New Zealand.

John Campbell usually gets right up my nose but good on him for making it clear that New Zealand Cricket have let tthe country down again  ..

These wankers are doing irreparable harm to cricket in New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Gracious. Its only a bit of fluff and what does it cost to move a handful of people hundreds of k's for a bat and barbie? Its nice to think everyone could have a shot but I think that's being so unrealistic, irrespective of schedules, only a rampant socialist would expect it.

I have T shirt that says "grumpy old man" on it. Pity its not for sale - I think you'd do it more justice than me.


pdm said...

3.16 - it is all about fair play.

It was promoted for anywhere in New Zealand but, even then it was weighted to a winner within the Auckland environs by population. To rule out the rest of NZ before the decision was unfair - we are dealing with kids here.

Another factor is that the Black Caps have churned through so many players in the last year they could have got enough without calling on any in the T20 playing squad.