Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Is that why nobody among the sheeple who slavishly embrace the rort that is "solving climate change", you all know, that Armageddon, sky pixy, one world government mantra that was once global warming, ever attempts to explain how taxing carbon will change our atmosphere sufficiently to overcome the natural order of orbital positioning, sunspot/solar flare activity and natural atmospheric contamination that volcanic eruptions produce.

In Victoria, a major source of electricity is produced by coal fired generation that uses "brown coal" a fuel that along with the electricity, generates significant quantities of the continuing problem emissions the dolts claim will destroy the world in short order.
Now as part of Auntie Julia's plan to save the world, her beloved carbon tax scheme (read rort), those dirty bloody generators are to gain tax free between 2.4 and 5 billion aussie dollars as "compensation" from the pot of gold created by this latest "ponzi" scheme.

 But then I couldn't possibly hold a valid opinion as I am a denier, and passionately opposed to all government thieving particularly when such funds are redistributed to waste after being forcefully acquired from the productive and the disadvantaged for a scheme such as that which  Gillard and Swan have imposed on Australians, does.

Maybe someone can explain how "compensating" an emitter actually saves the world, I thought the Carbon Tax was to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, not reward its creation.

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Couldn't have said it better myself!