Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Isn't that the mantra NZ 2013.

Former NZ Cricket coach David Trist who incidentally coached the national team to a world title albeit a shortened form tournament in Kenya, commenting on the debacle in the republic has suggested that the team will need counseling following the four innings disaster they delivered in two tests that both ended in four days.

Too bloody right they will but who is going to retrieve the spirits of the dedicated devastated fans who endured the capitulation. I think I have an inkling of how the Poles felt in Sept 1939 except surrender was not an option for them. They knew as the Israelis do today. defeat was unthinkable.

I wonder if Hesson even knows the legend of Bob Blair and Bert Sutcliffe at The Wanderers Boxing day 1953 let alone understand it or maybe use it

Yes Steyn, Morkel and either Kleinvelt or Phillander form a true international quick attack are right up there but four capitulations leaves me firmly of the same opinion as Trist, Mike Hesson is not up for it and the movers and shakers among  the leadership of NZC should do the honorable thing and tender their letters of resignation, like yesterday.


Chris said...

Trist is wrong.

They do not need counselling. They need to ban 20:20 (you can play that when you retire from test cricket) and spend time working in the nets.

And we need to get a few of the old 20:20 bowlers -- like Warnie and Brett Lee -- to bowl at these guys UNTIL THEY ARE USED TO IT.

Lee can still bowl at 150 kph, and he has retired to the big bash.

In short: you play test and 50 overs, then when you retire from test cricket you can play 20:20.

Barnsley Bill said...

That will see mass retirement by most of the top 20 players.
The reality is that they are making their money in 20-20.
A better approach might be to just drop people like Mccullum who is clearly not up to being an opener in tests and refuses to wear the gloves so that he can captain the ODI and 20-20 team. Restore Taylor to the captaincy and work on finding us a couple of openers.
You cannot stop the march of 20-20. I don't liek what it is doing but ignoring it will not make it go away. It is here to stay so we need to find a way to work around it.

pdm said...

BB - I think you are on the right track although in McCummus case I would return him to 7 where he has a very good record batting with the tail in tests.

I heard a whisper from the captain of one of the local premier club sides that Sparc is looking at cutting NZ crickets funding. If that is the case then T20 becomes the principal source of funding for NZ cricket, along with TV rights. The gripe the local cricketer had is that all the money stays with the elite few.

It makes it difficult to ask players like Williamson, Watling and Brownlee to focus on test cricket only. They would need some generous benefactors.

Barnsley Bill said...

20-20 in NZ is killing us . No fewer than 61 past internationals are playing in this years tournie.
Tuffey looked like Billy Bunter

pdm said...

I refuse to watch 20/20 full stop and agree it is killing NZ cricket.

Apologies for McCullum for the typo in my first comment.