Sunday, February 17, 2013


In the debate over equine DNA being discovered in the food chain in Europe, emotive regard for horses as somewhat 'different' as a meat source is a big part of the response for many.

A few random thoughts
A prominent All Black was castigated for shooting seals in Otago. He was hunting wasn't he.
Captain Robert Falcon Scott's  disastrous polar expedition a century ago, used pony and dog meat as a protein source.
Horse meat or Chervil has been almost staple in Europe particularly in Northern France and Belgium for years.
Many Asian cultures regard dogs and goats as a similar resource.
Relying on anecdotal evidence markets such as South Auckland have been trading in meat that has no attraction to me.
I have raised more than a few eyebrows with flippant remarks on the quality of  "dolphin steaks" when asked to opine on tourism here in paradise.

A few years ago a scandal arose over "kangaroo pies" in our near neighbor's food chain.

I just love certain protein laden foods, do not seek out exotic sources for them and I am thankful that the licencing and regulatory environment that  makes such a cross contamination very very unlikely outcome with regard to our food chain here in NZ when purchasing from reputable vendors..
Buying ready to eat and processed foods have an inherent  risk and one of the few crusades the greens and in particular Sue Kedgley have run having real merit, is more comprehensive food labeling.
 I regard "fish of the day" type offerings as a potential opportunity to take advantage over the trusting customer.

Now to check on the "lamb shanks" for Sunday dinner.

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