Monday, February 4, 2013


The member for Hutt South plays Lance Corporal Jones to Captain Mumblef**k'

One speech using an autocue to improve an image to where Shearer pretends to be an orator only papers over the cracks.

Shearer as a modern day Norman Kirk is not even justifiable poetic licence.
Norman Kirk is and will for ever be the last NZLP leader who went to work in a boiler suit, got down and dirty and truly  understood what life was like on the bottom rungs of the ladder.
A stationary engine driver, he built his first family home in Kaiapoi, rose through the ranks of the Trade Union movement when to do that you needed a real job and all the better a North England,  Scottish or Irish accent.

An inspirational orator with very rudimentary formal education, Norman Eric Kirk could debate with anyone and rarely lost. Elected the Mayor of the Borough of Kaiapoi at an age that was the youngest for a New Zealander at the time, maybe still is, he worked his way to be the first NZ born Labour Prime Minister in 1972.
Big Norm is fondly remembered among the older Labour faithful with great affection but the legend is way above that deserved as he died in office from stress, heart problems and possibly blood sugar problems that were all exacerbated by his Paranoia, before his true level of incompetence was revealed.

The only similarity between Shearer and Kirk is their membership of the NZLP, to claim any other is a massively fraudulent claim by the convicted pugilist from Hutt South.


alwyn said...

One could argue that Mike Moore also knew what it was like to work with his hands.
After he left school he did work as a labourer and then as a printer. He obviously didn't think very much of this though as he got into Parliament at the age of 23.
I have heard, though I can't confirm it, that after he lost his seat in 1975 he had a job as a night-watchman on a barge.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The cast adrift Labour Party could use someone with that experience right now!