Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So Charley has joined the exodus of the Rainbow Faction to the UN trough.

With 13 troughs listed on his profile he has added the ultimate socialist goal of heading off to a sinecure safe from the hazard of electoral success or failure.

A known Silent T supporter he obviously saw no meaningful opportunities with the apparent continuing leadership of Mr Shearer leading to his joining the retirement home in New York.

Not sure why this guy's image always recalls the closing lines of George Orwell's "Animal farm" for me, but it does.


Anonymous said...

Yup if it aint the UN then there is always a High Commissioner somewhre.

Anonymous said...

It is animal farm
Ex Judges continue to GG's,Defence chiefs to the same and for the pollies their is multiple choice.
Do I go overseas or do I remain here and get as many board appointments as possible.
Of course there is always immigration consultancy to fall back on.
All just a pack of trough feeders.

Anonymous said...

And do not forget it was the Politicans supperannation that did not change when the Government ceased taxapayer contributions to KiwiSaver.

alwyn said...

Perhaps you can tell us the source of your claim, Anonymous, that the Government has ceased contributions to Kiwisaver?
As far as I am aware the $1,000 kichstart is still paid and a matching 2% up to about $521 per year. That may be a reduction but it is not ceasing to contribute.

Anonymous said...

I take your point.
I should have said
"And do not forget it wasw the Politicans supperannuation that did not change when the Government changed taxpayer contributions to KiwiSaver."