Friday, February 22, 2013


The three "blahs" of TVONE's latest attempt to plumb the depths of inanity are reported to have been called to a meeting that is claimed to "not be a CRISIS meeting".

What would any brain dead exec call the reality of a "flagship"  show, launched to continue the dominance of  the 7 00 pm time slot, unchallenged since a second channel emerged, that had been clouted to runner up to  TV3's appalling effort.

It is rumoured that the unexpected ratings slump was turning around when a senior citizen contacted the show  to claim he had watched every minute of 'Sharp at Seven', an investigation revealed he lived alone, was wheelchair bound and his remote had flat batteries.

To date the only other person found to have equaled that effort is the shows director, who is paid to do it.

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Marc said...

If you wanted to have any credibility as a TVNZ executive, maybe saying that "People want their news in short and snappy formats" would not be such a good idea. After all, the poll results for their new program which presents "the news in short snappy format" is actually saying otherwise. Duh!