Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why not make motorists look after their vehicles.

So Mr Murphy's lucrative little plea has failed.

VTNZ's government backed little earner has been liposuctioned leaving the lightened body the option to raise charges to maintain an income stream.

The changes do not address the clear problem of an impost on low use, low mileage, well maintained and cared for cars often owned and driven by elderly and financially challenged seniors.

I own a veteran VW bug that does around 500 kms between WOFs, it is just a nonsense imposition when compared to a modified subaru much favoured by the young warriors as a smoke generator that within hours of gaining a current WOF the Subaru is altered to the fad car that will be on the road for the next 5 months and 27 days likely without sanction.

There is no such requirement for road cycles,  mountain bikes, mobility scooters, propelled wheel chairs, skate boards or those little cheap scooters that threaten the unwary on our streets yet they are sharing our ever more crowded byways. The operators of all the above mentioned can with impunity have their ears plugged with a music generator and even be ignoring other road users as they go about while texting.

 Agricultural machinery can be on the roads  and as far as I know road worthiness is at the discretion of the owner/operator  with sanction only applying if the machine is found to be unroadworthy on inspection.

Much has been claimed by the lobby including VTNZ, small garage workshops and specialist Wof inspection operators that finds such a mandated income stream threatened but the figures pertaining to mechanical failure as a contributor to cause are ridiculously low, then there is the large group of vehicles on the road sans WOF or Rego, if Mr Murphy's grave warnings have any credence surely those cars would be a significant factor in accident stats, but it appears they are not.

Why not make the driver of a car responsible for its road worthiness and have sanctions for failing to comply with a stated standard.
That is how it is with the licence to drive the vehicle and tow the inspected trailer unless law enforcement officers find a serious reason to review that "wof'' and I think we all know drivers who should not be on the road.

Then there are push chairs and prams.

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