Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Minor poor judgements" of the fatal variety

Darwin award for a Hamilton car thief yesterday.  Usual story: speeds off when the cops try and pull him over, cops stop chasing him the moment it becomes clear what a nutbar he is, he continues driving like a nutbar anyway and within a short distance smacks into something and meets a swift, violent death because of course he isn't wearing a seatbelt.

However, it's unusual in that a girl in the back of the car came out of it without injuries because she, suffering the testosterone shortage female humans are noted for, was wearing a seatbelt.  3News took the opportunity to urge car thieves to ensure their safety and always wear a seat belt (video from 4:30 in).  I disagree - this is the exact opposite of a public service announcement.

On the offchance any young car thieves happen to read this, I urge them to reject 3News' advice.  Wearing seat belts is for pussies who obey the law.  The brave, thrillseeking car thief doesn't wear a seat belt while driving stupidly at high speed - it would make him less of a man.  Are you a man or a girl?  Don't put on any stupid fucking seat belt when stealing my car, or you're just a fag.

Now, that's a more appropriate public service announcement.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well done, Milt! Well done.

The Veteran said...


Anonymous said...

It may free up his reserved space in jail for someone else who has exercised poor judgement.


Lucia Maria said...


We had some boyracers crash on our street last year and if they'd been wearing seatbelts, they may not have come out of the crash that well. The car flipped onto the other side of the road on an s-bend, and they were tossed into the backseats and the boot. If they'd been wearing their seatbelts, those in the front may have had massive head injuries from the way roof caved in when it landed upside-down.

I just found it interesting that it was considered lucky they weren't wearing their seat-belts, and I didn't see the story publisised anywhere as to an example of when not wearing a seat-belt can save your life.

Psycho Milt said...

I used to see that sometimes in Kuwait - cars that must have flipped and came down so hard they flattened part of the roof down to the door windowsills. Generally wouldn't do you any good at all if you were strapped into the seat at the time. The other seemingly popular one was smacking into the back of an old truck at high speed - old trucks' bumpers are about three feet off the ground so the effect on a car of running into one at 120+ kph is that all of the car's passenger cabin more than three feet off the ground ceases to exist as far back as the door pillars. Wouldn't like to work for rescue services attending those ones, they'd need a big spatula to recover the bodies.

Barry said...

I too would like to see them not wearing seabelts